Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 22-Apr-2024 03:28:43 PM 
Vendor Information
S No. Tin No. Vendor Name Vendor ID Bank Name IFSC Code Is Exempt GST No. Type of Vendor
1 09AAPPU2823G1ZB s.r. breaks 3132002/srb Bank of India BKID0007428 09AAPPU2823G1ZB Material
2 09ACKPY3312M1Z1 Ram Bahadur Yadav Traders 3132007/ramajd Bank of India BKID0006820 09ACKPY3312M1Z1 Material
3 09ADPPA5150P1Z4 purnagiri brick field 3132006/pbf Central Bank Of India CBIN0280140 Exempted and Approved 09ADPPA5150P1Z4 Material
4 09AEFPY5637N1ZK Pawan Traders 3132005/Pawan UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09AEFPY5637N1ZK Material
5 09AEMPN9571R1Z7 amar brick Field 3132001/amar Bank of India BKID0006835 09AEMPN9571R1Z7 Material
6 09AESPT0651A1ZF JUGRAJ INTERPRISES 3132008/J.E. Bank of India BKID0006811 09AESPT0651A1ZF Material
7 09AFHPY8561J1ZJ Paras Briks feilds 3132002/prakas 09AFHPY8561J1ZJ Material
8 09AOYPS7892G1ZO PAWAN BRICK FIELD 3132003/PAWAN Bank of India BKID0006808 09AOYPS7892G1ZO Material
9 09ARYPK1859J1ZW M S TEDERS 3132001/MS Indian Bank IDIB000M586 09ARYPK1859J1ZW Material
10 09AUAPM2714M1ZI GOPAL INT UDHYOG 3132002/GEU Bank of India BKID0006837 09AUAPM2714M1ZI Material
11 09AZFPS3854A1ZB ANANT BRIK FIELDS 3132001/ANANT Bank of India BKID0007428 09AZFPS3854A1ZB Material
12 09AZFPS3859P1ZB AJAY BRICK FIELD 3132002/AJAYB Bank of India BKID0007428 09AZFPS3859P1ZB Material
13 09BBRPV2416G1Z8 PANKAJ CONSTRUCTION Company 3132006/PCC Bank of India BKID0006874 09BBRPV2416G1Z8 Material
14 09BRBPS5712C1ZX VISHAL TRADERS 3132002/VISHAL State Bank of India SBIN0011211 09BRBPS5712C1ZX Material
15 09GVGPS6187H1ZQ Bandhu Pipe Udyog 3132003/Bandhu hdfc HDFC0005822 09GVGPS6187H1ZQ Material
17 09AAAFG8578M1ZO G.P.GUPTA & CO 09AAAFG8578M1ZO_322268 State Bank of India SBIN0020636 09AAAFG8578M1ZO Admin
18 09AAAFL3627N1Z1 Luxmi Brick Field 09aaafl3627n1z1_302399 Bank of India BKID0007516 09AAAFL3627N1Z1 Material
19 09AAAFO7862Q1ZF OM RASTOGI & CO. 09AAAFO7862Q1ZF_319338 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBHAZR 09AAAFO7862Q1ZF Admin
20 09AABCB5576G1ZJ BHARAT SANCHAR NIGAM LIMITED 09AABCB5576G1ZJ_313561 Punjab National Bank PUNB0185800 09AABCB5576G1ZJ Admin
21 09AABFD2357C1ZU DEVLOK DISTRIBUTORS 09AABFD2357C1ZU_317796 hdfc HDFC0000412 09AABFD2357C1ZU Admin
22 09AABFO0824B1ZT om brick field 09152411731_279459 Bank of Baroda BARB0GURUBU 09AABFO0824B1ZT Material
23 09AABFY4791M1ZE Yash Brick Field 09250041128_276348 09AABFY4791M1ZE Material
24 09AACCE6470F1ZM M/S EXCEL DIESEL PVT LTD 09AACCE6470F1ZM_320220 State Bank of India SBIN0015116 09AACCE6470F1ZM Admin
25 09AACCR4856Q1ZK RKBK LTD 09AACCR4856Q1ZK_317036 State Bank of India SBIN0006683 09AACCR4856Q1ZK Admin
26 09AACFE4682Q1ZR Express India Kisan Sewa Kendra 09AACFE4682Q1ZR_339928 State Bank of India SBIN0016731 09AACFE4682Q1ZR Admin
27 09AACFT8427C1Z6 TREND MARKETING 09AACFT8427C1Z6_317799 hdfc HDFC0000412 09AACFT8427C1Z6 Admin
28 09AADAD3969P2ZY District Horticulture Co Operative Federation 09aadad3969p2zy_314247 Axis Bank UTIB0004449 09AADAD3969P2ZY Material
29 09AADFD3958M1ZY DUBEY PANDEY AND COMPANY 09AADFD3958M1ZY_316231 Punjab National Bank PUNB0695100 09AADFD3958M1ZY Admin
30 09AADFV5426A1ZE Vimal Dixit and Associates 09aadfv5426a1ze_331379 Bank of Baroda BARB0HEWETT 09AADFV5426A1ZE Admin
31 09AADTG6315K1ZH GROUND-UP WELFARE SOCIETY 09AADTG6315K1ZH_323398 State Bank of India SBIN0003910 09AADTG6315K1ZH Admin
37 09AAEFB2571K1ZC BHATTACHARYA & MEHROTRA 09AAEFB2571K1ZC_322676 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0000684 09AAEFB2571K1ZC Admin
39 09AAEFK9630L1ZV M/S Kesawani ent Udyog 09450103050 Canara Bank CNRB0001258 09AAEFK9630L1ZV Material
40 09AAEFL0644F1ZJ LAKHMANI BRICK FIELD 09AAEFL0644F1ZJ_294995 Punjab National Bank PUNB0461100 09AAEFL0644F1ZJ Material
41 09AAEFP8378C1ZY Purnagiri Brick Field 09aaefp8378c1zy_298727 Central Bank Of India CBIN0280140 09AAEFP8378C1ZY Material
42 09AAEFR6648H1ZT M/S RADHEY SHYAM GUPTA 09AAEFR6648H1ZT_320076 State Bank of India SBIN0001475 09AAEFR6648H1ZT Admin
43 09AAEFV6721B1ZB vikas brick field 09150702501_239152 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09AAEFV6721B1ZB Material
44 09AAFCN0475J3Z6 GRAVITYVISION ARENA PRIVATE LIMITED 09AAFCN0475J3Z6_318456 hdfc HDFC0000296 09AAFCN0475J3Z6 Admin
45 09AAFFD1971Q1ZV DIGIZONE 09AAFFD1971Q1ZV_316244 hdfc HDFC0000412 09AAFFD1971Q1ZV Admin
46 09AAFFG0640M1ZC Guru Kripa Brick Field 09aaffg0640m1zc_307145 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AAFFG0640M1ZC Material
47 09AAGCK6609L1Z2 KADUM GEONOMY PRIVATE LIMITED 09AAGCK6609L1Z2_319422 ICICI Bank ICIC0006959 09AAGCK6609L1Z2 Material
48 09AAGCN7129N1ZU N B Infravision Private Limited 09aagcn7129n1zu_304547 KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD KKBK0005203 09AAGCN7129N1ZU Material
49 09AAGFG0546B1ZT GUPTA BRICK FIELD 09AAGFG0546B1ZT_328181 State Bank of India SBIN0006060 09AAGFG0546B1ZT Material
50 09AAGFH9993R1Z2 H N BRICK FIELD 09AAGFH9993R1Z2_341678 Central Bank Of India CBIN0280149 09AAGFH9993R1Z2 Material
51 09AAGFN2754E1ZA Narain Concrete Company 09aagfn2754e1za_311229 Bank of India BKID0006805 09AAGFN2754E1ZA Material
52 09AAHCA8787E1Z7 ADVENT INFOMAX PRIVATE LIMITED 09AAHCA8787E1Z7_319583 hdfc HDFC0004805 09AAHCA8787E1Z7 Admin
53 09AAHFA8348Q1ZN Anand Enterprises 09aahfa8348q1zn_305334 hdfc HDFC0001112 09AAHFA8348Q1ZN Material
54 09AAHFH0431K1ZG Hind Brick Field 09350032114_235727 UCO Bank UCBA0001524 09AAHFH0431K1ZG Material
55 09AAHFV6310K1ZW V M SERVICE STATION 09AAHIV6310K1ZW_314847 State Bank of India SBIN0001132 09AAHFV6310K1ZW Admin
56 09AAHPQ9865G1ZZ BEST TRADING COMPANY 09AAHPQ9865G1ZZ_320188 Canara Bank CNRB0019887 09AAHPQ9865G1ZZ Admin
58 09AAIFT8310N1ZN M/S TIWARI DAUWA BRICK FIELD 09450036658_256813 09AAIFT8310N1ZN Material
60 09AAJFD1640G1ZM DIVYA BRICK FIELD 09AAJFD1640G1ZM_319518 hdfc HDFC0001136 09AAJFD1640G1ZM Material
61 09AAKFH5505R1ZQ HDS Brick Field 09aakfh5505r1zq_328987 Bank of India BKID0007554 09AAKFH5505R1ZQ Material
62 09AAKFJ6405E1ZE J S Brick Field 09aakfj6405e1ze_303729 Bank of India BKID0006835 09AAKFJ6405E1ZE Material
63 09AALFB1876A1ZK Bhanu Brick Field 09440201908 Bank of India BKID0006809 09AALFB1876A1ZK Material
64 09AALFB6149E1ZC bharat brick feild 09250004489 Punjab National Bank PUNB0733200 09AALFB6149E1ZC Material
65 09AALFK6269J1ZN Kalika Brick Field 09aalfk6269J1zn_327879 Central Bank Of India CBIN0280140 09AALFK6269J1ZN Material
66 09AAMFJ3946L1ZP JAVED BRICK FIELD 09aamfj3946l1zp_306853 Bank of India BKID0006814 09AAMFJ3946L1ZP Material
67 09AAMFJ4001G1ZK m/s Jagrani Lodhi Field 09153804883_240939 Bank of India BKID0006809 09AAMFJ4001G1ZK Material
68 09AAMFJ7891E1ZS Jaiswal Traders 09AAMFJ7891E1ZS_299035 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0569364 09AAMFJ7891E1ZS Material
69 09AAMFK7687B1ZV Kavya Brick Field 09aamfk7687b1zv_311410 hdfc HDFC0001136 09AAMFK7687B1ZV Material
70 09AAMFM4079K1ZM Mahalaxmi Brick Field 09aamfm4079k1zm_330945 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559571 09AAMFM4079K1ZM Material
71 09AAMFT5683N1Z5 Turbo Power and Infrastructure 09aamft5683n1z5_311375 KOTAK MAHINDRA BANK LTD KKBK0005199 09AAMFT5683N1Z5 Material
72 09AAMFV7496H1Z9 Varchasva Brick Field 09aamfv7496h1z9_310208 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09AAMFV7496H1Z9 Material
73 09AAMFV7711K1ZK V and H Enterprises 09aamfv7711K1zk_301035 UCO Bank UCBA0001259 09AAMFV7711K1ZK Material
74 09AAMPI8855M1ZT Kuraishi Enterprises 09aampi8855m1zt_306408 Bank of India BKID0006816 09AAMPI8855M1ZT Material
75 09AAMPV6731B1ZG Dheerendra Traders 09aampv6731b1zg_302335 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09AAMPV6731B1ZG Material
76 09AANCA3636L1Z8 APS Infracon Private Limited 09aanca3636L1z8_315857 Punjab National Bank PUNB0158410 09AANCA3636L1Z8 Material
77 09AANCS2062A1ZJ SRM MOTORS PRIVATE LIMITED 09AANCS2062A1ZJ_317037 State Bank of India SBIN0012735 09AANCS2062A1ZJ Admin
79 09AAOFD1210H1ZP dauwa brick industries 09aaofd1210h1zp_296309 09AAOFD1210H1ZP Material
80 09AAOFS9491H1ZB Saroj Pipe Udyog 09aaofs9491h1zb_301208 Bank of India BKID0006805 09AAOFS9491H1ZB Material
81 09AAPFJ3503J1Z5 Jaiswal Industry 09aapfj3503j1z5_315959 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0569364 09AAPFJ3503J1Z5 Material
82 09AAPFN8361A1Z2 New Narayan Brick Field 09aapfn8361a1z2_324989 UCO Bank UCBA0001309 09AAPFN8361A1Z2 Material
83 09AAPPI7825JIZ4 Iqbal Traders 09aappi7825jiz4_300794 09AAPPI7825JIZ4 Material
84 09AAQFB0483J1Z3 BALAJI BRICK FIELD 09AAQFB0483J1Z3_319426 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177320 09AAQFB0483J1Z3 Material
85 09AAQFN4186N1ZB Narayan Traders 09aaqfn4186n1zb_313866 UCO Bank UCBA0001524 09AAQFN4186N1ZB Material
86 09AAQPF3297A1ZN Faheem Traders 09aaqpf3297a1zn_321335 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543128 09AAQPF3297A1ZN Material
87 09AAQPG6287K1ZX shyam Murti Gupta 09aaqpg6287k1zx_320651 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09AAQPG6287K1ZX Material
89 09AASCA8265E1Z7 Abhiraj Infraventure OPC Private Limited 09aasca8265e1z7_320920 Axis Bank UTIB0000053 09AASCA8265E1Z7 Material
91 09AATFA2586L1ZP Apna Brick Field 09aatfa2586l1zp_329808 Bank of India BKID0007412 09AATFA2586L1ZP Material
92 09AATFG2572L1ZP Green Way Enterprises 09aatfg2572l1zp_303251 Bank of India BKID0007554 09AATFG2572L1ZP Material
93 09AATFM3504G2Z3 Maalik Brick Field 09AATFM3504G2Z3_296445 Bank of Baroda BARB0BAKLUC 09AATFM3504G2Z3 Material
94 09AATFN1407DIZB NARAYAN BRICK FIELD 09AATFN1407dizb_340442 IDBI Bank IBKL0001181 09AATFN1407DIZB Material
96 09AAUFA4309A1ZM M/S ARVIND BRICK FIELDS 09350025057_261156 State Bank of India SBIN0008949 09AAUFA4309A1ZM Material
97 09AAUFM3834A1Z6 Manas Brick Industry 09aaufm3834a1z6_323029 Punjab National Bank PUNB0167000 09AAUFM3834A1Z6 Material
98 09AAUPD9175H2Z1 M/S Y.P. TRADERS 09552101874_276520 Bank of India BKID0006874 Exempted and Approved 09AAUPD9175H2Z1 Material
99 09AAUPY4660Q1ZA Amrit Brick field 09aaupy4660Q1ZA_300276 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBDUBA 09AAUPY4660Q1ZA Material
100 09AAWFG4908R1ZA Ganesh Brick Field 09aawfg4908r1za_330957 State Bank of India SBIN0011221 09AAWFG4908R1ZA Material
101 09AAWFR5115P1ZA R. K. Sacurity Guard Services 09aawfr5115p1za_334648 State Bank of India SBIN0018454 09AAWFR5115P1ZA Admin
102 09AAWFS5540F1ZP M/S S.A. Brick Field 09952200951_241786 Central Bank Of India CBIN0281015 09AAWFS5540F1ZP Material
103 09AAXPL2389Q1ZE Ram Brick Company 09AAXpl2389Q1ze_302152 hdfc HDFC0002623 09AAXPL2389Q1ZE Material
104 09AAYFB5482B1Z3 BAJRANG BRICK FIELD 09AAYFB5482B1Z3_339477 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJSHIV 09AAYFB5482B1Z3 Material
105 09AAYFP0163B1Z5 Prabhu Shree Sadanand Brick Field 09aayfp0163b1z5_329545 Axis Bank UTIB0000743 09AAYFP0163B1Z5 Material
106 09AAZFR5721L1ZB Rameshwar Brick Field 09aazfr5721l1zb_321546 UCO Bank UCBA0002515 09AAZFR5721L1ZB Material
107 09ABAPY5147R1ZQ PIYUSH BRICK FIELD 09950018779 Central Bank Of India CBIN0281015 09ABAPY5147R1ZQ Material
108 09ABBFM5999E1ZT MAHADEV BRICK FIELD 09ABBFM5999E1ZT_319467 Bank of India BKID0006835 09ABBFM5999E1ZT Material
109 09ABBFS3609M1ZV Siyaram Brick Field 09750700980_277993 Bank of India BKID0006820 09ABBFS3609M1ZV Material
110 09ABCFS3882M1ZJ M/S CYBER MAX ENTERPRISES 09ABCFS3882M1ZJ_319956 hdfc HDFC0000078 09ABCFS3882M1ZJ Admin
111 09ABDPA9750F1ZR rajesh brick industries 09abdpa9750f1zr_284383 Bank of India BKID0006818 09ABDPA9750F1ZR Material
112 09ABDPA9853D1ZR Pooja Brick Field 09abdpa9853d1zr_330948 ICICI Bank ICIC0000318 09ABDPA9853D1ZR Material
114 09ABEFR2401B1ZS R N Enterprises 09ABEFR2401B1ZS_328263 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0914568 09ABEFR2401B1ZS Material
115 09ABEFS6636H1ZU SHIV SAKHI BABA BRICK FIELD 09ABEFS6636H1ZU_292681 hdfc HDFC0009367 09ABEFS6636H1ZU Material
117 09ABEPI2147E1ZU M/S S.R. Traders 09550035880_239764 Bank of India BKID0006874 09ABEPI2147E1ZU Material
118 09ABGPY3011J1ZH MANAS BRICK FIELD 09ABGPY3011J1zh_284974 09ABGPY3011J1ZH Material
119 09ABHFM4725A1ZH Mansi Brick Field 09abhfm4725a1zh_321672 Bank of India BKID0007554 09ABHFM4725A1ZH Material
120 09ABHPY6658E1Z0 New Bajrang Ent Udhyog 09abhpy6658e1z0_295973 Bank of India BKID0006819 09ABHPY6658E1Z0 Material
121 09ABJPP5582A1ZI New Awadh Brick kiln 09152201441_237410 Bank of India BKID0006810 09ABJPP5582A1ZI Material
122 09ABKFA9437C1ZB ARCHI SATYAM ENTERPRISES 09ABKFA9437C1ZB_292801 Bank of India BKID0006811 09ABKFA9437C1ZB Material
123 09ABMFM7482P1Z5 Manas Enterprises 09abmfm7482p1z5_307112 Bank of India BKID0007554 09ABMFM7482P1Z5 Material
124 09ABMPL0928K1ZA Munshilal 09abmpl0928k1za_297756 State Bank of India SBIN0006058 09ABMPL0928K1ZA Material
126 09ABMPY4109K1ZO New sai brick field 09abmpy4109k1zo_300092 Bank of India BKID0006833 09ABMPY4109K1ZO Material
127 09ABMPY7844F1ZV M/S Fauji traders 09150034496_278118 Bank of India BKID0006820 09ABMPY7844F1ZV Material
128 09ABNPW2769C1Z4 KISHORE BRICK FIELD 09ABNPW2769C1Z4_338527 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09ABNPW2769C1Z4 Material
129 09ABOFS1585D2ZT Sandal Construction 09ABofs1585D2ZT_310213 State Bank of India SBIN0000188 09ABOFS1585D2ZT Material
130 09ABPFA9051M1ZR Amit Brick Field 09abpfa9051m1zr_320248 ICICI Bank ICIC0007405 09ABPFA9051M1ZR Material
131 09ABQFA4400K1ZB Anvi Traders 09abqfa4400k1zb_306296 Bank of India BKID0006842 09ABQFA4400K1ZB Material
132 09ABQFM5460R1Z7 Shiv Kamakhya Construction And Supplier 09abqfm5460r1z7_324727 Bank of India BKID0006836 09ABQFM5460R1Z7 Material
133 09ABTPY1130D1ZH Himanshu Traders 09abtpy1130d1zh_328985 Bank of India BKID0007555 09ABTPY1130D1ZH Material
135 09ABUPY8778N2ZU AAKASH BRICK FIELD 09850019454_258618 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09ABUPY8778N2ZU Material
136 09ABUPY9576C1ZK BRIJ Traders 09abupy9576c1zk_314995 Central Bank Of India CBIN0283654 09ABUPY9576C1ZK Material
137 09ABVFA8106H1Z2 Aastha Enterprises 09abvfa8106h1z2_330956 Canara Bank CNRB0018491 09ABVFA8106H1Z2 Material
140 09ACBFS6607A1ZE SANDEEP SAXENA CO. 09ACBFS6607A1ZE_313156 09ACBFS6607A1ZE Admin
141 09ACCPY4767E1Z5 m/s yadav traders 09750002596_240655 Punjab National Bank PUNB0367500 09ACCPY4767E1Z5 Material
142 09ACEFS8893F1ZH Shree Sai Brick Field 09ACEFs8893f1ZH_301271 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0916218 09ACEFS8893F1ZH Material
143 09ACHPF4747J1ZC Bharat Cement Supplier 09achpf4747j1zc_324045 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09ACHPF4747J1ZC Material
145 09ACIFS6473R1Z0 Sri Shiv Shakti Traders 09ACIFS6473R1Z0_335420 Bank of India BKID0006818 09ACIFS6473R1Z0 Material
146 09ACIPL1472F3ZK Bharat Brick Works 09acipl1472f3zk_316625 ICICI Bank ICIC0000318 09ACIPL1472F3ZK Material
147 09ACMFS1030J1Z1 M/S Shagun Enterprises 09453607174_259167 09ACMFS1030J1Z1 Material
148 09ACMPA0016G2Z4 Beli Brick Industries 09ACMPA0016G2Z4_302643 IDBI Bank IBKL0000276 09ACMPA0016G2Z4 Material
149 09ACMPA0058L1ZK Aditya Spun Pipes and Allied Industries 09acmpa0058L1ZK_300601 09ACMPA0058L1ZK Material
150 09ACSFS1023P1ZI SAMRAT BRICK FIELD 09ACSFS1023P1ZI_293990 Bank of India BKID0006837 09ACSFS1023P1ZI Material
151 09ACSPH0178A1ZP S.N. ENTERPRISES 09ACSPH0178A1ZP_318827 ICICI Bank ICIC0000214 09ACSPH0178A1ZP Admin
152 09ACSPL7319R1ZH Bahadur lal Brick field 09acspl7319r1zh_301136 09ACSPL7319R1ZH Material
153 09ACUPL2230R1ZV Mahadev Brick Field 09acupl2230r1zv_303417 Bank of India BKID0006819 09ACUPL2230R1ZV Material
154 09ACUPT0365M1ZP rameshvaram brick field 09350006412 Bank of India BKID0007532 09ACUPT0365M1ZP Material
155 09ADBFS2319A1ZJ SRI DAYAL ENT UDYOG 09ADBFS2319A1ZJ_294045 Bank of India BKID0007532 09ADBFS2319A1ZJ Material
156 09ADBPV0818R1ZW Ram sahay brick field 09250702109 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09ADBPV0818R1ZW Material
157 09ADCPT5816C1ZK Maa Vaishno Trading Company 09adcpt5816c1zk_327880 State Bank of India SBIN0010174 09ADCPT5816C1ZK Material
158 09ADDPT9685N1ZD Tiwari Brick field 09addpt9685n1zd_329547 Canara Bank CNRB0018485 09ADDPT9685N1ZD Material
159 09ADEPK4997R1ZG Daya ram Nursery 09adepk4997r1zg_295596 State Bank of India SBIN0004315 09ADEPK4997R1ZG Material
160 09ADEPR4036Q1ZX Shakti Brick Field 09adepr4036q1zx_330968 Bank of India BKID0007428 09ADEPR4036Q1ZX Material
161 09ADIPB0152F1Z3 SSR FILLINIG STATION 09ADIPB0152F1Z3_314846 Indian Bank IDIB000L559 09ADIPB0152F1Z3 Admin
162 09ADIPT3183C1ZE S R Enterprises 09adipt3183c1ze_320799 Bank of India BKID0006823 09ADIPT3183C1ZE Material
163 09ADKPC7839E1ZE Shikha Enterprises 09adkpc7839e1ze_331491 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559571 09ADKPC7839E1ZE Admin
164 09ADMFS4520N1ZI Sitaram Brick Field 09350701251_238483 Bank of India BKID0006820 09ADMFS4520N1ZI Material
165 09ADSPT4610L1ZV Astha Solar Power System 09adspt4610l1zv_336843 hdfc HDFC0009186 09ADSPT4610L1ZV Admin
166 09ADWPK1502A1ZU TAJ BRICK FIELD 09953806786_236506 Punjab National Bank PUNB0410200 09ADWPK1502A1ZU Material
167 09ADWPT0302K1Z4 M/S New Kishan Brick Field 09353807673_276159 Bank of India BKID0007428 09ADWPT0302K1Z4 Material
168 09ADYPF3607P1ZS LAXMI ENTERPRISES 09ADYPF3607P1ZS_341834 Bank of Baroda BARB0SISEND 09ADYPF3607P1ZS Material
169 09ADZPY9625R1ZQ S K Traders 09adzpy9625r1zq_291248 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0912743 09ADZPY9625R1ZQ Material
170 09AEAFS1054C1ZG Sheela Devi Brick Field 09aeafs1054c1zg_320249 ICICI Bank ICIC0007405 09AEAFS1054C1ZG Material
171 09AEAFS1331J1Z5 Shivanshi Construction 09AEAFS1331J1z5_309420 Axis Bank UTIB0003432 09AEAFS1331J1Z5 Material
172 09AEFPR9833R1ZD Siddharth Enterprises 09aefpr9833r1zd_331661 NAINITAL BANK NTBL0LUC041 09AEFPR9833R1ZD Admin
173 09AEGPN3980G2Z6 Vaishnavi Construction 09450025297_245845 Punjab National Bank PUNB0303000 09AEGPN3980G2Z6 Material
174 09AEJPJ8810Q1ZS Muskan Brick Field 09AEJPJ8810Q1ZS_301113 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0914568 09AEJPJ8810Q1ZS Material
175 09AEKPD5454K1Z7 LUCKNOW SERVICE STATION 09AEKPD5454K1Z7_315232 Indian Bank IDIB000M589 09AEKPD5454K1Z7 Admin
176 09AEKPD5482K1Z3 dwivedi enterprises 09aekpd5482k1z3_284384 Bank of Baroda BARB0SISEND 09AEKPD5482K1Z3 Material
177 09AEKPH1959K1Z1 Yash Enterprises 09aekph1959k1z1_324374 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09AEKPH1959K1Z1 Material
178 09AEKPJ8886P1Z9 SAPPHIRE INDIA 09AEKPJ8886P1Z9_316642 IDBI Bank IBKL0001264 09AEKPJ8886P1Z9 Admin
179 09AEOPT1153M1ZV saurabh enterprises 09650023829_260582 Bank of India BKID0006836 09AEOPT1153M1ZV Material
180 09AEOPT1153M2ZU Green Planet Saurabh Nursery 09aeopt1153m2zu_301946 Bank of India BKID0006836 09AEOPT1153M2ZU Material
181 09AEQPT9718N1Z8 Shwetank Petroleums 09aeqpt9718n1z8_333005 Punjab National Bank PUNB0619500 09AEQPT9718N1Z8 Admin
182 09AERPW5611A1ZB Kureshi Traders 09aerpw5611a1zb_317791 Bank of India BKID0006816 09AERPW5611A1ZB Material
183 09AERPW6911M1ZH MJD TRADERS 09aerpw6911m1zh_307280 Bank of India BKID0006822 09AERPW6911M1ZH Material
184 09AESPY2898A1ZP Vipin Traders 09aespy2898A1zp_304027 09AESPY2898A1ZP Material
185 09AESPY5405M1ZJ AMBAR BRICK FIELD 09AESPY5405M1ZJ_293334 09AESPY5405M1ZJ Material
186 09AEUPD6507K1Z1 Saumya Construction 09aeupd6507k1z1_332378 Central Bank Of India CBIN0281015 09AEUPD6507K1Z1 Material
187 09AEUPT7867C1ZL NEELKANTH ENTERPRISES 09AEUPT7867C1ZL_315292 Bank of India BKID0006844 09AEUPT7867C1ZL Admin
188 09AEYPC5843F1Z4 New Indrani Brick Field 09aeypc5843f1z4_306955 Bank of Baroda BARB0MALIKM 09AEYPC5843F1Z4 Material
189 09AFBPK3766M1Z0 Kisan Brick Field 09afbpk3766m1z0_331791 Axis Bank UTIB0001878 09AFBPK3766M1Z0 Material
190 09AFFPG6158K1Z4 SHAKTI TRADERS 09350003126 Bank of India BKID0007555 09AFFPG6158K1Z4 Material
191 09AFGPC3501F1Z1 Shiva Enterprises 09afgpc3501f1z1_316645 Central Bank Of India CBIN0283120 09AFGPC3501F1Z1 Material
192 09AFIPJ1004J1ZP nitin brick field 09952400521_262650 09AFIPJ1004J1ZP Material
193 09AFOPV7605K1ZM Sri Ambey Brick Field 09afopv7605k1zm_305552 Central Bank Of India CBIN0280149 09AFOPV7605K1ZM Material
194 09AFQPI0642M1Z2 Hindustan Contractor and suppliers 09afqpi0642m1z2_301336 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0001595 09AFQPI0642M1Z2 Material
195 09AFQPT4130D1ZB Shree Sai Hardware And Paint 09afqpt4130d1zb_323078 Bank of India BKID0007547 09AFQPT4130D1ZB Material
196 09AFTPI0490J1ZZ Quraishi Enterprises 09aftpi0490j1zz_328259 Bank of India BKID0006816 09AFTPI0490J1ZZ Material
197 09AFTPK4998M1Z6 Om Brick Traders 09aftpk4998m1z6_308604 09AFTPK4998M1Z6 Material
198 09AFUPH7400J1Z3 syed ali sher brick field 09afuph7400j1z3_306767 Bank of India BKID0007427 09AFUPH7400J1Z3 Material
199 09AFUPT6835K1ZC Shri Ram Enterprises 09afupt6835k1zc_284997 Bank of India BKID0006811 09AFUPT6835K1ZC Material
200 09AFVPD4906Q1ZN Naveen Brick Field 09afvpd4906q1zn_301766 State Bank of India SBIN0006060 09AFVPD4906Q1ZN Material
201 09AFVPD4940A1ZI Sai brick Field 09450041914_260505 UCO Bank UCBA0001279 09AFVPD4940A1ZI Material
202 09AFYPY7859J1ZV R S TRADERS 09AFYPY7859J1ZV_319514 Bank of Baroda BARB0SISEND 09AFYPY7859J1ZV Material
203 09AFZPA4725N1ZR Vaishnavi Brick field 09afzpa4725n1zr_305168 Bank of Baroda BARB0BACHHR 09AFZPA4725N1ZR Material
204 09AFZPM5264J1ZJ Shakti Bus Service 09afzpm5264j1zj_332305 Bank of India BKID0006839 09AFZPM5264J1ZJ Admin
205 09AFZPY7855H1Z3 M/S Vishal Traders 09850027468_257980 Bank of India BKID0006819 09AFZPY7855H1Z3 Material
206 09AGBPA3849C1ZT BABA BRICK FIELD 09AGBPA3849C1ZT_292782 Bank of India BKID0007428 09AGBPA3849C1ZT Material
207 09AGBPY6687N1Z8 Om Traders 09750027968_242950 09AGBPY6687N1Z8 Material
208 09AGFPY7116C1Z9 M/S Narayan Brick Field 09150035571_279400 UCO Bank UCBA0001309 09AGFPY7116C1Z9 Material
210 09AGHPV5842N1ZI Anil Lauh Kala 09aghpv5842N1Zi_302398 Bank of India BKID0006820 09AGHPV5842N1ZI Material
211 09AGIPH2106E1ZV Hindustan Traders 09agiph2106e1zv_307130 Bank of India BKID0007550 09AGIPH2106E1ZV Material
212 09AGLPA0297N1Z0 Moti Industries 09aglpa0297N1z0_320060 Axis Bank UTIB0002800 09AGLPA0297N1Z0 Material
213 09AGLPT0295R1ZB New R K Traders 09aglpt0295r1zb_308185 09AGLPT0295R1ZB Material
214 09AGNPY2218H2ZX M A Enterprises 09agnpy2218h2zx_301986 09AGNPY2218H2ZX Material
215 09AGPPA5541F1ZG M J Enterprises 09agppa5541f1zg_331992 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0916498 09AGPPA5541F1ZG Material
216 09AGPPD0119E1ZR SHREE DURGA TRADERS 09AGPPD0119E1ZR_303507 State Bank of India SBIN0006060 09AGPPD0119E1ZR Material
217 09AGRPT8702B2Z1 Anurag Trading Company 09Agrpt8702b2z1_305379 Bank of India BKID0006874 09AGRPT8702B2Z1 Material
218 09AGSPB4176E2Z8 A R Brick Field 09agspb4176e2Z8_309827 Punjab National Bank PUNB0364900 09AGSPB4176E2Z8 Material
219 09AGUPY5694C1ZF Jai Mahakal Enterprises 09agupy5694c1zf_306042 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AGUPY5694C1ZF Material
220 09AGVPK2801J1Z2 Azad Hind Nursery 09agvpk2801j1z2_295758 09AGVPK2801J1Z2 Material
221 09AGVPL3862A1Z5 M/S KANAUJIA BRICK FIELD 09753805827_237080 Bank of Baroda BARB0SANDIL 09AGVPL3862A1Z5 Material
222 09AGXPV9833D1ZG VERMA BRICK FIELD 09AGXPV9833D1ZG_293638 UCO Bank UCBA0001279 09AGXPV9833D1ZG Material
223 09AGZPD0787G1ZV Guru Kripa Brick Field 09agzpd0787g1zv_330954 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AGZPD0787G1ZV Material
224 09AGZPD0787G2ZU Guru Kripa Brick Field 09agzpd0787g2zu_323917 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AGZPD0787G2ZU Material
225 09AHAPD7639K1Z4 Guru Kripa Traders 09ahapd7639k1z4_330951 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AHAPD7639K1Z4 Material
226 09AHDPA8487H1Z3 Rah Industries 09AHDPA8487H1z3_316060 09AHDPA8487H1Z3 Material
227 09AHGPH9085F2Z0 Shadab Nursery 09AHGPH9085F2Z0_317324 Canara Bank CNRB0018478 09AHGPH9085F2Z0 Material
228 09AHGPM0204K2ZH JSR Distributor 09ahgpm0204k2zh_338300 Canara Bank CNRB0018496 09AHGPM0204K2ZH Admin
229 09AHHPA8871D2ZA MAHADEO BRICKS WORKS 09AHHPA8871D2ZA_341650 hdfc HDFC0009186 09AHHPA8871D2ZA Material
230 09AHJPM2146F1ZD Jyoti Enterprises 09ahjpm2146f1zd_315858 09AHJPM2146F1ZD Material
232 09AHMPT9188R1ZQ R R ENTERPRISES 09AHMPT9188R1ZQ_319565 Canara Bank CNRB0018509 09AHMPT9188R1ZQ Material
233 09AHSPG6523B1ZD MAAI PITAMBARA TRADERS 09AHSPG6523B1ZD_340514 Punjab National Bank PUNB0631400 09AHSPG6523B1ZD Material
234 09AHSPV2820L1ZL HERITAGE SPUN PIPE INDUSTRIES 09ahspv2820l1zl_340778 Bank of Baroda BARB0BACHHR 09AHSPV2820L1ZL Material
235 09AHTPV6278R1ZO ShriRam Traders 09ahtpv6278r1zo_306295 Bank of India BKID0006874 09AHTPV6278R1ZO Material
236 09AHWPY8968Q1ZB SHATROHAN TRADERS 09450003248_235012 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0544264 09AHWPY8968Q1ZB Material
237 09AIAPJ7998Q2Z4 Shruti Enterprises 09aiapj7998q2z4_291177 Central Bank Of India CBIN0284445 09AIAPJ7998Q2Z4 Material
238 09AIAPJ7998Q4Z2 KSHITIZ ENTERPRISES 09AIAPJ7998Q3Z3_292927 Central Bank Of India CBIN0284445 09AIAPJ7998Q4Z2 Material
239 09AIAPR8870M1ZG Kamal Traders 09aiapr8870m1zg_296180 Bank of India BKID0006874 09AIAPR8870M1ZG Material
240 09AICPM3995N1ZH RAJ STATIONERS 09AICPM3995N1ZH_315291 Punjab National Bank PUNB0075210 09AICPM3995N1ZH Admin
241 09AIEPT1548E1Z6 GO2GROW 09AIEPT1548E1Z6_320417 hdfc HDFC0000296 09AIEPT1548E1Z6 Admin
242 09AIEPT9595M1Z2 SHOBHIT TRADERS 09350042721_270073 Bank of India BKID0007554 Exempted and Approved 09AIEPT9595M1Z2 Material
243 09AIFPS6774G1ZO Samriddhi Construction and Suppliers 09AIfps6774g1zo_314841 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0000790 09AIFPS6774G1ZO Material
244 09AIHPP6105G1Z8 Gomti Brick Field 09aihpp6105g1z8_330949 Canara Bank CNRB0018485 09AIHPP6105G1Z8 Material
245 09AIIPL2612B2ZO Ritesh Traders 09aiipl2612b2zo_293479 Punjab National Bank PUNB0171110 09AIIPL2612B2ZO Material
246 09AIIPM3379G1ZW Vidya Enterprises 09Aiipm3379g1ZW_313844 Bank of India BKID0006835 09AIIPM3379G1ZW Material
247 09AIKPY6599E1ZA Shakshi Enterprises 09AIkpy6599e1za_315113 Bank of India BKID0006822 09AIKPY6599E1ZA Material
248 09AIOPR7444M1ZA MUNNI LAL TIMBER AND HARDWARE 09AIOPR7444M1ZA_292682 Bank of India BKID0007557 09AIOPR7444M1ZA Material
249 09AIUPP6746N2Z0 BRITE SERVICES 09AIUPP6746N2Z0_315605 Bank of Baroda BARB0SAVGOM 09AIUPP6746N2Z0 Admin
250 09AIUPR1055J1ZN Nanha Brick Field 09aiupr1055j1zn_331380 Bank of Baroda BARB0BACHHR 09AIUPR1055J1ZN Material
251 09AIXPC8859J1Z9 Aditya Enterprises 09aixpc8859j1z9_331790 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0003232 09AIXPC8859J1Z9 Material
252 09AJAPC8705F1Z1 Patel Traders 09ajapc8705f1z1_329560 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09AJAPC8705F1Z1 Material
253 09AJCPA9794N1ZI VIDYA BRICK FIELDS 09452104735 Canara Bank CNRB0002186 09AJCPA9794N1ZI Material
254 09AJFPN0198N1ZM M/S ALL SOLUTION 09AJFPN0198N1ZM_319751 IDBI Bank IBKL0000276 09AJFPN0198N1ZM Admin
255 09AJGPJ0631F1ZK Jaiswal Brick Field 09AJGPJ0631F1ZK_299034 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0530247 09AJGPJ0631F1ZK Material
256 09AJGPY9272K1Z7 Pradhan Construction 09AJGPY9272K1z7_322225 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543136 09AJGPY9272K1Z7 Material
257 09AJUPV1261D1ZU Adarsh Traders 09AJUPV1261D1ZU_334956 State Bank of India SBIN0015471 09AJUPV1261D1ZU Material
258 09AJVPS3640N1Z8 SHIVANGI ENTERPRISES 09AJVPS3640N1Z8_325094 State Bank of India SBIN0016882 09AJVPS3640N1Z8 Admin
259 09AKEPR8214K1ZQ Sai Kripa Enterprises 09akepr8214k1zq_333667 hdfc HDFC0002167 09AKEPR8214K1ZQ Material
260 09AKHPM5474F2ZU Spark Energy 09akhpm5474f2zu_310216 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0570834 09AKHPM5474F2ZU Material
261 09AKMPK3711A1ZI M/S ANMOL ENTERPRISES 09AKMPK3711A1ZI_325095 State Bank of India SBIN0006496 09AKMPK3711A1ZI Admin
262 09AKNPK7628R1Z2 SHIVA BATTERIES 09AKNPK7628R1Z2_317854 Axis Bank UTIB0001550 09AKNPK7628R1Z2 Admin
263 09AKPPY1931P1Z4 Tilak Building Material Hardware 09akppy1931p1z4_308173 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AKPPY1931P1Z4 Material
264 09AKRPK6697G2Z9 Anuj Brick Field 09AKRpk6697g2z9_299496 Bank of India BKID0006814 09AKRPK6697G2Z9 Material
265 09AKSPJ6293N1Z3 Auditya Brick Field 09akspj6293N1z3_311186 Bank of India BKID0006823 09AKSPJ6293N1Z3 Material
266 09AKSPT6402B1ZZ Tiwari Traders 09950016752_245182 Bank of India BKID0006820 09AKSPT6402B1ZZ Material
267 09AKTPY8303M1Z2 Jai Bhole Enterprises 09aktpy8303m1z2_321132 Canara Bank CNRB0018479 09AKTPY8303M1Z2 Material
268 09AKUPY2926R1ZQ Jai Gurudev Traders 09akupy2926r1zq_300983 Bank of India BKID0007532 09AKUPY2926R1ZQ Material
270 09AKVPV5315N1Z3 Vaishnavi Enterprises 09akvpv5315n1z3_330855 ICICI Bank ICIC0000325 09AKVPV5315N1Z3 Admin
271 09AKXPA2362C1Z8 SANGAM MOTOR REPAIRING WORKS 09AKXPA2362C1Z8_318443 ICICI Bank ICIC0001261 09AKXPA2362C1Z8 Admin
272 09AKYPG8687K1ZW MS GK ENTERPRISES 09AKYPG8687K1ZW_317294 Bank of India BKID0006807 09AKYPG8687K1ZW Admin
273 09AKZPL0170D1ZZ Atul Nursery 09akzpl0170d1zz_301860 09AKZPL0170D1ZZ Material
274 09AKZPL0170D2ZY Krishna Enterprises 09akzpl0170d2zy_302691 hdfc HDFC0004806 09AKZPL0170D2ZY Material
275 09ALAPV3950B1Z6 Ashish Kumar Verma Enterprises 09alapv3950b1z6_291130 Bank of India BKID0007532 09ALAPV3950B1Z6 Material
276 09ALBPB0726A1ZZ M/S SUDIKSHA ENTERPRISES 09ALBPB0726A1ZZ_325787 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0001792 09ALBPB0726A1ZZ Admin
277 09ALEPP3622J1ZY S R Enterprises 09650015815 Bank of India BKID0007532 09ALEPP3622J1ZY Material
278 09ALFPM8608N1ZG Swastik Enterprises 09alfpm8608n1zg_335602 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0931781 09ALFPM8608N1ZG Material
279 09ALIPJ1646G1Z3 Jaiswal Brick Industries 09alipj1646g1z3_299923 UCO Bank UCBA0003135 09ALIPJ1646G1Z3 Material
280 09ALLPY6559N1ZS M/S Heera Traders 09150037980_262588 Bank of India BKID0006844 09ALLPY6559N1ZS Material
282 09ALMPK2394N1ZC Verma Brick Field 09almpk2394n1zc_324268 Bank of Baroda BARB0DEDAUR 09ALMPK2394N1ZC Material
283 09ALMPR1482L1ZE LALTAN COAL DEPOT 09950010694_239046 Indian Bank IDIB000G510 09ALMPR1482L1ZE Material
284 09ALPPK0144D1ZA Barauli Hume Pipe Industries 09alppk0144d1za_300464 Bank of India BKID0007518 09ALPPK0144D1ZA Material
285 09ALQPY7086B2ZB Alok Enterprises 09ALQPY7086B2ZB_314842 Bank of India BKID0007554 09ALQPY7086B2ZB Material
286 09ALQRI0179C1Z1 Prince Hardware And Sanitary 09alqri0179c1z1_328990 Bank of India BKID0007532 09ALQRI0179C1Z1 Material
287 09ALSPK9886H1Z0 Jyoti Brick Field 09alspk9886h1z0_304565 Indian Bank IDIB000A532 09ALSPK9886H1Z0 Material
288 09ALXPY3886A1Z7 Gyanvati Devi Febricators 09alxpy3886a1z7_303093 UCO Bank UCBA0002515 09ALXPY3886A1Z7 Material
289 09ALZPD9818M1Z1 Raja Travels And Bus Services 09alzpd9818m1z1_331603 hdfc HDFC0000596 09ALZPD9818M1Z1 Admin
290 09AMCPM5043M2ZR DURGA CABLE NETWORK 09AMCPM5043M2ZR_319744 ICICI Bank ICIC0000833 09AMCPM5043M2ZR Admin
291 09AMCPP2014M1ZO Putan Singh Pal 09amcpp2014m1zo_303099 09AMCPP2014M1ZO Material
292 09AMEPM8830C1Z2 PANKAJ CEMENT STORE 09AMEPM8830C1Z2_339818 Punjab National Bank PUNB0180610 09AMEPM8830C1Z2 Material
293 09AMFPV7731C1ZU M/S J K Contractors 09250020296_282132 State Bank of India SBIN0011211 09AMFPV7731C1ZU Material
294 09AMKPT9402P1Z8 kARTIK Enterprises 09amkpt7402p1z8_319605 Bank of Baroda BARB0GOSAIG 09AMKPT9402P1Z8 Material
295 09AMPPY5716Q1ZR Shree Balaji Ceramics Industried 09Amppy5716q1zr_319135 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJGOMA 09AMPPY5716Q1ZR Material
296 09AMVPK4435E1ZQ R P Enterprises 09amvpk4435e1zq_331611 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJRSMN 09AMVPK4435E1ZQ Material
297 09AMVPK7777E1ZQ Enterprises 09amvpk4435e1zq_331610 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJRSMN 09AMVPK7777E1ZQ Admin
298 09AMWPY9833B1Z5 Shubham Enterprises And Fabricators 09AMWPY9833B1z5_314353 09AMWPY9833B1Z5 Material
299 09AMXPK9632M1Z8 Muskan traders & Hardware 09750021194 BANK OF MAHARASHTRA MAHB0001561 09AMXPK9632M1Z8 Material
300 09ANAPA8319F1ZA FATIMA BRICK FIELD 09anapa8319f1za_294571 ICICI Bank ICIC0001047 09ANAPA8319F1ZA Material
301 09ANBPH5794G1ZR D K ENTERPRISES 09ANBPH5794G1ZR_313283 ICICI Bank ICIC0006959 09ANBPH5794G1ZR Admin
302 09ANFPC4366H1Z0 Lucknow Brick Industries 09anfpc4366h1z0_323193 Indian Bank IDIB000S502 09ANFPC4366H1Z0 Material
303 09ANLPD3962C1Z3 Sai Enterprises 09anlpd3962c1z3_310078 UCO Bank UCBA0001259 09ANLPD3962C1Z3 Material
304 09ANPPJ1746E1ZV Shyam Ji Traders 09anppj1746e1zv_309715 Bank of India BKID0006824 09ANPPJ1746E1ZV Material
305 09ANPPT8132L1Z4 SRI SAI EIT UDHOG 09150033614_239203 Bank of India BKID0006833 09ANPPT8132L1Z4 Material
306 09ANTPL0841L1ZG Maa sharda enterprises 09250054578_281393 Bank of India BKID0007554 09ANTPL0841L1ZG Material
307 09ANTPP5677J1ZW J P Enterprises 09antpp5677j1zw_284925 hdfc HDFC0002861 09ANTPP5677J1ZW Material
308 09ANYPV2366B1ZE prabha enterprises 09950042157_262510 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJGOSA 09ANYPV2366B1ZE Material
309 09AOCPD7733F1Z3 aditya nursery 09aocpd7733f1z3_295071 Bank of India BKID0006809 09AOCPD7733F1Z3 Material
310 09AODPC7284B1Z5 CHADHA AROMA FARMS 09AODPC7284B1Z5_320992 ICICI Bank ICIC0000318 09AODPC7284B1Z5 Material
311 09AODPL8343N1ZD Krishna Enterprises 09aodpl8343n1zd_305440 Bank of India BKID0007554 09AODPL8343N1ZD Material
312 09AODPS7541D1ZT Awadh Myles 09AODPS7541D1ZT_302400 Bank of India BKID0006852 09AODPS7541D1ZT Material
313 09AODPY9961K1ZW R G Enterprises 09aodpy9961k1zw_327989 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0914444 09AODPY9961K1ZW Material
314 09AOEPK2067D1Z5 Bhawani Traders 09aoepk2067d1z5_305167 09AOEPK2067D1Z5 Material
315 09AOJPK2671Q1Z7 Shri Vishwakarma Traders 09aojpk2671q1z7_302151 ICICI Bank ICIC0001258 09AOJPK2671Q1Z7 Material
316 09AOJPM8005Q1Z9 CPM Consulting Services 09aojpm8005q1z9_330842 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0553361 09AOJPM8005Q1Z9 Admin
317 09AOPPK5230B1Z3 Maa Bhagwati Traders 09aoppk5230b1z3_304110 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282649 09AOPPK5230B1Z3 Material
318 09AOQPB5103D1ZB Ankit Traders 09Aoqpb5103d1zb_338299 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0914568 09AOQPB5103D1ZB Material
319 09AOQPV4146J1Z5 Kamal Construction Company 09750027657_247142 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002517 09AOQPV4146J1Z5 Material
320 09AOUPM7837F1Z7 S M Traders 09aoupm7837f1z7_323924 Bank of India BKID0006808 09AOUPM7837F1Z7 Material
321 09AOYPR1243J1Z9 Krishna Enterprises 09AOypr1243j1z9_336944 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0570150 09AOYPR1243J1Z9 Material
322 09AOYPV9920Q1ZB Rajpoot Traders 09AOYPv9920q1zb_338264 Bank of Baroda BARB0BAKLUC 09AOYPV9920Q1ZB Material
323 09AOZPJ0077K1Z8 Vanisha Enterprises 09aozpj0077k1z8_324044 Bank of India BKID0006814 09AOZPJ0077K1Z8 Material
324 09AOZPK4378J1ZX UDIT ELECTRONICS 09AOZPK4378J1ZX_319801 UCO Bank UCBA0002022 09AOZPK4378J1ZX Admin
325 09AOZPY9530L1ZJ Shanti Traders 09aozpy9530l1ZJ_300280 09AOZPY9530L1ZJ Material
326 09APJPN3930N1ZC ATHARV SOLUTIONS 09APJPN3930N1ZC_319693 hdfc HDFC0002806 09APJPN3930N1ZC Admin
328 09APOPS4131F1ZO M/S SOLARIS CONSULTANCY SERVICES 09APOPS4131F1ZO_319651 hdfc HDFC0001908 09APOPS4131F1ZO Admin
329 09APZPD2346A1ZX Shashi Enterprises 09apzpd2346a1zx_323923 Canara Bank CNRB0018491 09APZPD2346A1ZX Material
330 09AQCPT0224D1Z7 Shakti Sales And Services 09aqcpt0224d1z7_330076 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJGOSA 09AQCPT0224D1Z7 Admin
332 09AQJPM6969K1ZW Shikha brick feild 09850010440 Bank of India BKID0006811 09AQJPM6969K1ZW Material
333 09AQVPA3523F1ZV Nagina Traders 09aqvpa3523f1zv_310955 Bank of Baroda BARB0MALIHA 09AQVPA3523F1ZV Material
334 09AQZPK1259J1Z3 Ashi Steels 09aqzpk1259j1z3_310283 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0565938 09AQZPK1259J1Z3 Material
335 09ARAPS2166E2ZS m/s mohit nursery 09250013399_255441 Punjab National Bank PUNB0619500 09ARAPS2166E2ZS Material
336 09ARAPS2438R1Z3 Ashirwad Traders 09araps2438r1z3_307795 Punjab National Bank PUNB0599700 09ARAPS2438R1Z3 Material
337 09ARDPV7423J1ZA Jay Maa Enterprises 09ardpv7423j1za_316253 Bank of India BKID0007554 09ARDPV7423J1ZA Material
338 09AREPV7587J1ZS Om Ram Traders 09arepv7587j1zs_317842 Bank of India BKID0006820 09AREPV7587J1ZS Material
339 09ARGPN0592D1ZS R N Enterprises 09argpn0592d1zs_323079 Central Bank Of India CBIN0283301 09ARGPN0592D1ZS Material
340 09ARHPM5760B1ZS Shivam Enterprises 09arhpm5760b1zs_315859 Bank of Baroda BARB0EXTJAN 09ARHPM5760B1ZS Material
341 09ARLPJ1089Q1ZY Shiv Brick Field 09ARLPj1089Q1ZY_295983 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09ARLPJ1089Q1ZY Material
342 09ARVPC2518B1ZY Shiv Kamakhya Construction and Suppliers 09arvpc2518b1zy_300880 Bank of India BKID0006836 09ARVPC2518B1ZY Material
343 09ARYPA9980G1ZZ Awasthi Enterprises 09arypa9980g1zz_330947 hdfc HDFC0009128 09ARYPA9980G1ZZ Material
344 09ASBPS0942C1ZY Ravindar Traders 09asbps0942c1zy_331519 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJPATE 09ASBPS0942C1ZY Admin
345 09ASOPY3379G1ZU Barati Lal Construction 09ASOPY3379G1ZU_305476 Bank of India BKID0007554 09ASOPY3379G1ZU Material
346 09ASXPC0900A1Z6 Chandra Traders 09asxpc0900a1z6_313856 Bank of India BKID0006820 09ASXPC0900A1Z6 Material
347 09ASZPS1847G2ZV Prakhar Enterprises 09aszps1847g2ZV_320844 Axis Bank UTIB0001692 09ASZPS1847G2ZV Material
348 09ASZPY8188L1ZZ Maa Sharda Loha Bhandar 09aszpy8188l1zz_327878 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09ASZPY8188L1ZZ Material
349 09ATBPD9324N1ZE Anand Enterprises 09atbpd9324n1ze_306297 Bank of India BKID0007555 09ATBPD9324N1ZE Material
350 09ATDPD0591P1ZD Sai Traders 09atdpd0591p1zd_323722 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09ATDPD0591P1ZD Material
352 09ATGPV5220L2Z7 Aman Traders 09atgpv5220l2z7_324286 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543128 09ATGPV5220L2Z7 Material
353 09ATHPA7549Q1ZY M/S YADAV TRADERS 09850020434_276566 Bank of India BKID0006808 09ATHPA7549Q1ZY Material
354 09ATJPJ0788Q1ZS Sai Enterprises 09atjpj0788q1zs_304697 Axis Bank UTIB0001878 09ATJPJ0788Q1ZS Material
355 09ATLPL7998L1ZG Bhargav Traders 09atlpl7998l1zg_324051 UCO Bank UCBA0001524 09ATLPL7998L1ZG Material
356 09ATSPR0629R1ZL Sahu Traders 09atspr0629r1zl_316126 Bank of India BKID0007532 09ATSPR0629R1ZL Material
357 09ATSPS1096B1ZA KSHATRIYA BRICK FIELD 09ATSPS1096B1ZA_294626 Bank of India BKID0007554 09ATSPS1096B1ZA Material
358 09ATUPY1674K1ZJ P K ENTERPRISES 09ATUPY1674K1ZJ_332632 Indian Bank IDIB000K833 09ATUPY1674K1ZJ Material
359 09ATXPG9555E1ZZ Krishak Nursery 09atxpg9555e1zz_295608 09ATXPG9555E1ZZ Material
360 09ATZPA6203B1ZU Haq nursery 09atzpa6203b1zu_295557 State Bank of India SBIN0004315 09ATZPA6203B1ZU Material
361 09AUDPV3918R1ZO NARAIN BRICK FIELD 09350036767_259759 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09AUDPV3918R1ZO Material
362 09AUFPY1121M1ZA Bajrang Interlocking 09aufpy1121m1za_317786 UCO Bank UCBA0001309 09AUFPY1121M1ZA Material
363 09AUGPA9594D1ZF Salim Nurcery 09250037013_256053 09AUGPA9594D1ZF Material
364 09AUIPT4976G1ZW Afsana Traders 09AUipt4976g1zw_300539 09AUIPT4976G1ZW Material
365 09AUIPT6518N1Z8 Petroleums 09aeqpt9718n1z8_333004 Punjab National Bank PUNB0619500 09AUIPT6518N1Z8 Material
366 09AUJPA7532Q1Z3 M/S A.S. CORPORATION 09AUJPA7532Q1Z3_323806 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0530221 09AUJPA7532Q1Z3 Admin
367 09AUJPB9065F2ZG BHARAT CEMENT UDYOG 09AUJPB9065F2ZG_338928 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021331 09AUJPB9065F2ZG Material
368 09AUJPV6119J1ZZ Vinay Brick Field 09950030145_278111 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09AUJPV6119J1ZZ Material
369 09AUQPD4190E1ZI SHIVANI ENTERPRISES 09AUQPD4190E1ZI_284926 UCO Bank UCBA0001309 09AUQPD4190E1ZI Material
370 09AUSPJ5170C2ZF Prince Plymart And Interiors 09auspj5170c2zf_328991 Bank of India BKID0007532 09AUSPJ5170C2ZF Material
371 09AUSPY6043R1Z8 Bhavana Enterprises 09auspy6043r1z8_305579 Bank of India BKID0006808 09AUSPY6043R1Z8 Material
372 09AUTPN4853D1Z5 Nigam Hardware Paint and Pashu Aahar 09autpn4853d1z5_307786 Bank of India BKID0006812 09AUTPN4853D1Z5 Material
374 09AUUPG4650Q1ZP Avdhesh Enterprises 09auupg4650q1zp_316254 Bank of India BKID0007555 09AUUPG4650Q1ZP Material
375 09AVGPK3179B1ZM MOHAMMAD KHANNA ENTERPRISES 09AVGPK3179B1ZM_301902 UCO Bank UCBA0002010 09AVGPK3179B1ZM Material
376 09AVGPM4151M1Z7 Raja Enterprises 09avgpm4151m1z7_300051 Bank of India BKID0006822 09AVGPM4151M1Z7 Material
377 09AVGPY5108C1ZH Ansh Traders 09avgpy5108c1zh_323031 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09AVGPY5108C1ZH Material
378 09AVHPT5200D1ZQ Dev Traders 09avhpt5200d1zq_298044 Bank of India BKID0006818 09AVHPT5200D1ZQ Material
379 09AVKPT4432G1Z9 New Adharshila Traders 09avkpt4432g1z9_301132 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282649 09AVKPT4432G1Z9 Material
380 09AVLPA0812E2Z2 SHANKAR TRADERS 09AVLPA0812E2Z2_341676 Bank of India BKID0007516 09AVLPA0812E2Z2 Material
381 09AVSPS2270H1Z0 GUDDI SONKER 09AVSPS2270H1Z0_323999 Punjab National Bank PUNB0097110 09AVSPS2270H1Z0 Admin
382 09AVSPS7557H1ZK Krishi Vaniki Paudhshala 09avsps7557h1zk_296404 09AVSPS7557H1ZK Material
383 09AVTPP2448M1ZN Pandey Trading Company 09avtpp2448m1zn_309358 UCO Bank UCBA0002515 09AVTPP2448M1ZN Material
384 09AVUPY3778N1Z0 Anamika Enterprises 09AVUPY3778N1Z0_300050 Bank of India BKID0007554 09AVUPY3778N1Z0 Material
385 09AVUPY3778N2ZZ SRISHTI ENTERPRISES 09AVUPY3778N2ZZ_337883 Bank of India BKID0007554 09AVUPY3778N2ZZ Material
386 09AVXPM2240G1Z9 M K Construction 09avxpm2240g1z9_332532 Bank of India BKID0006836 09AVXPM2240G1Z9 Material
387 09AVYPK1564C1Z9 M/S Santosh Traters 09950026647 Punjab National Bank PUNB0185100 Exempted and Approved 09AVYPK1564C1Z9 Material
388 09AVYPT1127A1ZD NARESH PIPE INDUSTRIES 09550040231_264482 Bank of India BKID0006811 Exempted and Approved 09AVYPT1127A1ZD Material
389 09AWAPB7536L1ZD Kaya Enterprises 09AWAPB7536L1ZD_302998 Bank of India BKID0006808 09AWAPB7536L1ZD Material
390 09AWBPK2550Q1Z5 Yuvraj Construction And Developers 09awbpk2550q1z5_337977 ICICI Bank ICIC0001261 09AWBPK2550Q1Z5 Material
391 09AWGPA7852A1ZS Khadim Trading 09awgpa7852a1zs_310953 Bank of India BKID0007555 09AWGPA7852A1ZS Material
392 09AWGPY0805M1Z0 M S Enterprises 09awgpy0805m1z0_296948 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09AWGPY0805M1Z0 Material
393 09AWKPS7931E1Z2 Saurabh traders 09awkps7931e1z2_296310 Bank of India BKID0006813 09AWKPS7931E1Z2 Material
394 09AWLPN6092J1ZT Shree Balaji Traders 09awlpn6092J1zt_302936 Bank of India BKID0007532 09AWLPN6092J1ZT Material
395 09AWLPP3391G1Z2 Prabhat Enterprises 09awlpp3391g1z2_303380 Punjab National Bank PUNB0733700 09AWLPP3391G1Z2 Material
396 09AWQPS5787G2ZH Aniket Construction 09awqps5787g2zh_328177 Bank of Baroda BARB0BACHHR 09AWQPS5787G2ZH Material
397 09AWQPS5793N1Z5 R S Brick Field 09awqps5793n1z5_306190 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AWQPS5793N1Z5 Material
398 09AWRPA2464M1Z2 Arush Enterprises 09Awrpa2464m1z2_310367 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09AWRPA2464M1Z2 Material
399 09AWSPS3865R1Z2 NEW HANUMANT KRIPA BRICK FIELD 09AWSPS3865r1Z2_293647 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09AWSPS3865R1Z2 Material
400 09AWUPD7701K1Z2 Abhiraj Construction Company 09awupd7701k1z2_322758 Bank of India BKID0006839 09AWUPD7701K1Z2 Material
401 09AWUPP7673E1ZO Shivam Traders 09awupp7673e1zo_310741 09AWUPP7673E1ZO Material
402 09AWVPC3664P1ZM S B Traders 09AWVPc3664P1zm_294681 Central Bank Of India CBIN0283745 09AWVPC3664P1ZM Material
403 09AWZPH2790P1ZC Maa Shanti Traders 09awzph2790p1zc_303805 Bank of India BKID0006835 09AWZPH2790P1ZC Material
404 09AXAPY1578L1ZQ madhuri stationers 09AXAPY1578L1ZQ_296475 Bank of India BKID0007532 09AXAPY1578L1ZQ Material
405 09AXAPY1578L2ZP Krishna Traders 09axapy1578l2zp_335599 Bank of India BKID0007532 09AXAPY1578L2ZP Admin
406 09AXBPS1888C1Z9 Neelam Brick Field 09axbps1888c1z9_324046 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0553662 09AXBPS1888C1Z9 Material
407 09AXBPS3006J1ZG SANKALP FILLING STATION 09AXBPS3006J1ZG_320163 State Bank of India SBIN0001475 09AXBPS3006J1ZG Admin
408 09AXGPR4250A1ZN RAJKUMARI TRADERS 09AXGPR4250A1ZN_328186 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09AXGPR4250A1ZN Material
409 09AXHPV3344E1Z9 M/S SAI TRADERS 09350047412_269670 Canara Bank CNRB0019931 09AXHPV3344E1Z9 Material
410 09AXMPC8423A1ZP SANGAM TRADERS 09AXMPC8423A1ZP_293920 09AXMPC8423A1ZP Material
411 09AXMPK1317P1ZZ TIWARI LOHA BHANDAR 09AXMPK1317P1ZZ_341394 Bank of India BKID0007554 09AXMPK1317P1ZZ Material
412 09AXPPG7623K1ZX Surya Machinery Stores 09axppg7623k1zx_310952 Bank of India BKID0007514 09AXPPG7623K1ZX Material
413 09AXZPK6714B1Z4 varma traders 09250005903_237205 Punjab National Bank PUNB0127210 09AXZPK6714B1Z4 Material
414 09AYBPK2453Q1ZZ SAINIK INTERLOCKING 09AYBPK2453Q1ZZ_341660 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJSHIV 09AYBPK2453Q1ZZ Material
415 09AYDPN2132R1Z0 Rama Construction 09aydpn2132r1z0_304232 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0567540 09AYDPN2132R1Z0 Material
416 09AYFPS3348J1ZX Sabal Constructions 09ayfps3348j1zx_317940 Axis Bank UTIB0003229 09AYFPS3348J1ZX Material
417 09AYHPR2504D1ZL royal electrics works 09ayhpr2504d1zl_285017 Bank of India BKID0006837 09AYHPR2504D1ZL Material
418 09AYMPS7087H1ZJ M/S FURNISHING TODAY 09AYMPS7087H1ZJ_320509 Punjab National Bank PUNB0097110 09AYMPS7087H1ZJ Admin
419 09AYNPA8561B3ZD H H C N Traders 09150045805_267309 Punjab National Bank PUNB0599700 09AYNPA8561B3ZD Material
420 09AYOPK4918R1ZE New Janta Machinery Stores 09ayopk4918r1ze_331320 Bank of India BKID0006818 09AYOPK4918R1ZE Material
421 09AYOPS9886Q1ZN Anoop Traders 09ayops9886q1zn_297759 Bank of Baroda BARB0SULTAN 09AYOPS9886Q1ZN Material
422 09AYQPS6308H1ZT Vimla Udhyog 09ayqps6308H1zt_336587 Bank of India BKID0007554 09AYQPS6308H1ZT Material
423 09AYSPS8665H1ZB BRIJ INFOTECH 09AYSPS8665H1ZB_315235 Bank of India BKID0006821 09AYSPS8665H1ZB Admin
424 09AYUPS8368K1Z2 Parth Enterprises 09ayups8368k1z2_306192 Bank of India BKID0006816 09AYUPS8368K1Z2 Material
425 09AYZPA4923H1Z1 Bismee Traders 09ayzpa4923h1z1_316627 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543128 09AYZPA4923H1Z1 Material
426 09AZDPG3070E2Z0 Gupta traders 09azdpg3070e2z0_291139 Bank of India BKID0007500 09AZDPG3070E2Z0 Material
427 09AZDPH6024K1ZB B K Traders 09azdph6024k1zb_309788 Bank of India BKID0006812 09AZDPH6024K1ZB Material
428 09AZFPS3845K1ZR Akhand Brick Field 09840204636_240673 Bank of India BKID0007428 09AZFPS3845K1ZR Material
429 09AZLPS5881P1Z3 prasun traders 09250002207 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0553778 09AZLPS5881P1Z3 Material
430 09AZMPS1570L1Z5 PRAKASH BOOK DIPOT 09bktpv7770G1z4_329834 UCO Bank UCBA0002876 09AZMPS1570L1Z5 Admin
431 09AZMPS1570L1ZO M/S VIJAY CONSTRUCTION COMPANY 09AZMPS1570L1ZO_325736 Bank of India BKID0006852 09AZMPS1570L1ZO Admin
432 09AZOPR1696Q1Z2 Ma Vaishno Traders And Loha Bhandar 09AZopr1696Q1Z2_302937 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0915211 09AZOPR1696Q1Z2 Material
433 09AZUPK0410B1ZO Jai Mata Di traders 09azupk0410b1zo_306191 Bank of India BKID0006811 09AZUPK0410B1ZO Material
434 09BACPD2180H1Z0 Jai Maa ManshaDavi Traders 09bacpd2180H1z0_307278 Bank of India BKID0007532 09BACPD2180H1Z0 Material
435 09BAFPC0040J1Z6 AKSHAT ENTERPRISES 09150036424_272601 09BAFPC0040J1Z6 Material
436 09BAQPD5580F2ZF Guru Kripa Shakahari Restaurent and Shri 09baqpd5580f2zf_330973 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09BAQPD5580F2ZF Admin
437 09BAYPK1414M1Z5 GAUSIYA TILES 09BAYPK1414M1Z5_292727 09BAYPK1414M1Z5 Material
438 09BAYPY7777F1ZC B K Enterprises 09bayty7777f1zc_304487 Bank of India BKID0007554 09BAYPY7777F1ZC Material
439 09BBAPD7227A1Z8 Satguru Filling Centre 09bbapd7227a1z8_294503 09BBAPD7227A1Z8 Material
440 09BBAPD8338J1ZJ Anubhav Enterprises 09bbapd8338j1zj_305212 09BBAPD8338J1ZJ Material
441 09BBAPK1141G1Z4 OM SRI ENTERPRISES 09BBAPK1141G1Z4_295276 hdfc HDFC0000296 09BBAPK1141G1Z4 Material
442 09BBFPS6297G2ZZ RAM SEWSK 09bbfps6297g2zz_318556 09BBFPS6297G2ZZ Material
443 09BBGPA1546P1ZG Navneet Enterprises 09bbgpa1546p1zg_324049 State Bank of India SBIN0014895 09BBGPA1546P1ZG Material
444 09BBIPR5528L1ZZ Kishan Traders 09bbipr5528l1zz_307282 Bank of India BKID0006822 09BBIPR5528L1ZZ Material
445 09BBQPS2922D1ZF p m construction co 09650501156 hdfc HDFC0002167 09BBQPS2922D1ZF Material
446 09BBSPV5739H1ZP Shiv Baba Traders 09bbspv5739h1zp_291116 Bank of India BKID0007532 09BBSPV5739H1ZP Material
447 09BBSPV5739H2ZO Bala Ji Traders 09bbspv5739h2zo_336942 Bank of India BKID0007532 09BBSPV5739H2ZO Material
448 09BBSPV5743D1Z1 Ram Sewak Bricks Fild 09BBspv5743d1z1_307681 Bank of India BKID0006823 09BBSPV5743D1Z1 Material
449 09BBTPM7904A2ZF SURAJ TRADERS 09250017637_238523 Bank of India BKID0006823 09BBTPM7904A2ZF Material
450 09BBVPS0375R1ZE RamPal Brick Field 09bbvps0375r1ze_329563 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0906948 09BBVPS0375R1ZE Material
451 09BBXPK7775F1ZR Yadav Traders 09BBXPK7775F1ZR_303798 09BBXPK7775F1ZR Material
452 09BBYPY9031R1Z2 A S Enterprises 09bbypy9031r1z2_305577 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09BBYPY9031R1Z2 Material
453 09BCGPT2714R1ZV NAVEEN BRICK FIELD 09BCGPT2714R1ZV_341651 hdfc HDFC0002167 09BCGPT2714R1ZV Material
454 09BCNPK7221F1ZI Dhani Ram Enterprises 09BCNPK7221F1ZI_309477 Bank of India BKID0007555 09BCNPK7221F1ZI Material
455 09BCTPV8548Q1ZY Laxmi Cemented Bricks And Tiles 09bctpv8548q1zy_335603 Bank of India BKID0007516 09BCTPV8548Q1ZY Material
456 09BDAPS6176H1Z5 SHANKAR BRICK FIELD 09952401506_236854 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09BDAPS6176H1Z5 Material
457 09BDIPS3936F1Z7 Shri Bajrang Brick Field 09bdips3936f1z7_307683 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBUTRA 09BDIPS3936F1Z7 Material
458 09BDKPS2904K1Z4 Amar Steel Fabricators 09bdkps2904k1z4_319700 Bank of India BKID0006844 09BDKPS2904K1Z4 Material
459 09BDOPS9380R1Z2 BALAJI ENTERPRISES 09BDOPS9380R1Z2_338770 Bank of India BKID0006833 09BDOPS9380R1Z2 Material
460 09BDRPS9743P1Z4 Jagdish Enterprises 09bdrps9743p1z4_314354 UCO Bank UCBA0001203 09BDRPS9743P1Z4 Material
461 09BDSPA0514M1ZG RAIS AHMAD ENTERPRISES 09BDSPA0514M1ZG_335421 Bank of India BKID0006818 09BDSPA0514M1ZG Material
462 09BDTPG0048P1ZY anurag traders 09950028839_262685 Bank of India BKID0006824 09BDTPG0048P1ZY Material
463 09BDTPS4178L1ZF Shiv Enterprises 09bdtps4178l1zf_317141 UCO Bank UCBA0001203 09BDTPS4178L1ZF Material
464 09BDUPJ7716G1Z0 A K F B BRICK FIELD 09bdupj7716g1z0_303209 09BDUPJ7716G1Z0 Material
465 09BECPS0166N1Z2 Veneet Brick Field 09252200318_238843 Central Bank Of India CBIN0281015 09BECPS0166N1Z2 Material
466 09BECPS9356C1Z7 Shiv K D Brick Field 09becps9356c1Z7_293410 Bank of India BKID0006816 09BECPS9356C1Z7 Material
467 09BEKPS6689Q1Z0 Shiv Brick Industries 09Bekps6689q1z0_311547 09BEKPS6689Q1Z0 Material
468 09BENPS3540H2Z3 Balaji Enterprises 09benps3540h2z3_305205 Central Bank Of India CBIN0285117 09BENPS3540H2Z3 Material
469 09BEQPP8108B1ZA Prakash Enterprises 09beqpp8108b1za_302842 Bank of India BKID0007532 09BEQPP8108B1ZA Material
470 09BEZPR8626F2ZJ Maa Vaishnao Enterprises 09bezpr8626f2zj_311572 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543128 09BEZPR8626F2ZJ Material
471 09BFBPR1993C1ZC Patel Iron Store 09bfbpr1993c1zc_304696 Bank of India BKID0006820 09BFBPR1993C1ZC Material
472 09BFEPA0384M1ZE aradhana enterprises 09bfepa0384m1ze_297760 State Bank of India SBIN0005679 09BFEPA0384M1ZE Material
473 09BFGPM8854Q1ZD S S Agencies 09bfgpm8854Q1ZD_309787 09BFGPM8854Q1ZD Material
474 09BFOPK9984D1ZP chaurasiya traders 09750060119_281133 Bank of India BKID0007566 09BFOPK9984D1ZP Material
475 09BFTPA3368E1ZA MS ABHISHEK TRADERS 09BFTPA3368E1ZA_287457 Bank of India BKID0007532 09BFTPA3368E1ZA Material
476 09BFUPK1396H2ZS New Yadav Traders 09bfupk1396h2zs_309421 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0003366 09BFUPK1396H2ZS Material
477 09BFVPR3678N1Z3 Anoop Enterprises 09bfvpr3678n1z3_318092 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09BFVPR3678N1Z3 Material
478 09BFYPD1672K1ZU Maa Vaishno Enterprises 09bfypd1672k1zu_319643 Bank of India BKID0006818 09BFYPD1672K1ZU Material
479 09BFZPK8845Q1ZX Luxmi Traders 09BFZPK8845Q1ZX_296075 09BFZPK8845Q1ZX Material
480 09BGFPA0007B1ZE Maa Bhagwati brick field 09650032221_259185 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09BGFPA0007B1ZE Material
481 09BGHPJ4498M1ZL Kusum enterprises 09bghpj4498m1zl_300939 Bank of India BKID0006820 09BGHPJ4498M1ZL Material
482 09BGOPK9532Q1ZC AVON TRADERS 09950035397_238359 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBRAHI 09BGOPK9532Q1ZC Material
483 09BGOPK9532Q2ZB PAVANI TRADERS 09BGOPK9532Q2ZB_342160 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBRAHI 09BGOPK9532Q2ZB Material
484 09BGSPS1869N1Z6 Suleman Traders 09bgsps1869n1z6_337828 Bank of India BKID0006837 09BGSPS1869N1Z6 Material
485 09BGWPS4645A1ZX karan Enterprises 09940202585 Punjab National Bank PUNB0691100 09BGWPS4645A1ZX Material
486 09BGWPT2592P2ZY Shubham Traders 09bgwpt2592p2ZY_307688 09BGWPT2592P2ZY Material
487 09BGXPK1460N1ZM Ansh Enterprises 09bgxpk1460n1zm_284462 State Bank of India SBIN0006060 09BGXPK1460N1ZM Material
488 09BHAPG1886L1ZI M/S Reshma Traders 09350032364_277994 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09BHAPG1886L1ZI Material
489 09BHBPT6153Q1ZJ Neelkanth Traders 09bhbpt6153q1zj_331662 Bank of India BKID0006844 09BHBPT6153Q1ZJ Admin
490 09BHCPS9174H1ZR SHIVAM ENTERPRISES 09BHCPS9174H1ZR_340512 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177320 09BHCPS9174H1ZR Material
491 09BHFPC1260F1ZT Ansh Enterprises 09bhfpc1260f1zt_307030 Bank of India BKID0007555 09BHFPC1260F1ZT Material
492 09BHJPT8658Q1ZX JAY BALAJI TRADERS 09bhjpt8658q1zx_300023 Bank of India BKID0006811 09BHJPT8658Q1ZX Material
493 09BIDPR0311K1ZC Rafeeq Traders 09bidpr0311k1zc_306957 UCO Bank UCBA0001524 09BIDPR0311K1ZC Material
494 09BIDPS5885F2Z0 SUNRISE TRAVELS 09BIDPS5885F2Z0_315233 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBALIG 09BIDPS5885F2Z0 Admin
495 09BIEPS9099E1ZK K K Enterprises 09bieps9099e1zk_306658 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0553778 09BIEPS9099E1ZK Material
496 09BIIPP9757L1Z7 Anupam Traders 09BIIPP9757L1Z7_296170 Bank of India BKID0007554 09BIIPP9757L1Z7 Material
497 09BIOPK3986Q2Z0 Kshma Traders 09BIOPK3986q2z0_303205 09BIOPK3986Q2Z0 Material
498 09BIZPS6104F1ZP Yadav Traders 09Bizps6104f1zp_318094 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09BIZPS6104F1ZP Material
499 09BJHPG5174J1ZW SHIV ENTERPRISES 09BJHPG5174J1ZW_340943 Bank of India BKID0006818 09BJHPG5174J1ZW Material
500 09BJLPS5422F2ZX M/S VATSA FILLING STATION 09BJLPS5422F2ZX_320758 State Bank of India SBIN0007759 09BJLPS5422F2ZX Admin
501 09BJPPS3695L1Z2 Pragya Enterprises 09bjpps3695l1z2_308042 09BJPPS3695L1Z2 Material
502 09BJSPS5971G1ZB Jay Shri Balaji Maharaj Traders 09BJSPS5971g1ZB_299331 Bank of India BKID0006808 09BJSPS5971G1ZB Material
503 09BKHPK6473M2ZF VIRENDRA CONTRACTOR 09BKHPK6473M2ZF_319511 Bank of India BKID0006852 09BKHPK6473M2ZF Material
504 09BKNPT2531H1ZT Shri Balaji Enterprises 09bknpt2531h1zt_303981 Bank of Baroda BARB0SISEND 09BKNPT2531H1ZT Material
505 09BKOPK0020K2Z5 Charu Brick Field 09Bkopk0020k2z5_324614 Bank of India BKID0007555 09BKOPK0020K2Z5 Material
506 09BKZPK1991C1ZM Shree Raghuveer Construction and Suppliers 09bkzpk1991c1zm_304064 09BKZPK1991C1ZM Material
507 09BLEPK9020Q1ZK Rais Ahmad Traders 09blepk9020q1zk_303207 Bank of India BKID0006818 09BLEPK9020Q1ZK Material
508 09BLSPS1612Q1Z8 ACHIVER INFINITE 09BLSPS1612Q1Z8_319959 Axis Bank UTIB0000355 09BLSPS1612Q1Z8 Admin
509 09BLYPA2893P1Z1 Shamshad Enterprises 09blypa2893p1z1_316252 Bank of India BKID0007412 09BLYPA2893P1Z1 Material
510 09BMSPN6592H1Z5 New Janta Traders 09bmspn6592h1z5_299524 Bank of India BKID0007555 09BMSPN6592H1Z5 Material
511 09BMXPD7701D1ZX D S Enterprises 09bmxpd7701d1zx_299525 Bank of India BKID0007532 09BMXPD7701D1ZX Material
512 09BMXPY9797C1ZM Shri Balaji Enterprises 09bmxpy9797c1zm_336506 Bank of India BKID0006809 09BMXPY9797C1ZM Material
513 09BNAPB3568E1Z9 Khushi Fabricators 09bnapb3568e1z9_304830 Canara Bank CNRB0003689 09BNAPB3568E1Z9 Material
514 09BNUPB9874M1ZV Trisha Construction And Builders 09bnupb9874m1zv_330972 Axis Bank UTIB0002196 09BNUPB9874M1ZV Material
515 09BONPS7945L1ZT Om Enterprises 09Bonps7945L1zt_300488 Bank of India BKID0006874 09BONPS7945L1ZT Material
516 09BPAPK1836E1Z5 PRAKASH BOOK DIPOT 09BPAPK1836E1Z5_315231 UCO Bank UCBA0002876 09BPAPK1836E1Z5 Admin
517 09BPBPP0212C2Z1 Haresh Traders 09bpbpp0212c2z1_328149 Bank of India BKID0007531 09BPBPP0212C2Z1 Material
518 09BPBPP0212C2ZI HARESH TRADERS 09BPBPP0212C2ZI_301822 Bank of India BKID0007531 09BPBPP0212C2ZI Material
519 09BPEPK8073F1Z0 Rampal and Sons 09bpepk8073F1z0_310368 Bank of India BKID0007547 09BPEPK8073F1Z0 Material
520 09BPFPD3450L1ZU Ambe Traders 09bpfpd3450l1zu_324048 ICICI Bank ICIC0000318 09BPFPD3450L1ZU Material
521 09BPJPA5538Q1ZA Asif Ali Interlocking Udyog 09bpjpa5538q1za_322309 Bank of India BKID0006822 09BPJPA5538Q1ZA Material
522 09BPNPJ2668L1Z6 Lucky Cement Stores 09BPNpj2668L1z6_338295 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09BPNPJ2668L1Z6 Material
523 09BPSPG1938P1Z1 M/S EKTA TRADERS 09250042858_262675 Bank of India BKID0006812 09BPSPG1938P1Z1 Material
524 09BPZPS3008H1ZA Paramhansh Enterprises 09bpzps3008h1za_307149 BANK OF MAHARASHTRA MAHB0001561 09BPZPS3008H1ZA Material
525 09BQAPT2018Q1ZD Aadishakti Construction 09bqapt2018q1zd_329555 Axis Bank UTIB0003008 09BQAPT2018Q1ZD Material
526 09BQPPP8226H1Z7 Yes Traders 09bqppp8226h1z7_329558 Bank of India BKID0006823 09BQPPP8226H1Z7 Material
527 09BQTPK3299K1ZU O P Construction And Suppliers 09bqtpk3299K1zu_318996 ICICI Bank ICIC0002376 09BQTPK3299K1ZU Material
528 09BQUPS4420F3ZD Nidhi Constructions 09bqups4420f3zd_324052 hdfc HDFC0003941 09BQUPS4420F3ZD Material
529 09BQVPS0522B1ZR R S Enterprises 09bqvps0522b1zr_303028 Aryavart Bank BKID0ARYAGB 09BQVPS0522B1ZR Material
530 09BQYPS2855Q1ZD I F F D C KRASHAK SEWA KENDRA MALL 09BQYPS2855Q1ZD_319572 Aryavart Bank BKID0ARYAGB 09BQYPS2855Q1ZD Material
531 09BRBPS6674R1ZN NIKHIL CONSTRUCTION 09BRBPS6674R1ZN_293431 Bank of India BKID0007554 09BRBPS6674R1ZN Material
532 09BRGPT8720A1ZP Tandon Bus Service 09brgpt8720a1zp_332748 Bandhan Bank Limited BDBL0001582 09BRGPT8720A1ZP Admin
533 09BRMPR1446M1Z3 Priyanshi Traders 09brmpr1446M1z3_307029 Bank of India BKID0007558 09BRMPR1446M1Z3 Material
534 09BRRPA7935D1ZK H L INFOTECH 09BRRPA7935D1ZK_315447 Canara Bank CNRB0019888 09BRRPA7935D1ZK Admin
536 09BRVPS6079L1ZG MAA CHANDRIKA TRADERS 09BRVPS6079L1ZG_292683 Bank of India BKID0006824 09BRVPS6079L1ZG Material
537 09BSDPN8391P1ZQ Aashvi Concrete 09bsdpn8391p1zq_311376 Bank of Baroda BARB0VRILUC 09BSDPN8391P1ZQ Material
538 09BSIPS5415A1ZS Ramji Trading Company 09bsips5415a1zs_301943 Bank of India BKID0007550 09BSIPS5415A1ZS Material
539 09BSRPP3217L1Z3 VIA CREATIVE MEDIA WORKS 09BSRPP3217L1Z3_325234 Canara Bank CNRB0000144 09BSRPP3217L1Z3 Admin
540 09BSSPS0956E2Z5 M/S NEW MODERN NURSERY 09750017408_265426 State Bank of India SBIN0004315 09BSSPS0956E2Z5 Material
541 09BSTPS7519A1Z8 M/S Ravi Nursery 09850044991_283546 Bank of India BKID0006833 09BSTPS7519A1Z8 Material
542 09BSYPA1228D1ZT SUBHAM TRADERS 09BSYPA1228D1ZT_338817 Bank of India BKID0007554 09BSYPA1228D1ZT Admin
543 09BTWPS2668L2ZF A B F Brick Field 09750049984_281293 Bank of India BKID0006814 09BTWPS2668L2ZF Material
544 09BTWPS2853R1Z9 ANJANI TRADERS 09950009544_237871 09BTWPS2853R1Z9 Material
545 09BTXPR4686N1Z6 Sonu Traders 09btxpr4686n1z6_319915 Bank of India BKID0007547 09BTXPR4686N1Z6 Material
546 09BTZPG4264R1ZH Unnati Nursery 09BTZPg4264r1zh_295780 State Bank of India SBIN0011211 09BTZPG4264R1ZH Material
547 09BTZPS0841L1ZQ JAI BABA NEEM KAKORI TRADERS 09BTZPS0841L1ZQ_292680 Central Bank Of India CBIN0285117 09BTZPS0841L1ZQ Material
548 09BUEPK9404P1Z0 M/S Ramesh Nursery 09450024585_281931 Bank of India BKID0006809 09BUEPK9404P1Z0 Material
549 09BUMPR5517G1Z6 Raja Traders and Contractors 09bumpr5517g1z6_324726 Bank of Baroda BARB0BANTHR 09BUMPR5517G1Z6 Material
550 09BUTPR7944C1ZW Ansh Steel 09butpr7944c1zw_338095 ICICI Bank ICIC0007407 09BUTPR7944C1ZW Material
551 09BWAPS7405N1ZZ Shree Agrima And Company 09BWAPS7405n1zz_306321 State Bank of India SBIN0012981 09BWAPS7405N1ZZ Material
552 09BWBPJ5102N1ZH JP Power Solutions 09BWBPJ5102N1ZH_323365 Bank of Baroda BARB0SAVGOM 09BWBPJ5102N1ZH Admin
553 09BWBPS0212L1ZK Muskan Stationers 09750037015_256693 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09BWBPS0212L1ZK Material
554 09BWCPS4380N1ZT M/S Jai Ambey Traders 09850052331_279457 Bank of India BKID0007554 09BWCPS4380N1ZT Material
555 09BWRPR8168L1Z9 M/S Ajay Construction 09450046252_282147 Indian Bank IDIB000M673 09BWRPR8168L1Z9 Material
556 09BWZPK6633D1ZZ J K TRADERS 09250036706_242346 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09BWZPK6633D1ZZ Material
557 09BXJPS0763F1Z6 M/S D K COMPUTERS 09BXJPS0763F1Z6_320025 Punjab National Bank PUNB0010010 09BXJPS0763F1Z6 Admin
558 09BXNPT9987J1Z0 Tiwari Enterprises 09bxnpt9987j1z0_317585 Indian Bank IDIB000M673 09BXNPT9987J1Z0 Material
559 09BXOPP3531R1ZJ Vikas Traders 09bxopp3531R1ZJ_328212 Punjab National Bank PUNB0278300 09BXOPP3531R1ZJ Material
560 09BXPPS2493Q1Z6 CHOTA BHAIYA BHAWAN SAMAGARY KENDRA SISENDI 09450013134_237776 Bank of India BKID0006818 09BXPPS2493Q1Z6 Material
561 09BYEPK9355B1ZB Rahul Traders 09byepk9355b1zb_307684 Bank of India BKID0006816 09BYEPK9355B1ZB Material
562 09BYIPP4331C1ZI Arun Nursery 09byipp4331c1zi_301987 Bank of Baroda BARB0MALIHA 09BYIPP4331C1ZI Material
563 09BYLPK6246E3Z4 Jai Maa Enterprises 09bylpk6246e3z4_309828 UCO Bank UCBA0002876 09BYLPK6246E3Z4 Material
564 09BYNPB7729P1ZK Balvant Traders 09BYNPB7729P1zk_293633 UCO Bank UCBA0001259 09BYNPB7729P1ZK Material
565 09BYTPM6037K2ZL Archi Enterprises 09bytpm6037k2zl_313046 Bank of India BKID0006811 09BYTPM6037K2ZL Material
566 09BYVPK4736R1Z6 Gaurav Traders 09byvpk4736r1z6_304065 Bank of India BKID0006811 09BYVPK4736R1Z6 Material
567 09BYXPB5394N1ZD KRISHNA TOUR AND TRAVELS 09BYXPB5394N1ZD_314849 Bank of India BKID0006807 09BYXPB5394N1ZD Admin
568 09BZAPK7516H1ZA MAA VAISHNO BRICK FIELD 09BZAPK7516H1ZA_294046 09BZAPK7516H1ZA Material
569 09BZCPG3515Q1Z2 Kanhaiya Traders 09bzcpg3515Q1z2_319231 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09BZCPG3515Q1Z2 Material
570 09BZCPS7007R1ZL PRINCE TRADERS 09BZCPS7007R1ZL_294058 UCO Bank UCBA0001524 09BZCPS7007R1ZL Material
571 09BZJPK0232P1Z1 Ashok Traders 09bzjpk0232p1z1_324990 hdfc HDFC0002167 09BZJPK0232P1Z1 Material
572 09CAHPG3569B1ZS Vinayak Brothers 09cahpg3569b1zs_331166 Bank of India BKID0006812 09CAHPG3569B1ZS Material
573 09CARPR1593J2ZT Pinnu Traders 09carpr1593j2zt_308475 Bank of India BKID0006809 09CARPR1593J2ZT Material
575 09CBIPT3846C1ZE Shobhit Traders 09cbipt3846c1ze_322223 Bank of India BKID0007554 09CBIPT3846C1ZE Material
576 09CBKPK8262P1ZQ Kanaujia Brick Field 09CBKPK8262P1ZQ_340937 Bank of Baroda BARB0SANDIL 09CBKPK8262P1ZQ Material
577 09CBMPP0171Q2ZW Jaiswal Traders 09cbmpp0171q2zw_314573 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09CBMPP0171Q2ZW Material
578 09CBPPD6008M1ZA M/s TRADING HOUSE 09CBPPD6008M1ZA_323805 IDBI Bank IBKL0000909 09CBPPD6008M1ZA Admin
579 09CBTPV5571M1ZE SHIVAY ENTERPRISES 09CBTPV5571M1ZE_328180 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09CBTPV5571M1ZE Material
580 09CCSPD7731D1ZG Shubham traders 09ccspd7731D1ZG_305210 UCO Bank UCBA0002515 09CCSPD7731D1ZG Material
581 09CCYPP7032D1Z4 Avi Constructions 09ccypp7032d1z4_302154 State Bank of India SBIN0018206 09CCYPP7032D1Z4 Material
582 09CDHPS7091B1Z9 M/S NIDHI ENTERPRISES 09CDHPS7091B1Z9_322484 Axis Bank UTIB0002702 09CDHPS7091B1Z9 Admin
583 09CDMPP8581L1ZH Divyanshi Enterprises 09cdmpp8581l1zh_333192 Bank of India BKID0006806 09CDMPP8581L1ZH Admin
584 09CDUPB8781N1ZH Raj Bahadur Traders 09cdupb8781n1zh_319692 Bank of India BKID0007532 09CDUPB8781N1ZH Material
585 09CEYPP8291N2ZZ SHAGUN ENTERPRISES 09CEYPP8291N2ZZ_341656 Bank of India BKID0007532 09CEYPP8291N2ZZ Material
586 09CFAPS1433Q1ZZ Vaibhav Traders 09cfaps1433q1zz_304563 Bank of India BKID0006808 09CFAPS1433Q1ZZ Material
587 09CFFPG5382F1ZD Shakti Associates 09cffpg5382f1zd_308476 Bank of India BKID0007555 09CFFPG5382F1ZD Material
588 09CFHPS7843K1ZM Savita Enterprises 09cfhps7843k1zm_324050 Bank of India BKID0006874 09CFHPS7843K1ZM Material
589 09CFNPA2040A1Z4 R K S Enterprises 09cfnpa2040a1z4_336225 Axis Bank UTIB0003627 09CFNPA2040A1Z4 Material
590 09CFNPR7396N3ZI Jai Maa ambey enterprises 09cfnpr8396n1zi_291137 Punjab National Bank PUNB0199700 09CFNPR7396N3ZI Material
591 09CFNPR8496N5Z1 JAI MAA AMBEY ENTERPRISES 09CFNPR8396N1Z1_319513 Punjab National Bank PUNB0199700 09CFNPR8496N5Z1 Material
592 09CFRPS2234C1ZA H R And Sons 09cfrps2234c1za_331629 Bank of India BKID0007555 09CFRPS2234C1ZA Material
593 09CFYPM8795L1ZY Maurya Traders 09CFYPM8795L1zy_317874 Canara Bank CNRB0004846 09CFYPM8795L1ZY Material
594 09CGNPM5839A1Z5 Maharaj construction 09cgnpm5839a1z5_304958 State Bank of India SBIN0016726 09CGNPM5839A1Z5 Material
595 09CGPPA2458F1ZC Maheshwari Enterprises 09CGPPA2458f1zc_306456 09CGPPA2458F1ZC Material
596 09CGVPK5536Q2Z7 Guru Kripa Traders 09cgvpk5536q2z7_323918 Bank of India BKID0006811 09CGVPK5536Q2Z7 Material
597 09CHHPK9525N1ZL Laxmi Enterprises 09chhpk9525n1zl_301754 ICICI Bank ICIC0003566 09CHHPK9525N1ZL Material
598 09CHOPG8556Q1Z7 Balaji Engineering Works 09chopg8556q1z7_323191 UCO Bank UCBA0000515 09CHOPG8556Q1Z7 Material
599 09CHVPS5517C1ZU Tirupati Balaji Construction 09chvps5517C1zu_334957 State Bank of India SBIN0032673 09CHVPS5517C1ZU Material
600 09CIBPS2972J2ZQ Shri Radhey Enterprises 09cibps2972j2zq_298898 Bank of India BKID0006808 09CIBPS2972J2ZQ Material
601 09CIHPR9759L1Z3 Shakti Traders 09cihpr9759l1z3_330967 Bank of India BKID0007428 09CIHPR9759L1Z3 Material
602 09CIIPK3476Q1ZD Arti Traders 09CIIPK3476Q1ZD_295038 Punjab National Bank PUNB0367500 09CIIPK3476Q1ZD Material
603 09CIQPS9079H1Z5 SANKALP FILLING STATION 09CIQPS9079H1Z5_323088 Bank of Baroda BARB0GOSAIG 09CIQPS9079H1Z5 Admin
604 09CIXPP5337E1ZM MS TANUPRIYA NURSARY 09850034643_236232 UCO Bank UCBA0002876 09CIXPP5337E1ZM Material
605 09CIYPK4198K1Z4 Ram Bharose Brick Field 09ciypk4198k1z4_304028 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0915211 09CIYPK4198K1Z4 Material
606 09CJPPA0823H1ZC Rihan Fabricators 09cjppa0823h1zc_324505 Bank of Baroda BARB0GOSAIG 09CJPPA0823H1ZC Material
607 09CJQPS2270H1ZO Maharaja Traders 09cjqps2270h1zo_295779 Bank of India BKID0006811 09CJQPS2270H1ZO Material
608 09CJVPK8701L1ZE Sarvesh Traders 09CJVpk8701l1ze_311083 Bank of India BKID0007555 09CJVPK8701L1ZE Material
609 09CKBPP5125L1ZV ANANT TRADERS 09350035782_237612 Punjab National Bank PUNB0199700 09CKBPP5125L1ZV Material
610 09CKFPA6459N1ZN Sangam Enterprises 09ckfpa6459n1zn_306956 Bank of India BKID0006813 09CKFPA6459N1ZN Material
611 09CKFPP3777E1ZS ANU SHREE CONSTRUCTION 09CKFPP3777E1ZS_302034 Bank of India BKID0007033 09CKFPP3777E1ZS Material
612 09CKFPS6963K2Z9 Singh Traders 09ckfps6963k2z9_293826 Bank of India BKID0006874 09CKFPS6963K2Z9 Material
613 09CKIPK8738H1ZL Mamta Traders 09ckipk8738h1zl_304029 UCO Bank UCBA0001259 09CKIPK8738H1ZL Material
614 09CKYPA7270A1Z0 Asia green nursery 09ckypa7270a1z0_295782 Bank of India BKID0007555 09CKYPA7270A1Z0 Material
615 09CLBPS3341E1Z7 Om Enterprises 09clbps3341E1z7_314217 Bank of India BKID0006839 09CLBPS3341E1Z7 Material
616 09CLBPS3341E2Z6 Singh Travels 09clbps3341E2z6_334122 hdfc HDFC0001267 09CLBPS3341E2Z6 Admin
617 09CLMPG2501F1ZE AS TECHNOLOGY 09CLMPG2501F1ZE_317295 ICICI Bank ICIC0003531 09CLMPG2501F1ZE Admin
618 09CLVPP7840P1ZR Vinay Brick Field 09clvpp7840p1zr_302838 Bank of India BKID0006816 09CLVPP7840P1ZR Material
619 09CLWPS6436B1ZI Shri Hanumant Traders 09CLWPS6436B1ZI_301129 hdfc HDFC0002167 09CLWPS6436B1ZI Material
620 09CLZPB0798L1Z6 BHARTI ENTERPRISES 09CLZPB0798L1Z6_319510 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543136 09CLZPB0798L1Z6 Material
621 09CMCPA0761Q1ZV GREEN WAY NURSERY 09CMCPA0761Q1ZV_295595 Indian Bank IDIB000M589 09CMCPA0761Q1ZV Material
622 09CMDPS2956Q1Z3 Shree Enterprises 09cmdps2956q1z3_305204 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543454 09CMDPS2956Q1Z3 Material
623 09CMEPA9762K1ZM BABA TRADERS 09CMEPA9762K1ZM_301770 Bank of India BKID0006837 09CMEPA9762K1ZM Material
624 09CMLPP3535Q1Z5 Hans Hardware 09cmlpp3535q1z5_330734 Bank of India BKID0007554 09CMLPP3535Q1Z5 Material
625 09CMTPK4580Q1ZV S K Brick Field 09cmtpk4580Q1ZV_303027 Bank of India BKID0007412 09CMTPK4580Q1ZV Material
626 09CMUPM4711N1Z9 maurya enginiering works 09cmupm4711n1z9_285016 Canara Bank CNRB0005753 09CMUPM4711N1Z9 Material
627 09CNIPN4256L1ZE Archi Ishika Enterprises 09cnipn4256l1ze_331501 Punjab National Bank PUNB0599800 09CNIPN4256L1ZE Material
628 09CNQPA1151H1Z4 Umra Traders 09cnqpa1151h1z4_327951 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0918342 09CNQPA1151H1Z4 Material
629 09CNXPS5135G1Z9 J S M Enterprises 09cnxps5135g1z9_336998 Bank of India BKID0006811 09CNXPS5135G1Z9 Admin
630 09COIPB7901M1Z0 Heera Traders and Hardware 09coipb7901m1z0_307792 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282649 09COIPB7901M1Z0 Material
631 09COOPP7865Q9Z7 Hardware 09cmlpp3535q1z5_329809 Bank of India BKID0007553 09COOPP7865Q9Z7 Admin
632 09COPPM0962L1Z9 Maurya Traders 09coppm0962l1z9_307791 09COPPM0962L1Z9 Material
633 09COPPS9117H1Z7 Mahadev traders 09copps9117h1z7_299924 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0917125 09COPPS9117H1Z7 Material
634 09COQPS0362R1ZW Maa Ganga Traders 09coqps0362r1zw_293411 Bank of India BKID0006811 09COQPS0362R1ZW Material
635 09CPBPS4379J1Z8 Durga brick feild 09850014400 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09CPBPS4379J1Z8 Material
636 09CPDPK2979C1ZC MAA VINDHYAWASNI ENTERPRISES 09550047265_269527 Bank of India BKID0006814 Exempted and Approved 09CPDPK2979C1ZC Material
637 09CPDPP7810K2ZG FLY BRICK 09CPDPP7810K2ZG_294039 Bank of India BKID0006835 09CPDPP7810K2ZG Material
638 09CPEPK2942E1ZZ Sahu Traders 09cpepk2942e1zz_328195 State Bank of India SBIN0016727 09CPEPK2942E1ZZ Material
639 09CQIPR7067L1ZX Uma Enterprises 09cqipr7067l1zx_324867 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBRAHI 09CQIPR7067L1ZX Material
640 09CQZPP0804L1Z3 Honey Brick Industries 09cqzpp0804l1z3_303490 IDBI Bank IBKL0001176 09CQZPP0804L1Z3 Material
641 09CRIPR6656N1ZQ Reenu Construction And Suppliers 09cripr6656n1zq_320193 Punjab National Bank PUNB0733700 09CRIPR6656N1ZQ Material
642 09CROPS9182A1Z7 Vimal Construction Co 09CROPS9182a1z7_301074 09CROPS9182A1Z7 Material
643 09CSGPS4162K1Z6 Nitya Brick Field 09csgps4162k1z6_319762 Central Bank Of India CBIN0283652 09CSGPS4162K1Z6 Material
644 09CSLPK2631Q1Z3 Alok Traders 09cslpk2631q1z3_332631 Bank of India BKID0007550 09CSLPK2631Q1Z3 Material
645 09CSVPK3695Q2ZA Shaurya Enterprises 09csvpk3695q2za_317311 ICICI Bank ICIC0003566 09CSVPK3695Q2ZA Material
646 09CTJPK2883H1Z8 SHRI RAM TRADERS 09CTJPK2883H1Z8_294041 Bank of India BKID0007557 09CTJPK2883H1Z8 Material
647 09CTKPA5521R1Z7 Hindustan Tiles 09ctkpa5521r1z7_328988 hdfc HDFC0004806 09CTKPA5521R1Z7 Material
648 09CUEPS2985J1ZV Chitranjay Tiles 09cueps2985j1zv_311762 Bank of India BKID0006818 09CUEPS2985J1ZV Material
649 09CUEPS4463B1ZJ RELIABLE SOLUTIONS 09CUEPS4463B1ZJ_315606 ICICI Bank ICIC0006281 09CUEPS4463B1ZJ Admin
650 09CUHPS3172E1ZE Karan Enterprises 09352303721_241171 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0918342 09CUHPS3172E1ZE Material
651 09CUWPS9398K1ZY AAKASH ENTERPRISES 09CUWPS9398K1ZY_292919 Bank of India BKID0007554 09CUWPS9398K1ZY Material
652 09CVHPA0752K1ZL Rahmat Traders 09cvhpa0752k1zl_314840 Bank of India BKID0006822 09CVHPA0752K1ZL Material
653 09CVYPM3057N1ZI Shiv Shakti Enterprises 09cvypm3057N1ZI_293531 Bank of India BKID0006811 09CVYPM3057N1ZI Material
654 09CWLPA1132Q1ZB Bharat Traders 09cwlpa1132q1zb_310240 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543136 09CWLPA1132Q1ZB Material
655 09CWNPK5330A1ZO VERMA TRADERS 09250034783_269385 Bank of India BKID0006816 Exempted and Approved 09CWNPK5330A1ZO Material
656 09CWRPS9710E2ZV Singh Traders 09cwrps9710e1zw_304569 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09CWRPS9710E2ZV Material
657 09CXAPS3636R1ZN Maa Vindhayvasini Traders 09cxaps3636r1zn_328274 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09CXAPS3636R1ZN Material
658 09CXDPG3822Q1Z2 ANANYA ENTERPRISES 09CXDPG3822Q1Z2_340617 Bank of Baroda BARB0DBRAHI 09CXDPG3822Q1Z2 Material
659 09CXKPR4184D1Z2 Sagar enterprises 09cxkpr4184d1z2_300053 Bank of India BKID0006824 09CXKPR4184D1Z2 Material
660 09CXNPS1750F2Z3 Janta Traders 09cxnps1750f2z3_306127 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0000535 09CXNPS1750F2Z3 Material
661 09CYGPK8823F1Z5 Vishwakarma Krishi Yantriki Works 09cygpk8823F1z5_300602 Bank of India BKID0006811 09CYGPK8823F1Z5 Material
662 09CZOPP4729G1ZR PSS TRADING COMPANY 09CZOPP4729G1ZR_294996 09CZOPP4729G1ZR Material
663 09CZUPK9995D2Z9 HIMANSHI INFRA TECH 09650051356_272596 Bank of India BKID0006819 09CZUPK9995D2Z9 Material
664 09DALPM1203F1ZY Atuls nursery 09dalpm1203f1zy_302600 hdfc HDFC0004806 09DALPM1203F1ZY Material
665 09DALPS5307A1ZP NARENDRA BRICK FIELD 09DALPS5307A1ZP_284648 UCO Bank UCBA0002515 09DALPS5307A1ZP Material
666 09DBKPK2511Q1Z7 BAJRANG TRADERS 09450050706_276694 Punjab National Bank PUNB0206810 09DBKPK2511Q1Z7 Material
667 09DBZPS8001L1ZP Jai Maa Laxmi Traders 09dbzps8001l1zp_305708 Bank of India BKID0007532 09DBZPS8001L1ZP Material
668 09DCGPR4503A2ZU SHAURYA TRADERS 09dcgpr4503a1zv_307281 Bank of India BKID0007554 09DCGPR4503A2ZU Material
669 09DCSPR2015H1ZA Rajpoot Enterprises 09dcspr2015h1za_311571 Canara Bank CNRB0005312 09DCSPR2015H1ZA Material
670 09DDQPS7194H1ZJ Mahendra Traders 09ddqps7194h1ZJ_317574 09DDQPS7194H1ZJ Material
671 09DDVPS2602R1ZI Aditya Traders 09ddvps2602r1zi_300878 Bank of India BKID0006823 09DDVPS2602R1ZI Material
672 09DEBPS1569J1Z0 M/S Patel Traders 09850021542_279730 Bank of India BKID0007532 09DEBPS1569J1Z0 Material
673 09DEKPS3676P1ZB Maha Laxmi Trading Company 09dekps3676p1zb_323076 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0003358 09DEKPS3676P1ZB Material
674 09DEOPD5130K1ZB Maa Vaishno Steels 09deopd5130k1zb_319644 Bank of India BKID0006818 09DEOPD5130K1ZB Material
675 09DEQPM2166L2ZR MAURYA TRADERS AND DIVAKAR MAURYA 09DEQPM2166L2ZR_341393 Punjab National Bank PUNB0034710 09DEQPM2166L2ZR Material
676 09DFAPS0963C1ZI Balaji Construction And Supplier 09dfaps0963c1zi_336945 Axis Bank UTIB0001878 09DFAPS0963C1ZI Material
677 09DFPPS3193F1ZT SWACHATA SEVA KENDRA 09350050014_277912 Bank of India BKID0006811 09DFPPS3193F1ZT Material
678 09DGOPP2183J1ZQ Prakash Traders 09DGOPP2183J1ZQ_321356 Bank of India BKID0007550 09DGOPP2183J1ZQ Material
679 09DGPPK8987L1Z2 ALOK TRADERS 09DGPPK8987L1Z2_294042 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543128 09DGPPK8987L1Z2 Material
680 09DHLPA1251A1ZY Akansha Traders 09dhlpa1251a1zy_307793 Bank of India BKID0006837 09DHLPA1251A1ZY Material
681 09DHXPK6502C1Z4 Pradhan Traders 09dhxpk6502c1z4_323028 hdfc HDFC0004806 09DHXPK6502C1Z4 Material
682 09DIIPS2878P1Z2 Ritesh Traders and Pants 09diips2878p1z2_303806 Bank of India BKID0006812 09DIIPS2878P1Z2 Material
683 09DIJPK6180H1ZV Gandhi Enterprises 09dijpk6180h1zv_305211 Central Bank Of India CBIN0281015 09DIJPK6180H1ZV Material
684 09DIYPS3259A1ZO Yadav Traders 09150025939_239910 Bank of India BKID0007554 09DIYPS3259A1ZO Material
685 09DJJPS9205L1ZG mahadev bricks field 09150031601_281686 Bank of India BKID0006808 09DJJPS9205L1ZG Material
686 09DJLPK3346E1Z3 Sadguru Traders 09djlpk3346e1z3_328175 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543128 09DJLPK3346E1Z3 Material
687 09DJLPS8900N1ZA Ganpati Traders 09djlps8900n1za_306041 BANK OF MAHARASHTRA MAHB0001561 09DJLPS8900N1ZA Material
688 09DJWPK2782P1ZZ NK FABRICATORS AND ENGINEERING WORKS 09DJWPK2782P1ZZ_341808 Bank of India BKID0006818 09DJWPK2782P1ZZ Material
689 09DKZPS6611H1ZB Harsh Tomar Enterprises 09950029636_256057 Bank of India BKID0006837 09DKZPS6611H1ZB Material
690 09DLMPK8732B1ZW Pradhan Enterprises 09DLMpk8732b1zw_310740 Bank of India BKID0007550 09DLMPK8732B1ZW Material
691 09DLVPK1143M1ZH Gyanwati Fabricators 09dlvpk1143m1zh_300938 UCO Bank UCBA0002515 09DLVPK1143M1ZH Material
692 09DMOPS7935D1ZD CHAUHAN TIMBER STORE 09DMOPS7935D1ZD_293327 Bank of India BKID0006808 09DMOPS7935D1ZD Material
693 09DMPPS0760D1ZR VIRAT TRADING COMPANY 09950055027_277896 Bank of India BKID0006816 09DMPPS0760D1ZR Material
694 09DMPPS7599N1ZF K P Enterprises 09DMPPS7599N1ZF_302642 Bank of India BKID0006811 09DMPPS7599N1ZF Material
695 09DMQPK2844K1ZE Atulya Tiles 09dmqpk2844k1ze_332380 Bank of Baroda BARB0AVALUC 09DMQPK2844K1ZE Material
696 09DNGPS5604N1ZC S S construction and Interiors 09DNGPS5604n1ZC_299300 09DNGPS5604N1ZC Material
697 09DNKPK5977G1ZB Pest Secure Services 09dnkpk5977g1zb_331492 Canara Bank CNRB0005297 09DNKPK5977G1ZB Admin
698 09DNYPP3468P1ZJ Pal Traders 09dnypp3468p1zj_324984 Axis Bank UTIB0003627 09DNYPP3468P1ZJ Material
699 09DNZPK3912G1ZH Krishna Traders 09dnzpk3912g1zh_324284 UCO Bank UCBA0002515 09DNZPK3912G1ZH Material
700 09DNZPS1118G1ZF Satyam Construction And Suppliers 09dnzps1118g1zf_300911 Bank of India BKID0006811 09DNZPS1118G1ZF Material
701 09DOBPS0922D1Z5 Shree MatraShakti Enterprises 09dobps0922d1z5_330955 Bank of India BKID0007531 09DOBPS0922D1Z5 Material
702 09DOLPK2586H1ZF SHRI RAM RATI TRADERS 09DOLPK2586H1ZF_316641 Bank of India BKID0007554 09DOLPK2586H1ZF Admin
703 09DOVPS5503E1ZG Satyam Brick Field 09dovps5503e1zg_300913 09DOVPS5503E1ZG Material
704 09DOZPS7885M1Z6 J L M Enterperises 09dozps7885m1z6_302653 Bank of India BKID0006811 09DOZPS7885M1Z6 Material
705 09DPJPK8046B1ZS Kartik Enterprises 09dpjpk8046b1zs_331167 Bank of India BKID0006874 09DPJPK8046B1ZS Material
706 09DPKPS3721C1ZT Good Brick Field 09dpkps3721c1zt_314432 Bank of India BKID0006837 09DPKPS3721C1ZT Material
707 09DPRPK4627C1ZN A K Enterprises 09dprpk4627c1zn_307682 Bank of India BKID0006874 09DPRPK4627C1ZN Material
708 09DPRPS4631Q1ZQ M/S GENIUS TECHNOLOGIES 09DPRPS4631Q1ZQ_325948 State Bank of India SBIN0015115 09DPRPS4631Q1ZQ Admin
709 09DQRPB1438P1Z8 Kundan Shilpkar 09dqrpb1438p1z8_310948 IDBI Bank IBKL0000315 09DQRPB1438P1Z8 Material
710 09DQUPS3654D1Z7 S S Traders 09dqups3654d1z7_310951 UCO Bank UCBA0001203 09DQUPS3654D1Z7 Material
711 09DREPS3360B1ZU Vimal Traders 09850024102_240670 Bank of India BKID0006822 09DREPS3360B1ZU Material
712 09DRMPA2389N1Z4 Forevers Enterprises 09drmpa2389n1z4_323562 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0821543 09DRMPA2389N1Z4 Material
713 09DSCPK7729F1ZH V L Enterprises 09dscpk7729f1zh_320247 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543136 09DSCPK7729F1ZH Material
714 09DSEPB1450G1Z4 Shail Enterprises 09dsepb1450g1z4_316745 Bank of Baroda BARB0JOPLIN 09DSEPB1450G1Z4 Material
715 09DTIPS7890J1ZM S B TRADERS 09DTIPS7890J1ZM_293643 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0003232 09DTIPS7890J1ZM Material
716 09DTYPP1801C1ZH Pal Traders 09dtypp1801c1zh_317000 Central Bank Of India CBIN0281015 09DTYPP1801C1ZH Material
717 09DUCPG8518N1Z3 LAXMI TRADERS 09DUCPG8518N1Z3_339819 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021151 09DUCPG8518N1Z3 Material
718 09DUJPS3717Q1ZN Pratap Brick Field 09dujps3717q1zn_306294 UCO Bank UCBA0001524 09DUJPS3717Q1ZN Material
719 09DVLPS7513D1Z8 Nirman Brick Field 09dvlps7513d1z8_307168 09DVLPS7513D1Z8 Material
720 09DVSPM2671F1Z2 JANTA HOME COLLECTION 09DVSPM2671F1Z2_328260 Bank of India BKID0006820 09DVSPM2671F1Z2 Material
721 09DWIPA7965K1ZW Sai Traders 09dwipa7965k1zw_338285 Bank of India BKID0007555 09DWIPA7965K1ZW Material
722 09DWOPK8536A1Z8 J K Traders 09DWOPK8536A1Z8_309898 Bank of India BKID0007532 09DWOPK8536A1Z8 Material
723 09DWYPR7098A1ZK Gopal Int Udyog 09dwypr7098a1zk_302840 Bank of India BKID0007555 09DWYPR7098A1ZK Material
724 09DXCPS3596D1Z2 M/S AASTHA ENTERPRISES 09550034404_276405 Bank of India BKID0006842 Exempted and Approved 09DXCPS3596D1Z2 Material
725 09DXJPS7580G1ZP Raj Fabricators 09dxjps7580g1zp_304921 Bank of India BKID0006874 09DXJPS7580G1ZP Material
726 09DXUPK8443R1Z3 Suresh Fabrication 09dxupk8443r1z3_316626 Bank of India BKID0006820 09DXUPK8443R1Z3 Material
727 09DXXPP9132H1ZK SR Enterprises 09dxxpp9132h1zk_338296 Bank of India BKID0007532 09DXXPP9132H1ZK Material
728 09DYHPM5187E1Z0 Sheetal Enterprises 09dyhpm5187E1Z0_310215 Bank of India BKID0006842 09DYHPM5187E1Z0 Material
729 09DYLPK6632J1ZV Shaury Enterprises 09dylpk6632j1zv_323564 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09DYLPK6632J1ZV Material
730 09DYTPS8116M1ZA vivek enterprises 09dytps8116m1za_284381 Bank of India BKID0007550 09DYTPS8116M1ZA Material
731 09EAEPK8197L1ZU Shri Parmeshwar Construction Co 09eaepk8197l1zu_324986 Bank of Baroda BARB0GOSAIG 09EAEPK8197L1ZU Material
732 09EAQPS7345Q1ZC Singh Traders 09EAQPS7345Q1ZC_303489 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09EAQPS7345Q1ZC Material
733 09EAXPS9994A1ZJ Chauhan Engineering Works 09eaxps9994a1zj_304873 BANK OF MAHARASHTRA MAHB0001561 09EAXPS9994A1ZJ Material
734 09ECCPS1234N1Z8 Baba Vishvanath Enterprises 09eccps1234n1z8_329552 Canara Bank CNRB0018485 09ECCPS1234N1Z8 Material
735 09EDYPP0121A1ZM SAGAR TRADERS AND ENGINEERING WORKS 09EDYPP0121A1ZM_297483 State Bank of India SBIN0011211 09EDYPP0121A1ZM Material
736 09EDYPP0121A2ZL Arth Enterprises 09edypp0121a2zl_307785 State Bank of India SBIN0011211 09EDYPP0121A2ZL Material
737 09EGTPK7109H1ZU Jay Shree Balaji Traders 09egtpk7109h1zu_328038 Aryavart Bank BKID0ARYAGB 09EGTPK7109H1ZU Material
738 09EHLPD9474D1ZZ Utkarsh Traders 09ehlpd9474d1zz_300277 Bank of India BKID0007555 09EHLPD9474D1ZZ Material
739 09EHQPS2515P1ZE NITIN TRADERS COMPANY 09150036872_258620 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282225 09EHQPS2515P1ZE Material
740 09EISPS5781L1ZZ pooja enterprises 09150059359_282181 Exempted and Approved 09EISPS5781L1ZZ Material
741 09EJXPK1316M1ZJ ShivNandan Enterprises 09ejxpk1316m1zj_330040 Aryavart Bank BKID0ARYAGB 09EJXPK1316M1ZJ Material
742 09EKMPS0987J1Z7 SAMAR TRADERS 09EKMPS0987J1J7_303511 Bank of Baroda BARB0MOHANL 09EKMPS0987J1Z7 Material
743 09EKTPK7378N1ZT N K Traders 09EKTPK7378N1ZT_337838 Bank of India BKID0007555 09EKTPK7378N1ZT Material
744 09EMTPS2237E1ZK VISHWA NATH BRICK FIELD 09EMTPS2237E1ZK_328187 Bank of Baroda BARB0BEDARO 09EMTPS2237E1ZK Material
745 09ENKPK3109M1ZL SANJAY TRADERS 09ENKPK3109M1ZL_294763 Bank of India BKID0007428 09ENKPK3109M1ZL Material
746 09EOCPS4433D2ZW Core Interio 09EOCPS4433D2ZW_319698 Bank of India BKID0006874 09EOCPS4433D2ZW Admin
747 09EPFPR6271J1Z8 Mahaveer Enterprises 09epfpr6271j1z8_317330 State Bank of India SBIN0011211 09EPFPR6271J1Z8 Material
748 09ERRPK4672Q1ZK Patel Traders 09errpk4672q1zk_330043 Canara Bank CNRB0019931 09ERRPK4672Q1ZK Material
749 09ESCPK6018Q1ZS Pradhan Enterprises 09950059440_282180 UCO Bank UCBA0001259 Exempted and Approved 09ESCPK6018Q1ZS Material
750 09ETHPK9681P1ZH BHOLE NATH TRADERS 09ETHPK9681P1ZH_328179 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09ETHPK9681P1ZH Material
751 09EUJPS5094F2ZY Aadvika Enterprises 09eujps5094f2zy_313845 Bank of India BKID0007558 09EUJPS5094F2ZY Material
752 09EVPPK2728R1ZJ Ram Ratan Traders 09evppk2728r1zj_322310 Bank of India BKID0007557 09EVPPK2728R1ZJ Material
753 09EXYPK5954E1ZN VISHNU TRADERS 09EXYPK5954E1ZN_285008 Bank of India BKID0006818 09EXYPK5954E1ZN Material
754 09EYCPK2076L1ZI Verma Traders 09eycpk2076l1zi_308040 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0541559 09EYCPK2076L1ZI Material
755 09EYYPS2657M1Z2 Pramit Enterprises 09eyyps2657m1z2_297713 Bank of Baroda BARB0VRILUC 09EYYPS2657M1Z2 Material
756 09FCKPM9892M1ZB Meenu Enterprises 09fckpm9892m1zb_305443 Indian Bank IDIB000M673 09FCKPM9892M1ZB Material
757 09FCPPN8960R1Z5 Narayan Nursery 09fcppm8960R1z5_302376 Bank of India BKID0007557 09FCPPN8960R1Z5 Material
758 09FDCPK1220A1ZA Maa Durga Construction 09000001220_284063 Bank of India BKID0006808 09FDCPK1220A1ZA Material
759 09FDGPS0863H1Z5 B M Enterprises 09Fdgps0863H1Z5_309738 Bank of India BKID0007554 09FDGPS0863H1Z5 Material
760 09FEZPS4492J2Z5 Anamika Enterprises 09FEZPS4492J2Z5_309476 Bank of India BKID0007554 09FEZPS4492J2Z5 Material
761 09FFFPK1778N1ZP Jai Maa Durga Fabricators And Steel works 09fffpk1778n1zp_307790 hdfc HDFC0004806 09FFFPK1778N1ZP Material
762 09FGBPS8351C1Z7 Sharma Nursery 09fgbps8351c1z7_296607 09FGBPS8351C1Z7 Material
763 09FIAPD0999G1Z4 Radhe Krishna Enterprises 09Fiapd0999g1z4_319230 UCO Bank UCBA0001260 09FIAPD0999G1Z4 Material
764 09FIQPS8617J1Z7 Krishna Traders 09FIQPS8617j1z7_302836 09FIQPS8617J1Z7 Material
765 09FIWPS3575P1ZQ Shivam Traders 09Fiwps3575p1zq_299333 Bank of India BKID0006808 09FIWPS3575P1ZQ Material
766 09FJGPM2889R1ZZ R K Construction 09fjgpm2889r1zz_318154 Indian Bank IDIB000L002 09FJGPM2889R1ZZ Material
767 09FJSPS6370H1ZA BALA JI Construction Co 09fjsps6370h1za_296362 Bank of India BKID0006874 09FJSPS6370H1ZA Material
768 09FOYPD9539E1Z6 Harsh Enterprises 09foypd9539e1z6_302900 Bank of India BKID0006814 09FOYPD9539E1Z6 Material
769 09FQZPS6055R1Z6 Verma Traders 09fqzps6055r1z6_319523 Bank of India BKID0007532 09FQZPS6055R1Z6 Material
770 09FSGPS0329D1ZP Shakshi Hardware 09fsgps0329d1zp_306985 Bank of India BKID0007566 09FSGPS0329D1ZP Material
771 09FTTPK8442R1ZB PAWAN ENTERPRISES 09FTTPK8442R1ZB_319593 Bank of India BKID0007558 09FTTPK8442R1ZB Material
772 09FTYPS6958F1ZE Kalika Traders 09ftyps6958f1ze_304259 Bank of India BKID0006835 09FTYPS6958F1ZE Material
773 09FVAPS3498L1ZO Vimla Industries 09fvaps3498l1zo_311092 Bank of India BKID0007554 09FVAPS3498L1ZO Material
774 09GAUPS2673P1ZB J M B HARDWERE AND ELECTRICAL 09GAUPS2673P1ZB_342094 hdfc HDFC0009186 09GAUPS2673P1ZB Material
775 09GDJPS4837M1ZK Sahu Traders 09gdjps4837m1zk_323082 Indian Bank IDIB000M736 09GDJPS4837M1ZK Material
776 09GDMPS8355B1ZZ Vimala construction 09gdmps8355b1zz_300054 Indian Bank IDIB000M589 09GDMPS8355B1ZZ Material
777 09GECPS2945C2ZC Jagdish Singh Traders 09gecps2945c2zc_296403 Bank of India BKID0006808 09GECPS2945C2ZC Material
778 09GFPPS8916P1Z0 SINGH TRADERS 09GFPPS8916P1Z0_293991 Bank of India BKID0006824 09GFPPS8916P1Z0 Material
779 09GFRPS2664C1ZW Maa Vaishno Traders 09gfrps2664c1zw_305781 09GFRPS2664C1ZW Material
780 09GFXPS9587A1ZA Shree Maruti Enterprises 09gfxps9587a1za_311763 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0931781 09GFXPS9587A1ZA Material
781 09GGAPS1633H1ZA Kshatriya Brothers 09ggaps1633h1za_314571 Canara Bank CNRB0019931 09GGAPS1633H1ZA Material
782 09GGFPS3041Q1ZO Satyam Hardware 09ggfps3041q1zo_328176 Bank of India BKID0006820 09GGFPS3041Q1ZO Material
783 09GGYPS7347C1ZH Om Sai Traders 09ggyps7347c1zh_308979 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282649 09GGYPS7347C1ZH Material
784 09GIMPS9599R1Z5 M/S Vinayak Tiles And Pipes 09750050295_277977 Bank of India BKID0006874 09GIMPS9599R1Z5 Material
785 09GJQPK6478F1ZE Shree J P Enterprises 09gjqpk6478f1ze_305446 UCO Bank UCBA0002876 09GJQPK6478F1ZE Material
786 09GLZPK7734K1ZX Taj Fabrications 09glzpk7734k1zx_331993 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09GLZPK7734K1ZX Material
787 09GNFPS4959L1ZY Shivendra Pratap Singh 09gnfps4959l1zy_305656 Bank of India BKID0006874 09GNFPS4959L1ZY Material
789 09GPWPK9514N1ZO Om Enterprises 09gpwpk9514n1zo_320437 Central Bank Of India CBIN0281015 09GPWPK9514N1ZO Material
790 09GPWPS6633J1ZQ Shatrohan Nursery 09GPWPS6633J1ZQ_302521 ICICI Bank ICIC0003566 09GPWPS6633J1ZQ Material
791 09GRWPK7896D1ZO ARYAN NURSERY 09GRWPK7896D1ZO_295282 Bank of India BKID0007554 09GRWPK7896D1ZO Material
793 09GTWPS3470R1Z5 Jai Balaji Traders 09gtwps3470r1z5_308977 Indian Bank IDIB000K526 09GTWPS3470R1Z5 Material
794 09GUIPS6354B1Z9 SBS Enterprises 09GUIPS6354b1z9_314839 Bank of India BKID0006822 09GUIPS6354B1Z9 Material
795 09GULPS0567P2ZH Ishan Enterptises 09gulps0567p2hz_310525 Bank of India BKID0006833 09GULPS0567P2ZH Material
796 09GWBPS2717D1ZH DHARAM ENTERPRISES 09GWBPS2717D1ZH_284244 Punjab National Bank PUNB0599800 09GWBPS2717D1ZH Material
797 09GYKPS7287D1ZL Shri Balaji Traders 09gykps7287d1zl_308966 Bank of India BKID0006812 09GYKPS7287D1ZL Material
798 09GYRPK3401G1Z8 R R Traders and Boring Works 09gyrpk3401g1z8_330963 Axis Bank UTIB0003627 09GYRPK3401G1Z8 Material
799 09GYSPS1564K2ZD BNR Tiles 09gysps1564k2zd_328039 Bank of India BKID0007550 09GYSPS1564K2ZD Material
800 09HAQPS2430M1ZX Shekhar Enterprises 09haqps2430m1zx_314219 Bank of India BKID0006803 09HAQPS2430M1ZX Material
801 09HECPS0972G2Z4 Vedant Enterprises 09hecps0972g2z4_322757 Canara Bank CNRB0018487 09HECPS0972G2Z4 Material
802 09HFWPK5183J1ZF J P Enterprises 09hfwpk5183j1zf_305651 hdfc HDFC0002861 09HFWPK5183J1ZF Material
803 09HGVPS9867K1ZP Madhuri Enterprises 09hgvps9867k1zp_315166 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09HGVPS9867K1ZP Material
804 09HIOPD4278Q2Z6 Abhiraj Enterprises 09hiopd4278q2z6_327881 Bank of Baroda BARB0IIMLUC 09HIOPD4278Q2Z6 Material
805 09HJLKJ9365N6CX tri 09bnupb9874m1zv_330970 Axis Bank UTIB0002196 09HJLKJ9365N6CX Admin
806 09HLKPD7986Q1ZS Palak Enterprises 09hlkpd7986q1zs_329544 Bank of India BKID0006811 09HLKPD7986Q1ZS Material
807 09HNNPK2868F1ZE Samrat Multi Trade 09HNNPK2868F1ZE_323328 Punjab National Bank PUNB0034710 09HNNPK2868F1ZE Material
808 09HPNPS6349K1ZR Shree Balaji Enterprises 09Hpnps6349K1zr_310284 Bank of India BKID0007531 09HPNPS6349K1ZR Material
809 09HRKPS6244G1Z5 Ranjana Enterprise 09hrkps6244g1z5_314994 09HRKPS6244G1Z5 Material
810 09HUUPS4466P1Z2 R K Enterprises 09HUUps4466p1z2_336505 Bank of India BKID0006834 09HUUPS4466P1Z2 Material
811 09HWEPS8312A1ZG Pratap Traders 09HWeps8312a1zg_317588 Bank of India BKID0007565 09HWEPS8312A1ZG Material
812 09HXPPS1560A1Z7 Shivansh Traders 09HXpps1560a1z7_337639 Bank of India BKID0006824 09HXPPS1560A1Z7 Material
813 09IBZPD5031G1ZA Navya Swayam Sahayata Samuh 09ibzpd5031G1ZA_335162 Bank of India BKID0006809 09IBZPD5031G1ZA Material
814 09ICCPS0742D1ZM Satyam Enterprises 09iccps0742d1zm_331168 Bank of India BKID0007550 09ICCPS0742D1ZM Material
815 09ICCPS1220Q1Z4 ASIA TRADERS 09ICCPS1220Q1Z4_319512 Bank of India BKID0007555 09ICCPS1220Q1Z4 Material
816 09ICRPS7294R1ZT M/S NARAYAN DAS ENTERPRISES 09450064736_281960 State Bank of India SBIN0004315 09ICRPS7294R1ZT Material
817 09ICWPK2708B1ZC S K Traders 09icwpk2708b1zc_335605 Bank of India BKID0007532 09ICWPK2708B1ZC Material
818 09IFMPS8030D1Z1 Aashvi tele Services 09IFMPS8030D1Z1_336999 Axis Bank UTIB0001878 09IFMPS8030D1Z1 Admin
819 09IISPS5811R1ZW Artika Traders 09iisps5811r1zw_301755 Bank of India BKID0007555 09IISPS5811R1ZW Material
820 09IKBPS1389K1ZE Sahu Traders Hardware Sanitary And Eectronics 09ikbps1389K1ZE_323933 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282649 09IKBPS1389K1ZE Material
821 09IKMPK7422Q1Z5 Santosh Traders 09ikmpk7422Q1Z5_309119 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0565938 09IKMPK7422Q1Z5 Material
822 09ILJPS2372M1Z7 Shivam Hardware and Fabricators 09ILJPS2372M1Z7_299332 Bank of India BKID0006808 09ILJPS2372M1Z7 Material
823 09INTPS7866G1ZP AASHIRVAD INFRA 09INTPS7866G1ZP_320994 Bank of Baroda BARB0NIGOHA 09INTPS7866G1ZP Material
824 09IPCPS1249E1ZP AWADH TRADERS 09ipcps1249e1zp_296179 Bank of India BKID0006808 09IPCPS1249E1ZP Material
825 09IPPPS6673B1Z4 Sandeep Enterprises 09ippps6673b1z4_324504 Bank of India BKID0006824 09IPPPS6673B1Z4 Material
826 09IQPPK0726J1ZB Sandeep Traders 09iqppk0726j1zb_324187 hdfc HDFC0009570 09IQPPK0726J1ZB Material
827 09IUTPS1431N1ZN Brothers Traders And Hardware 09IUTPS1431N1zn_336588 Bank of India BKID0006824 09IUTPS1431N1ZN Material
828 09IVHPK9165E1Z1 Sarswati Enterprises 09ivhpk9165e1z1_338284 hdfc HDFC0004806 09IVHPK9165E1Z1 Material
829 09IVRPK3666J1ZM Avishkar Traders 09ivrpk3666j1zm_307788 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282225 09IVRPK3666J1ZM Material
830 09IVYPK6306N1ZG D K Enterprises 09ivypk6306n1zg_331890 hdfc HDFC0009646 09IVYPK6306N1ZG Material
831 09IWBPK1929R1ZQ R L Traders And Fabricarors 09iwbpk1929r1zq_322355 hdfc HDFC0004806 09IWBPK1929R1ZQ Material
832 09JDWPK8766F1ZF Aman Enterprises 09jdwpk8766f1zf_324107 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09JDWPK8766F1ZF Material
833 09JGHPS3991E1ZP Parth Stationery 09jghps3991e1zp_323920 hdfc HDFC0000594 09JGHPS3991E1ZP Material
834 09JLGPS8413F1ZM Chandra vatika enterprises 09jlgps8413f1zm_302946 Bank of India BKID0006874 09JLGPS8413F1ZM Material
835 09JZOPS1015R1ZD Jai Mahakal Enterprises 09jzops1015r1zd_315788 Bank of India BKID0006822 09JZOPS1015R1ZD Material
836 09KAGPS1159L1ZY OM SAI Traders 09KAGPS1159L1ZY_338200 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0918342 09KAGPS1159L1ZY Material
837 09KBCPK2590E2ZH MANAS ASSOCIATES 09KBCPK2590E2ZH_321822 State Bank of India SBIN0012829 09KBCPK2590E2ZH Admin
838 09KDMPK7889A1ZS A S ENTERPRISES 09KDMPK7889A1ZS_340750 UCO Bank UCBA0001609 09KDMPK7889A1ZS Material
839 09KKSPS5262L1ZX Vinayak Traders 09KKSPS5262l1zx_319052 Bank of India BKID0006812 09KKSPS5262L1ZX Material
840 09KLCPS4885J1Z4 Jay Shree Balaji Enterprises 09KLCps4885j1z4_338223 UCO Bank UCBA0001524 09KLCPS4885J1Z4 Material
841 09KXHPS1362F1Z2 Singh Traders 09kxhps1362f1z2_307279 Bank of Baroda BARB0MALLUC 09KXHPS1362F1Z2 Material
842 09LKNMO6543F1DJ CHIEF HORTICULTURIST AYODHYANIK PRAYOG 09LKNMO6543F1DJ_319571 State Bank of India SBIN0004315 09LKNMO6543F1DJ Material
843 09LPWPS7589J1Z4 Aadvika Enterprises 09lpwps7589j1z4_328036 Canara Bank CNRB0004846 09LPWPS7589J1Z4 Material
844 09MARPS7264M1Z9 S S Enterprises 09marps7264m1z9_303857 Bank of India BKID0006818 09MARPS7264M1Z9 Material
845 09NBHPS5423Q1ZJ DMCM Company 09nbhps5423q1zj_332307 State Bank of India SBIN0006683 09NBHPS5423Q1ZJ Admin
846 09NDWPS7067B1ZJ Chauhan Enterprises 09ndwps7067b1zj_329564 Bank of Baroda BARB0MALLUC 09NDWPS7067B1ZJ Material
847 09NZEPS4563J1ZG Samar Singh Enterprises 09nzeps4563j1zg_335852 hdfc HDFC0009570 09NZEPS4563J1ZG Material
848 09OJLPS0050J1ZM J P Traders 09ojlps0050j1zm_336271 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0543454 09OJLPS0050J1ZM Material

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