Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 13-Jul-2024 06:56:21 AM 

State : District : Block : Khengjoy

No. of Works Violates Labour-Material Ratio(60-40) in complete life cycle of work

Expenditure in Rs.
S.No Work Code Work Name Name. of Agency Execution Level Wise Labour Expenditure Material Expenditure
1 2004006102/DP/4828 plantatio of banana R.D.Deptt.(Abungnikhu village authority) GP 194832 150000
2 2004006087/DP/4819 plantation of ginger R.D.Deptt.(Abungnikhu village authority) GP 332208 798000
3 2004006123/RC/6072 impof ivr and singling R.D.Deptt.(Abungnikhu village authority) GP 288144 212785
4 2004006010/RC/6162 impv of ivr with shingling R.D.Deptt.(abana authority) GP 179280 145300
5 2004006132/DP/4807 plantation of sugercan R.D.Deptt.(Aihang village authority) GP 244512 371900