Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 14-Apr-2024 12:09:42 AM 
Vendor Information
S No. Tin No. Vendor Name Vendor ID Bank Name IFSC Code Is Exempt GST No. Type of Vendor
1 09AAGFK6617F1Z9 KISHAN EINT UDHYOG FATTEHPUR 3167006/KEUF State Bank of India SBIN0061188 09AAGFK6617F1Z9 Material
2 09AAHFN3033H1ZD NEW SHAMA BRICK WORKS 3167006/NSBW State Bank of India SBIN0011825 09AAHFN3033H1ZD Material
3 09AAHFV5468Q1Z3 VIJAY STEELS(AMROHA) 3167002/V.S. State Bank of India SBIN0004113 09AAHFV5468Q1Z3 Material
4 09AAIFC2365A1ZS CHANDA BRICKS WORKS 3167002/CHANDA Punjab National Bank PUNB0681500 09AAIFC2365A1ZS Material
5 09AAMFK6956F1ZT Khalid Brick Works 3167002/U.B.W. Punjab National Bank PUNB0681500 09AAMFK6956F1ZT Material
6 09AAPFM4004P1ZS MANSHI EINT UDHYOG KAPSUA 3167006/MEUK Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09AAPFM4004P1ZS Material
7 09ACUFS6940H1ZD SARKAAR BRICKS WORKS(PEELAKUND,NAUGAWA SADAT) 3167002/SBW Punjab National Bank PUNB0472400 09ACUFS6940H1ZD Material
8 09AEEPT3183M1ZV KESAV EINT UDHYOG 3167006/K.Eint Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09AEEPT3183M1ZV Material
9 09AFZPJ0175K1ZS Shakun Jain Iron Traders 3167003/SKJ Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AFZPJ0175K1ZS Material
10 09AITPR7020E1ZY SUNIL EIT UDHOYOG(LAALU NAGLA) 3167002/S.E.U. State Bank of India SBIN0000610 09AITPR7020E1ZY Material
11 09AXRPS9571Q1ZW Ackoo Brick Works 3167005/Akku hdfc HDFC0000809 09AXRPS9571Q1ZW Material
12 09AZZPK5050A1Z7 SACHIN CEMENT STORE 3167002/S.C.S. 09AZZPK5050A1Z7 Material
13 09AAACS3271N1Z0 Saveer Biotech Limited 09AAACS3271N1Z0_340072 hdfc HDFC0000278 09AAACS3271N1Z0 Material
14 09AAAFQ7027M1ZW Qadri Brick Field 09AAAFQ7027M1ZW_325392 Indian Bank IDIB000P229 09AAAFQ7027M1ZW Material
15 09AABCD0297B2Z1 Himanshu Associates 09APLPD0297A2Z4_294330 09AABCD0297B2Z1 Material
16 09AABFF8892L1ZP MS FREIND ENTREPRISES 09860907088_263562 hdfc HDFC0001966 09AABFF8892L1ZP Material
17 09AABFO0118N1Z9 MS OM BRICK WORKS 09760903086_241701 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYSAM 09AABFO0118N1Z9 Material
18 09AADCD0799F1ZI DPH Electricals Private Limited 09AADCD0799F1Z1_319268 Punjab National Bank PUNB0002100 09AADCD0799F1ZI Material
19 09AADFC7069C1Z1 Chaudhary Brick Works Akbarpur Patti 09359300720 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYAMR 09AADFC7069C1Z1 Material
20 09AADFK4253A1ZQ KISAN BRICKS WORKS(GRAM HAKDADPUR ,AMROHA) 09359301432 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AADFK4253A1ZQ Material
21 09AAEF07490E1Z0 OM BRICK WORKS 09AAEF07490E1Z0_301626 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177500 09AAEF07490E1Z0 Material
22 09AAEFN0090R1ZS Narain Dass Brahma Nand 09AAEFN0090R1ZS_333321 State Bank of India SBIN0002539 09AAEFN0090R1ZS Admin
23 09AAEFN3030D1ZR Narayan Int Udhyog 09AAEFN3030D1ZR_301267 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYSAM 09AAEFN3030D1ZR Material
24 09AAEFO4535G2Z7 ORXY Constructions 09AAEFO4535G2Z7_302343 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559083 09AAEFO4535G2Z7 Material
25 09AAEFU9329A1Z4 Usmani Brick Works 09AAEFU9329A1Z4_302358 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AAEFU9329A1Z4 Material
26 09AAFAV7092K1ZR Vinayak SHG 09AAFAV7092K1ZR_316630 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AAFAV7092K1ZR Material
27 09AAFCS1153C1ZP Shah Times 09AAFCS1153C1ZP_334721 Canara Bank CNRB0018586 09AAFCS1153C1ZP Admin
28 09AAFFL6028G1ZA Limra Construction 09559402637_282243 Canara Bank CNRB0003443 Exempted and Approved 09AAFFL6028G1ZA Material
29 09AAGAN2477F1ZE Navdeep Swam Sahayta Samooh 09AAGAN2477F1ZE_324680 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AAGAN2477F1ZE Material
30 09AAGCC3833Q1Z4 Chikara Enterprises Private Limited 09AAGCC3833Q1Z4_319269 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09AAGCC3833Q1Z4 Material
31 09AAGFF1753P1ZY Foji Ient Udyog Adampur 09AAGFF1753P1ZY_308004 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09AAGFF1753P1ZY Material
32 09AAGFH2700N1ZB Help Technology Services 09AAGFH2700N1ZB_334060 Axis Bank UTIB0001157 09AAGFH2700N1ZB Admin
33 09AAGFH9064F1Z5 Himaliya Eint Udhyog fatehpur mafi 09859302735 09AAGFH9064F1Z5 Material
34 09AAGFN2406F1ZJ M/S Neelam Brick Works Makhdoompur 09959303772 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559083 09AAGFN2406F1ZJ Material
35 09AAGFU3345L1ZR Universal Enterprises 09AAGFU3345L1ZR_309430 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AAGFU3345L1ZR Material
36 09AAIFK4455F1Z7 Krishna Ent Udhyog 09AAIFK4455F1Z7_294185 09AAIFK4455F1Z7 Material
37 09AAJFA7525M1Z0 AGRAWAL BRICK WORKS 09AAJFA7525M1Z0_301509 State Bank of India SBIN0012816 09AAJFA7525M1Z0 Material
38 09AAJFA9928K1ZU MS Arvind Ent Udhyog 09AAJFA9928K1ZU_301512 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09AAJFA9928K1ZU Material
39 09AAJFE0903H1ZN EMPYREANHR INFOSYSTEM 09AAJFE0903H1ZN_335525 hdfc HDFC0001897 09AAJFE0903H1ZN Admin
40 09AAKAA4810D1Z2 Arnav SHG 09AAKAA4810D1Z2_313887 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AAKAA4810D1Z2 Material
41 09AAKFS8596H1ZB STAR BRICK WORKS 09AAKFS8596H1ZB_298873 09AAKFS8596H1ZB Material
42 09AAKFT0306J1Z5 MS Tech Mall 09AAKFT0306J1Z5_330223 ICICI Bank ICIC0000325 09AAKFT0306J1Z5 Admin
43 09AALAA3622J1ZO Aarohi Swayam Sahayata Samuh 09AALAA3622J1ZO_336213 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AALAA3622J1ZO Material
44 09AALFD3739J1Z1 DURGA BRICK WORKS , Ahrola Tejvan, Gajraula 09559400638 Canara Bank CNRB0018581 09AALFD3739J1Z1 Material
45 09AALFN1542R1ZM NIADERMAL MARBLES 09AALFN1542R1ZM_299808 09AALFN1542R1ZM Material
46 09AALFN6703C1ZC M/S NADEEM ENT UDHYOG 09559303171_245660 Punjab National Bank PUNB0651100 09AALFN6703C1ZC Material
47 09AALFN9761A1Z0 M/S NEW FOJI BRICKS WORKS 09AALFN9761A1Z0_290759 State Bank of India SBIN0015674 09AALFN9761A1Z0 Material
48 09AALPD6102B1ZA MS Prittam Dayal Dadoo 09289200192_281854 09AALPD6102B1ZA Material
49 09AAMAP5595L1ZK Prerna Svayan Sahayata Samahu 09AAMAP5595L1ZK_340298 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AAMAP5595L1ZK Material
50 09AAMFC0624L1ZB MS Choudhary Brik Field 09AAMFC0624L1ZB_329190 Canara Bank CNRB0018617 09AAMFC0624L1ZB Material
51 09AAMFM9821F1ZX MS Ujala Bricks 09AAMFM9821F1ZX_291409 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYAMR 09AAMFM9821F1ZX Material
52 09AAMFP2462P1ZI Praveen K Srivastava and Company 09AAMFP2462P1Zi_336512 Bank of India BKID0006804 09AAMFP2462P1ZI Admin
53 09AANFM4270F1Z3 M.T. Oil Company 09AANFM4270F1Z3_336371 Punjab National Bank PUNB0002100 09AANFM4270F1Z3 Admin
54 09AANFV9318F1ZN MS Vishal Construction 09259308476_283841 09AANFV9318F1ZN Material
55 09AAOFK9330M2ZL Khan Int Udyog 09AAOFK9330M2ZL_305271 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09AAOFK9330M2ZL Material
56 09AAOPE1337L1ZI Malik Traders Station Road Chaupla 09159402328 09AAOPE1337L1ZI Material
57 09AAOPQ1993N1ZO A.S Qadri Traders 09AAOPQ1993N1ZO_324681 Bank of Baroda BARB0JOYAJY 09AAOPQ1993N1ZO Material
58 09AAPFC7984C1ZY Chikara Constructions 09AAPFC7984C1ZY_325761 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09AAPFC7984C1ZY Material
59 09AAPFG1009G1ZI Guru Teg Bahadur Brick Works 09959400867 Canara Bank CNRB0018618 09AAPFG1009G1ZI Material
60 09AAQFD3521M1Z2 Dev Eint Udyog 09AAQFD3521M1Z2_324605 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYAMR 09AAQFD3521M1Z2 Material
61 09AARFB0072A1ZS B.M ENT UDHYOG 09359308876_278149 Punjab National Bank PUNB0002100 09AARFB0072A1ZS Material
62 09AARFK9456H1ZJ M/S KISAN BRICK WORKS 09159404558_268954 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09AARFK9456H1ZJ Material
63 09AARFR4485M1Z6 R.K Ent Udhyog 09AARFR4485M1Z6_287178 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AARFR4485M1Z6 Material
64 09AARFR4913N1ZF Ram Kumar Singh Ent Udhyog 09AARFR4913N1ZF_287183 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021504 09AARFR4913N1ZF Material
65 09AARFR9456H1Z1 Kisan Brick Works 09AARFR9456H1Z1_293662 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09AARFR9456H1Z1 Material
66 09AASFK2584M1ZG Khwaja Int Udhyog 09AASFK2584M1ZG_324720 Punjab National Bank PUNB0601000 09AASFK2584M1ZG Material
67 09AASFR9038F1ZL RAJA BRICK WORKS 09659307352_278109 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09AASFR9038F1ZL Material
68 09AATFG0269N1ZN Gandharv Enterprises 09AATFG0269N1ZN_326567 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09AATFG0269N1ZN Material
69 09AATFP2760M1ZG Pappu Enit Udyog 09AATFP2760M1ZG_325518 Punjab National Bank PUNB0651100 09AATFP2760M1ZG Material
70 09AAVPI7099A1Z7 MS Malik Ent Udhyog 09AAVPI7099A1Z7_286880 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09AAVPI7099A1Z7 Material
71 09AAWFB3796Q1Z5 Balaji Int Udyog 09AAWFB3796Q1Z5_326685 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09AAWFB3796Q1Z5 Material
72 09AAWFB5480H1ZV Bharat Interlocking Bricks Traders 09AAWFB5480H1ZV_319120 Axis Bank UTIB0001157 09AAWFB5480H1ZV Material
73 09AAWPF0697A1ZJ MS Taj Traders 09AAWPF0697A1ZJ_324733 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AAWPF0697A1ZJ Material
74 09AAYFA5587A1Z0 AZAD BHARAT BRICK WORKS 09AAYFA5587A1Z0_302908 Bank of Baroda BARB0JOYAJY 09AAYFA5587A1Z0 Material
75 09AAYFS6618L1Z5 Star Engineering Works 09AAYFS6618L1Z5_290612 09AAYFS6618L1Z5 Material
76 09AAYPT8117B1Z6 M/S SHRI BANKEY BIHARI ENT UDYOG 09462603016_276631 09AAYPT8117B1Z6 Material
77 09AAYPT8118Q1ZA M/S SHREE GOPAL ENTERPRISES 09862604103_276629 09AAYPT8118Q1ZA Material
78 09ABAFA6543P1Z1 Asha Int Udhyog 09ABAFA6543P1Z1_327084 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ABAFA6543P1Z1 Material
79 09ABAFA7015J1ZK Avon Ent Udyog 09ABAFA7015J1ZK_339870 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYAMR 09ABAFA7015J1ZK Material
80 09ABBFA8618A1ZR Amar Eit Udhyog 09ABBFA8618A1ZR_316744 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJAMRO 09ABBFA8618A1ZR Material
81 09ABBFA9142R1ZV Abdur Raheem Int Udyog 09ABBFA9142R1ZV_327008 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09ABBFA9142R1ZV Material
82 09ABBPH6392Q1ZZ M/S JAINUL HASAN THEKEDAR 09ABBPH6392Q1ZZ_329387 Punjab National Bank PUNB0154710 09ABBPH6392Q1ZZ Admin
83 09ABDPK9889R1ZC Shri Balaji Bricks 09659305796_245299 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ABDPK9889R1ZC Material
84 09ABEFA2014P1ZF AVON ENT UDHYOG 09759308073_279686 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681500 09ABEFA2014P1ZF Material
86 09ABEFS8712J1ZS SURYA EINT UDYOG 09ABEFS8712J1ZS_298740 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ABEFS8712J1ZS Material
87 09ABEPI9280P1ZW IRFAN NURSERY 09ABEPI9280P1ZW_297616 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177500 09ABEPI9280P1ZW Material
88 09ABKPH7967E1Z8 MS Sahara Ent Udyog 09ABKPH7967E1Z8_337659 Bank of Baroda BARB0JOYAJY 09ABKPH7967E1Z8 Material
89 09ABMFM3033E1ZD Mahraj Ent Udhyog 09ABMFM3033E1ZD_326674 Canara Bank CNRB0018959 09ABMFM3033E1ZD Material
90 09ABUPJ2370D1ZJ M/S JAIN TRADERS 09ABUPJ2370D1ZJ_299615 09ABUPJ2370D1ZJ Material
91 09ABUPW4872B1ZZ MUSKAN NURSERY 09ABUPW4872B1ZZ_297618 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09ABUPW4872B1ZZ Material
92 09ABVFS4327E1ZR M/S Shree Sai Brick Works 09ABVFS4327E1ZR_293383 State Bank of India SBIN0012514 09ABVFS4327E1ZR Material
93 09ABWPH0254L1Z7 MS Jogan Brick Works 09ABWPH0254L1Z7_286722 hdfc HDFC0003191 09ABWPH0254L1Z7 Material
94 09ABXPA8043M1Z0 M/S SAI INTERLOCK TILES MANUFACTURING 09959402126_262807 State Bank of India SBIN0002539 09ABXPA8043M1Z0 Material
95 09ABXPA8053D1ZH SOHAN STEELS 09259402238 09ABXPA8053D1ZH Material
96 09ABXPR9016K1ZO Ram Engineering Works 09ABXPR9016K1ZO_292905 State Bank of India SBIN0017580 09ABXPR9016K1ZO Material
97 09ABZPJ1757F1Z5 M/S JYOTI PAINTS SANITARY STORE 09ABZPJ1757F1Z5_285293 09ABZPJ1757F1Z5 Material
98 09ABZPJ1757F1ZS M/S JYOTI PAINTS-SANITARY STORE 09659401359_262389 09ABZPJ1757F1ZS Material
99 09ACKPI0395J1ZA Mohd ILyas Contractor 09ACKPI0395J1ZA_310586 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09ACKPI0395J1ZA Material
100 09ACNPW6308G1Z3 MS Waseem Enterprises 09ACNPW6308G1Z3_341426 State Bank of India SBIN0000711 09ACNPW6308G1Z3 Material
101 09ACQFS3765C1ZQ MS Shri Bharat Brick Works 09ACQFS3765C1ZQ_300764 Canara Bank CNRB0002147 09ACQFS3765C1ZQ Material
102 09ACSFS9598P1ZE Sai Computers 09ACSFS9598P1ZE_332473 Punjab National Bank PUNB0002100 09ACSFS9598P1ZE Admin
103 09ACSPH6670H1Z2 S.A.R Brick Field 09ACSPH6670H1Z2_296271 09ACSPH6670H1Z2 Material
104 09ACVFS9267Q1ZJ MS Shahpur Ent Udyog 09ACVFS9267Q1ZJ_298364 09ACVFS9267Q1ZJ Material
105 09ACWFS8469B1ZB Sandhu Brick Works 09ACWFS8469B1ZB_315800 Punjab National Bank PUNB0651100 09ACWFS8469B1ZB Material
106 09ADAPF4227B1Z7 MS Nisha Traders 09ADAPF4227B1Z7_285045 09ADAPF4227B1Z7 Material
107 09ADEPY0809J1Z7 Sirohi Enterprises 09ADEPY0809J1Z7_341305 hdfc HDFC0003164 09ADEPY0809J1Z7 Material
108 09ADFFS5574D1ZU M/S SAMRAN TRADING COMPANY 09ADFFS5574D1ZU_290757 State Bank of India SBIN0007413 09ADFFS5574D1ZU Material
109 09ADFPY6688J1ZH Shri Balaji Computers 09ADFPY6688J1ZH_336156 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ADFPY6688J1ZH Admin
110 09ADFPZ5043C1ZG Pradhan Traders 09ADFPZ5043C1ZG_326945 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09ADFPZ5043C1ZG Material
111 09ADLFS3142B1Z8 SHREE BALAJI ENT UDYOG 09ADLFS3142B1Z8_294183 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ADLFS3142B1Z8 Material
112 09ADMFS3752L1ZE Sai Traders 09ADMFS3752L1ZE_294090 09ADMFS3752L1ZE Material
113 09ADMFS6511K1ZL Shri Balaji Ent Udhyog 09ADMFS6511K1ZL_293789 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ADMFS6511K1ZL Material
114 09ADOFS7129R1ZX Shri Ganesh Enterprises 09ADOFS7129R1ZX_292643 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09ADOFS7129R1ZX Material
115 09ADOPD4769J1ZZ MS Munish Dadoo Brick Field 09ADOPD4769J1ZZ_292567 UCO Bank UCBA0000261 09ADOPD4769J1ZZ Material
116 09ADPPW9979A1ZK M/S. ALI CONSTRUCTION 09ADPPW9979A1ZK_290755 State Bank of India SBIN0007413 09ADPPW9979A1ZK Material
117 09ADTPA6943N1ZT MS Manglan Steels 09ADTPA6943N1Zt_299422 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYAMR 09ADTPA6943N1ZT Material
118 09ADTPC0913A1Z0 Chauhan Traders 09ADTPC0913A1Z0_294511 09ADTPC0913A1Z0 Material
119 09AEDPI9463C1ZH MS Kausar Brick Works 09AEDPI9463C1ZH_327017 hdfc HDFC0003191 09AEDPI9463C1ZH Material
120 09AEEPN0205J1ZQ Hindustan Traders 09AEEPN0205J1ZQ_330220 hdfc HDFC0000809 09AEEPN0205J1ZQ Material
121 09AEFPN5231F1ZM Sarkar Filling Center 09AEFPN5231F1ZM_339835 Axis Bank UTIB0001157 09AEFPN5231F1ZM Admin
122 09AEJPA9411N1Z8 Glass n Glass Moradabad 09AEJPA9411N1Z8_336718 Indian Bank IDIB000M745 09AEJPA9411N1Z8 Admin
123 09AEJPL6668Q3ZC Lokendra Singh Contractor 09AEJPL6668Q3ZC_323201 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559083 09AEJPL6668Q3ZC Material
124 09AENFS5772A1ZQ Shubh Enterprises 09AENFS5772A1ZQ_329907 hdfc HDFC0009630 09AENFS5772A1ZQ Admin
125 09AEOPA0008G1ZZ Kumar Iron Store 09259301734_281429 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYAMR 09AEOPA0008G1ZZ Material
126 09AESPC4836J1Z2 MS Jayant Kisan Sewa Kendra 09AESPC4836J1Z2_339168 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09AESPC4836J1Z2 Admin
127 09AFFPV4700E1ZI MS Darshna Trading Company 09AFFPV4700E1ZI_301752 Canara Bank CNRB0002147 09AFFPV4700E1ZI Material
128 09AFGPC4822H1ZN MS Twenty Four Gold Fuel Point 09AFGPC4822H1ZN_332472 State Bank of India SBIN0007413 09AFGPC4822H1ZN Admin
129 09AFNPV3360E1Z4 BalakRam Ent Udhyog 09259308245_281877 UCO Bank UCBA0003113 09AFNPV3360E1Z4 Material
130 09AFXPR6343B1ZZ Maheshwari Brick Clean works, Beelna 09859303136 Punjab National Bank PUNB0472400 09AFXPR6343B1ZZ Material
131 09AFYPA5356G1Z2 M.A Traders 09AFYPA5356G1Z2_324721 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AFYPA5356G1Z2 Material
132 09AFZPB6236M1ZQ SB Brick works Peela Kund Naugawan 09859302259 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AFZPB6236M1ZQ Material
133 09AGFPC1103R1ZH M/S B.C.COMPUTER 09AGFPC1103R1ZH_325422 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282064 09AGFPC1103R1ZH Admin
134 09AGIPY0467D1Z4 MS Yoonus Contractor 09AGIPY0467D1Z4_319917 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09AGIPY0467D1Z4 Material
135 09AGIPY0467D2Z3 MS A.B.I Tiles and Bricks 09AGIPY0467D2Z3_333978 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AGIPY0467D2Z3 Material
136 09AGRPG0207GIZL M/S GUPTA TRADERS 09AGRPG0207GIZL_309778 09AGRPG0207GIZL Material
137 09AGTPL0960F1Z4 R.S TRADERS 09AGTPL0960F1Z4_294632 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09AGTPL0960F1Z4 Material
138 09AGUPG2938F1Z2 Madahev idea communication 09AGUPG2938F1Z2_295654 State Bank of India SBIN0000650 09AGUPG2938F1Z2 Material
139 09AGUPG2939E1Z3 Vijay Sons 09AGUPG2939E1Z3_295653 State Bank of India SBIN0000650 09AGUPG2939E1Z3 Material
140 09AGWPG8590P1Z3 Sanjay Steels 09AGWPG8590P1Z3_292533 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559083 09AGWPG8590P1Z3 Material
141 09AGYPA5738R1ZB National Brick Works 09AGYPA5738R1ZB_287102 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09AGYPA5738R1ZB Material
142 09AHEPL1184B1ZN Sai Traders 09AHEPL1184B1ZN_293785 Punjab National Bank PUNB0662500 09AHEPL1184B1ZN Material
143 09AHHPK5266C1ZC Sanjay Cement and Agriculture Store 09959308458_275755 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AHHPK5266C1ZC Material
144 09AHJPB3821C1ZU BHALWAR STEELS 09AHJPB3821C1ZU_309791 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09AHJPB3821C1ZU Material
145 09AHPPG9638Q1Z7 Rudra Production 09AHPPG9638Q1Z7_329606 KARNATAKA BANK KARB0000524 09AHPPG9638Q1Z7 Admin
146 09AIKPC4984B1Z9 M.S.PUNEET TRADERS 09659401991 hdfc HDFC0002121 09AIKPC4984B1Z9 Material
147 09AINPA9113B1ZL M/S. NEW B K M INT UDYOG 09AINPA9113B1ZL_290756 09AINPA9113B1ZL Material
148 09AISPN5234D1Z1 MS ASHA INT UDYOG PARA KHALSA 09359403982_258389 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AISPN5234D1Z1 Material
149 09AITPK1744J1ZR M/S FAUZI BRICKS FIELD 09AITPK1744J1ZR_290758 09AITPK1744J1ZR Material
150 09AJIPB5101C1ZX Kesav Iron Tradors 09459401643 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09AJIPB5101C1ZX Material
151 09AJJPM5752B1Z6 M/S CHANDER ENTERPRISES 09AJJPM5752B1Z6_298088 Punjab National Bank PUNB0407000 09AJJPM5752B1Z6 Material
152 09AKIPM5581E2ZV Shree Shyamji Traders 09AKIPM5581E2ZV_327088 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AKIPM5581E2ZV Material
153 09AKIPV3887A1ZQ M/S Kisan Builders 09AKIPV3887A1ZQ_293784 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09AKIPV3887A1ZQ Material
154 09AKMPA7908H2ZY MS Khushi Tiles 09AKMPA7908H2ZY_298030 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09AKMPA7908H2ZY Material
155 09AKOPC8552F1ZX Shri Diwanji Traders 09AKOPC8552F1ZX_320135 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AKOPC8552F1ZX Material
156 09AKOPT9942J2Z2 HASANPUR BOMBAY TRANSPORT CO. 09AKOPT9942J2Z2_322574 Punjab National Bank PUNB0662500 09AKOPT9942J2Z2 Admin
157 09AKPPT0475R1Z0 Tyagi Eant Udhyog 09559306466 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AKPPT0475R1Z0 Material
158 09AKVPK7256K1Z8 Arvind Eint Udyog 09AKVPK7256K1Z8_326693 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09AKVPK7256K1Z8 Material
159 09ALAPH8563J2ZR M/S S R CHAUDHARY METARIALS 09ALAPH8563J2ZR_286337 09ALAPH8563J2ZR Material
160 09ALBPG5276C3Z9 Shri Bankey Bihari Nursary 09ALBPG5276C3Z9_301956 Punjab National Bank PUNB0694000 09ALBPG5276C3Z9 Material
161 09ALGPA8244F1Z8 MS MOHD ASIM CONTRACTOR 09ALGPA8244F1Z8_315926 hdfc HDFC0000809 09ALGPA8244F1Z8 Material
162 09ALJPA9029P3ZH M/S U.K Inter Locking 09ALJPA9029P3ZH_294286 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09ALJPA9029P3ZH Material
163 09ALKPM0936C1Z7 MS Arsh Ent Udhyog 09ALKPM0936C1Z7_286787 09ALKPM0936C1Z7 Material
164 09ALPPL8372C1ZP SHYAM ENT UDHYOG 09159301570_244689 09ALPPL8372C1ZP Material
165 09ALVPK7197E1ZB Guru Arjun Brick Works Shahpur Rajheda 09959400848 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09ALVPK7197E1ZB Material
166 09ALXPA5044Q1ZC Azad brick company malwa bijnore 09762602816 Punjab National Bank PUNB0472400 09ALXPA5044Q1ZC Material
167 09AMGPH6054H1ZZ MS Alfoz Int Udyog 09AMGPH6054H1ZZ_330055 State Bank of India SBIN0014800 09AMGPH6054H1ZZ Material
168 09AMMPH7400B1ZD MAHAN BRICK WORKS 09859301919_245611 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AMMPH7400B1ZD Material
169 09AMNPA3052B1ZJ M/S Mukul Building Material Store 09361005086_283991 Punjab National Bank PUNB0190800 Exempted and Approved 09AMNPA3052B1ZJ Material
170 09AMOPS3669K1Z2 M/S SHIV BRICK WORKS 09AMOPS3669K1Z2_293199 09AMOPS3669K1Z2 Material
171 09AMVPK8405G2ZJ Gill Building Material 09AMVPK8405G2ZJ_287184 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021504 09AMVPK8405G2ZJ Material
172 09ANCPT4105C1ZB M/S Vaishali Cement Store 09ANCPT4105C1ZB_293783 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09ANCPT4105C1ZB Material
173 09ANDPR1787P1Z3 Shri Ram Cement Store 09ANDPR1787P1Z3_302359 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ANDPR1787P1Z3 Material
174 09ANEPA5531D1ZI New King Brick Field 09ANEPA5531D1ZI_325393 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0001410 09ANEPA5531D1ZI Material
175 09ANGPT8120M1ZF Nirankar Traders 09ANGPT8120M1ZF_339354 Canara Bank CNRB0018618 09ANGPT8120M1ZF Material
176 09ANHPM8543J2ZF MS Maksud Ahmad Contractor 09ANHPM8543J2ZF_339234 Bank of Baroda BARB0BIJNOR 09ANHPM8543J2ZF Material
177 09ANLPC5373Q1ZA Mangat Building Material 09ANLPC5373Q1ZA_325031 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09ANLPC5373Q1ZA Material
178 09ANYPY2801Q1ZS Om Baba Bricks Works 09959404031_260678 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09ANYPY2801Q1ZS Material
179 09AOBPA1786J1ZX M/S INDIA BRICK WORKS 09459306669_269240 Canara Bank CNRB0018632 09AOBPA1786J1ZX Material
180 09AONPK2256H1ZP MS Shiv Contractor and earth works 09AONPK2256H1ZP_330453 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09AONPK2256H1ZP Material
181 09AOPPA1301P1ZW Monika Nursary 09AOPPA1301P1ZW_297693 hdfc HDFC0003159 09AOPPA1301P1ZW Material
182 09AOPTS5034D2ZO Shri Gajendra Singh 09762300847_283990 State Bank of India SBIN0012516 Exempted and Approved 09AOPTS5034D2ZO Material
183 09AOQPH2157F1ZT Akbar Husain Brick Works 09AOQPH2157F1ZT_324735 Punjab National Bank PUNB0601000 09AOQPH2157F1ZT Material
184 09AOZPK3582J1Z1 P.K Enterprises 09AOZPK3582J1Z1_326575 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559083 09AOZPK3582J1Z1 Material
185 09APJPA2434C1ZF Ekrar Cement Traders 09APJPA2434C1ZF_287308 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09APJPA2434C1ZF Material
186 09APJPA2434C2ZE Ikrar Cement Traders 09APJPA2434C2ZE_303554 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09APJPA2434C2ZE Material
187 09APLPA1296A1Z7 M/S HASANPUR INDIAN OIL 09APLPA1296A1Z7_325304 State Bank of India SBIN0000650 09APLPA1296A1Z7 Admin
188 09APLPD0297A2Z4 HIMANSHU ASSOCIATES, Moh. C.C.S Nagar Gajraula 09759402853 09APLPD0297A2Z4 Material
189 09APOPK9920L2Z3 M/S SATYAM CEMENT STORE 09660906198_254503 09APOPK9920L2Z3 Material
190 09APTPM9792F3ZU M/S MALIK ENT UDYOG 09159403978_261678 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09APTPM9792F3ZU Material
191 09APYPS8585F1ZO G.L.S. CONSTRUCTIONS 09APYPS8585F1ZO_303603 Punjab National Bank PUNB0597000 09APYPS8585F1ZO Material
192 09AQCPA5819M2ZN MS Falak Infrastructure 09AQCPA5819M2ZN_338251 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AQCPA5819M2ZN Material
193 09AQFPK3261Q3Z9 Shabana Golden Industries 09AQFPK3261Q3Z9_340623 Canara Bank CNRB0018582 09AQFPK3261Q3Z9 Material
194 09AQIPG7920P1Z8 MS Faiz Trading Company 09AQIPG7920P1Z8_325514 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09AQIPG7920P1Z8 Material
195 09AQOPA9559N1ZX M/S MALIK ENT UDHOJ TOKRA PATTI 09959403988_260762 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177500 09AQOPA9559N1ZX Material
196 09AQRPH4497D1ZD M/S ADI CEMENT STORE 09AQRPH4497D1ZD_294087 09AQRPH4497D1ZD Material
197 09AQUPA2558H1ZJ Kishan Khad BHandar and Building Material 09AQUPA2558H1ZJ_327600 Central Bank Of India CBIN0284606 09AQUPA2558H1ZJ Material
198 09AQXPC6837E1ZE Neha Nusary and Company 09859405568_282291 09AQXPC6837E1ZE Material
199 09AREPG2372G1ZX Shree Ganpati Traders 09AREPG2372G1ZX_326677 State Bank of India SBIN0061188 09AREPG2372G1ZX Material
200 09ARIPA3233A2ZG NS Traders 09ARIPA3233A2ZG_341427 Canara Bank CNRB0018582 09ARIPA3233A2ZG Material
201 09ARIPB9165A1ZX Royal Associates 09ARIPB9165A1ZX_319620 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09ARIPB9165A1ZX Material
202 09ARJPB3428P1ZF Bhardwaj cement store kailsa border 09359304586 09ARJPB3428P1ZF Material
203 09ARJPR7085A1ZH MS Devendra Cement Store 09ARJPR7085A1ZH_303607 State Bank of India SBIN0012816 09ARJPR7085A1ZH Material
204 09ARKPG6959R1ZN AGARWAL MARBLE & SANITARY STORE 09ARKPG6959R1ZN_287475 Canara Bank CNRB0003443 09ARKPG6959R1ZN Material
205 09ARLPH4543F1ZQ Hasmuddin Cement Store 09ARLPH4543F1ZQ_300004 09ARLPH4543F1ZQ Material
206 09ARQPK3496H1Z4 Foji Cement and Iron Store 09ARQPK3496H1Z4_339869 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ARQPK3496H1Z4 Material
207 09ARYPA9582G1Z1 ASHRAF INT UDYOG 09759404239_276623 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177500 09ARYPA9582G1Z1 Material
208 09ARYPS6212M1ZT Jaideep Brick works Khandsal Kalan 09859301924 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ARYPS6212M1ZT Material
209 09ASGPA5222L1ZT MS New Taj Brick Works 09ASGPA5222L1ZT_325396 Canara Bank CNRB0018821 09ASGPA5222L1ZT Material
210 09ASMPK4589L1ZT MS FAUJI BRICK WORKS 09459401450_242496 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09ASMPK4589L1ZT Material
211 09ASOPD3601L1ZN M/S Purna Giri Interlocking Plant 09ASOPD3601L1ZN_294209 Punjab National Bank PUNB0662500 09ASOPD3601L1ZN Material
212 09ASOPT9269Q1Z5 Shubh Kumar 09359405707_282303 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ASOPT9269Q1Z5 Material
213 09ASRPN1189Q1ZL MS HNP Contarctor 09ASRPN1189Q1ZL_329549 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ASRPN1189Q1ZL Material
214 09ASTPG8578N1ZH MS Goyal Cement Store 09ASTPG8578N1ZH_327970 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09ASTPG8578N1ZH Material
215 09ATBPA9925G1ZP M/S Mohd Farukh Ali 09459405358_281283 Canara Bank CNRB0003443 09ATBPA9925G1ZP Material
216 09ATCPR7714B1Z2 MS Shiv Tiles Udyog 09ATCPR7714B1Z2_291153 State Bank of India SBIN0012514 09ATCPR7714B1Z2 Material
217 09ATQPD8707L1Z2 NARAYAN BRICK WORKS 09ATQPD8707L1Z2_290615 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09ATQPD8707L1Z2 Material
218 09ATRPA0026A1ZB M/S N S TRADERS 09ATRPA0026A1ZB_298871 Punjab National Bank PUNB0651100 09ATRPA0026A1ZB Material
219 09ATSPS7503F1Z6 MS Shankar Traders 09ATSPS7503F1Z6_325918 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ATSPS7503F1Z6 Material
220 09ATUPH1024N1ZA M/s MS Traders 09ATUPH1024N1ZA_293282 09ATUPH1024N1ZA Material
221 09ATVPJ6603J1Z4 M/S Jitendra Building Material Supplier 09159403813_248499 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09ATVPJ6603J1Z4 Material
222 09AUIPJ4092K1Z6 M/S RANA INT UDYOG 09AUIPJ4092K1Z6_293291 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09AUIPJ4092K1Z6 Material
223 09AULPA9219L1Z7 KHAN EAT UDHYOG 09359403416_243775 09AULPA9219L1Z7 Material
224 09AULPR7661M1ZM MS SHIV ENT UDHOG 09359306509_244056 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AULPR7661M1ZM Material
225 09AUPPS1768L1ZN HARDEEP EIT UDHOG 09859302443_236590 Punjab National Bank PUNB0298600 09AUPPS1768L1ZN Material
226 09AVJPK5893K1ZR Chaudhary cement & Iron store 09862602509 Punjab National Bank PUNB0745700 09AVJPK5893K1ZR Material
227 09AVSPV1454E1Z3 MS Umesh Cement Agency 09359404761_282134 ICICI Bank ICIC0001765 09AVSPV1454E1Z3 Material
228 09AWJPK3877A1ZE MS Arjun Enterprises 09AWJPK3877A1ZE_329188 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AWJPK3877A1ZE Material
229 09AWJPS0691N2ZO M/S SHIV BRICK WORKS 09AWJPS0691N2ZO_299660 09AWJPS0691N2ZO Material
230 09AWOPS7786B2ZQ Shivangi Enterprises 09AWOPS7786B2ZQ_293209 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0911828 09AWOPS7786B2ZQ Material
231 09AWXPR8527N2Z4 M/S HKN BRICK FIELD 09AWXPR8527N2Z4_293668 State Bank of India SBIN0007413 09AWXPR8527N2Z4 Material
232 09AXIPS8106Q1ZK MS Chandrapal Singh Contractor 09AXIPS8106Q1ZK_319124 Canara Bank CNRB0018821 09AXIPS8106Q1ZK Material
233 09AXPPB1439C1ZP UDITRAJ BUILDERS 09AXPPB1439C1ZP_301627 09AXPPB1439C1ZP Material
234 09AXTPA1376P1ZR Malik Brother Eint Udyog 09AXTPA1376P1ZR_293622 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177500 09AXTPA1376P1ZR Material
235 09AXUPA1223G1ZN M/S A.H Traders 09AXUPA1223G1ZN_293624 State Bank of India SBIN0008350 09AXUPA1223G1ZN Material
236 09AYDPS2836B1ZH M/S PAWAN CEMENT INTERLOACKING 09459402812_247913 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0911828 09AYDPS2836B1ZH Material
237 09AYEPS1207K1ZA MS Nirmal Building Material Suppliers 09AYEPS1207K1ZA_299763 09AYEPS1207K1ZA Material
238 09AYNPY2563P2Z7 Shree Shyam Traders 09AYNPY2563P2Z7_335061 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09AYNPY2563P2Z7 Material
239 09AYRPS9571Q1ZW M/S AKKU BRICK WORKS 09AYRPS9571Q1ZW_309777 hdfc HDFC0000809 09AYRPS9571Q1ZW Material
240 09AYSPT1673J1ZJ M/S VIYAS ENTERPRISES 09AYSPT1673J1ZJ_293293 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09AYSPT1673J1ZJ Material
241 09AYXPS2663N1Z7 MS Sonu Book Depo 09AYXPS2663N1Z7_330426 Bank of Baroda BARB0BLYAMR 09AYXPS2663N1Z7 Admin
242 09AZDPC2167J1ZE Shree jee Traders 09EZTPK6921A1Z3_326614 Bank of Baroda BARB0GAJRAL 09AZDPC2167J1ZE Material
243 09AZLPC4899H1ZS Radhika Traders 09AZLPC4899H1ZS_301722 Bank of India BKID0007806 09AZLPC4899H1ZS Material
244 09AZLPS6315E1Z3 Chauhan Cement Traders 09289201031_281853 Central Bank Of India CBIN0280260 09AZLPS6315E1Z3 Material
245 09AZRPA0977G1Z3 Zulfiqar Building Material & Agriculture Store 09859307290_256348 Punjab National Bank PUNB0472400 09AZRPA0977G1Z3 Material
246 09BADPR1015G1ZZ Panchdeep Building Material and Sanitary Items 09BADPR1015G1ZZ_325763 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BADPR1015G1ZZ Material
247 09BAIPS9471C1Z9 M/S SUN INDIA SOLUTIONS 09588818282_281127 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 Exempted and Approved 09BAIPS9471C1Z9 Material
248 09BAVPK2353N1ZY Kapil Sunil and Sons 09BAVPK2353N1ZY_324597 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BAVPK2353N1ZY Material
249 09BBAPK3055R1Z8 ISA Contractor 09BBAPK3055R1Z8_329308 ICICI Bank ICIC0001765 09BBAPK3055R1Z8 Material
250 09BBFPA1900A1ZM MS Ajmat Ent Udhyog 09BBFPA1900A1ZM_330617 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BBFPA1900A1ZM Material
251 09BBGPS7658C1Z8 M/S GURU NANAK BRICK WORKS 09BBGPS7658C1Z8_298089 09BBGPS7658C1Z8 Material
252 09BBKPA8089F1ZD M/S S.A Traders 09BBKPA8089F1ZD_293625 State Bank of India SBIN0016760 09BBKPA8089F1ZD Material
253 09BBOPY8797E1ZG Shubh Enterprises 09BBOPY8797E1ZG_330424 hdfc HDFC0009630 09BBOPY8797E1ZG Admin
254 09BBPPA2204K1ZS MS A ONE Tiles 09BBPPA2204K1ZS_299559 09BBPPA2204K1ZS Material
255 09BBRPT4694J1ZJ Golden Tiles 09BBRPT4694J1ZJ_334200 hdfc HDFC0001966 09BBRPT4694J1ZJ Material
256 09BBXPD9919C1Z6 RAM ENT UDHYOG 09859401556 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09BBXPD9919C1Z6 Material
257 09BBXPM7206H1Z3 MOHAMMAD TRADERS 09BBXPM7206H1Z3_287182 Canara Bank CNRB0018586 09BBXPM7206H1Z3 Material
258 09BBZPR5866A1ZW M/S RAMA TRADERS 09BBZPR5866A1ZW_301972 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BBZPR5866A1ZW Material
259 09BCCPK1486M1Z7 JNS Enterprises 09BCCPK1486M1Z7_315383 Indian Bank IDIB000G515 09BCCPK1486M1Z7 Material
260 09BCCPS2146A1ZX MS Deval Brick Works 09BCCPS2146A1ZX_301681 State Bank of India SBIN0014801 09BCCPS2146A1ZX Material
262 09BCUPK1078D1ZC MS Pankaj Kumar 09BCUPK1078D1ZC_291407 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09BCUPK1078D1ZC Material
263 09BCUPK8723R1ZD MS Chaudhary Traders 09259403577_237631 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BCUPK8723R1ZD Material
264 09BCVPA6087K1ZV M/S Safi Fertilizers and Cement Store 09BCVPA6087K1ZV_293661 09BCVPA6087K1ZV Material
265 09BCXPN4111P1ZT Nasre Cement Store 09159308811_276033 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021504 09BCXPN4111P1ZT Material
266 09BCYPG7848D1ZY M/S Geeta Steels 09559305009_281428 09BCYPG7848D1ZY Material
267 09BDJPS6591M1Z1 A.S Traders 09BDJPS6591M1Z1_293619 State Bank of India SBIN0007413 09BDJPS6591M1Z1 Material
268 09BDJPS6591M1ZI MS A S Traders 09BDJPS6591M1ZI_326579 State Bank of India SBIN0007413 09BDJPS6591M1ZI Material
269 09BDOPK9100M1Z2 Swadesh Kumar 09BDOPK9100M1Z2_325916 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09BDOPK9100M1Z2 Material
270 09BDQPK2620E1ZM M/S KISAN SEWA CENTRE 09759308780_283544 Punjab National Bank PUNB0002100 09BDQPK2620E1ZM Material
271 09BEFPC5891B1ZM M/S CHAHAL PHOTO STUDIO 09559404424_272157 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09BEFPC5891B1ZM Material
272 09BEFPC5891B2ZL Ganga Nursary 09BEFPC5891B2ZL_296069 09BEFPC5891B2ZL Material
273 09BEGPP4101N1ZA Gomti Tiles 09BEGPP4101N1ZA_298774 State Bank of India SBIN0014800 09BEGPP4101N1ZA Material
274 09BEOPS9748Q2ZX Gomti Tiles 09BEOPS9748Q2ZX_290886 State Bank of India SBIN0014800 09BEOPS9748Q2ZX Material
275 09BFFPJ6428E3ZE M/S Jeetpal 09BFFPJ6428E3ZE_318163 State Bank of India SBIN0000650 09BFFPJ6428E3ZE Material
276 09BFOPA2339Q2ZW M/S BALAJI URJA KENDRA 09BFOPA2339Q2ZW_328062 State Bank of India SBIN0000650 09BFOPA2339Q2ZW Admin
277 09BFZPK9065E2ZN M.V. TRADERS 09759403513_237853 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09BFZPK9065E2ZN Material
278 09BGFPA5376P1ZV M/S UWAIS AGRICULTURE STORE 09BGFPA5376P1ZV_290760 IDBI Bank IBKL0001884 09BGFPA5376P1ZV Material
279 09BGNPA8877P2ZA MS SK Traders 09BGNPA8877P2ZA_293152 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09BGNPA8877P2ZA Material
280 09BGPPV9067G1ZF Vijay Enterprises 09BGPPV9067G1ZF_326672 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BGPPV9067G1ZF Material
281 09BGSPK7727F1ZU Punjab Iron Store 09BGSPK7727F1ZU_295239 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09BGSPK7727F1ZU Material
282 09BHAPM5244E3ZG NEW SULATANI TRADERS 09BHAPM5244E3ZG_298872 Punjab National Bank PUNB0651100 09BHAPM5244E3ZG Material
283 09BHEPY5450Q1ZD Haji Ji Traders 09BHEPY5450Q1ZD_328992 Canara Bank CNRB0018582 09BHEPY5450Q1ZD Material
284 09BHKPK1554K1Z0 R.K Building Material 09BHKPK1554K1Z0_324682 Canara Bank CNRB0018632 09BHKPK1554K1Z0 Material
285 09BIBPM3974R1ZE Mani Brick Field 09BIBPM3974R1ZE_291331 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BIBPM3974R1ZE Material
286 09BIOPA0389P1ZM Nadeem Building Material Store 09BIOPA0389P1ZM_300036 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BIOPA0389P1ZM Material
287 09BJLPK3990E1ZV M/S ASHOK CEMENT STORE 09959305196_243917 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BJLPK3990E1ZV Material
288 09BJPPP6655M1Z5 M.S Rajab Ali Company 09BJPPP6655M1Z5_294449 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09BJPPP6655M1Z5 Material
289 09BJTPA8128C2Z4 MS New Raja Ent Udyog 09BJTPA8128C2Z4_316005 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BJTPA8128C2Z4 Material
290 09BJVPK6894F1ZA Chaddha Cement Store & Building Material Gajraula 09859402551 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021016 09BJVPK6894F1ZA Material
291 09BKEPA7801A1ZS MS Al Zuhaib Construction and supplier 09BKEPA7801A1ZS_325139 Canara Bank CNRB0018580 09BKEPA7801A1ZS Material
292 09BKUPK8530J1ZF MS Nafees Brick Field 09BKUPK8530J1ZF_308525 hdfc HDFC0000809 09BKUPK8530J1ZF Material
293 09BLQPS5953Q1QZ M.S.I.K. Brick Works Alhedadpur 09959304140 09BLQPS5953Q1QZ Material
294 09BLQPS5953Q1ZQ I.K Brick Works 09BLQPS5953Q1ZQ_286725 Canara Bank CNRB0018617 09BLQPS5953Q1ZQ Material
295 09BLTPK9259A2ZK MS R.G Traders 09BLTPK9259A2ZK_284398 09BLTPK9259A2ZK Material
296 09BMEPK7896P1ZW MAHAK NURSERY 09BMEPK7896P1ZW_301134 09BMEPK7896P1ZW Material
297 09BMHPA2399J1ZR Chaudhary Agriculture Store 09BMHPA2399J1ZR_330619 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BMHPA2399J1ZR Material
298 09BMRPB5886R1ZU M/S BABBU KHAN CEMENT STORE 09359403572_270018 09BMRPB5886R1ZU Material
299 09BNCPS8682L2Z1 MS Shri Basu Construction 09BNCPS8682L2Z1_341304 Canara Bank CNRB0018601 09BNCPS8682L2Z1 Material
300 09BNDPA7572E1Z3 MS N.I Enterprises 09BNDPA7572E1Z3_296272 Punjab National Bank PUNB0996300 09BNDPA7572E1Z3 Material
301 09BNEPA8450Q1ZI JS Cement and Steel Product Company 09BNEPA8450Q1ZI_293013 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09BNEPA8450Q1ZI Material
302 09BNFPS7401C1Z3 MS R R Enterprises 09BNFPS7401C1Z3_330234 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BNFPS7401C1Z3 Material
303 09BNXPR2439D1ZG M/S Lajja Ram 09259306736_282292 State Bank of India SBIN0016760 09BNXPR2439D1ZG Material
304 09BONPA2788H1ZL Yash Enterprises 09BONPA2788H1ZL_329908 hdfc HDFC0009630 09BONPA2788H1ZL Admin
305 09BOSPA1455E1Z0 M/S NAZIM SIDDIQUI CEMENT STORE 09159307439_281288 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BOSPA1455E1Z0 Material
306 09BOTPA4147Q1Z7 M/s. SHAAN BRICK FIELD 09559306221_238797 Punjab National Bank PUNB0996300 09BOTPA4147Q1Z7 Material
307 09BOUPM2548L2Z2 M/S Bhagat Ji Ent Udhyog Sujamna 09159405529_282304 Exempted and Approved 09BOUPM2548L2Z2 Material
308 09BOZPC5853B1ZN MS Enterprises 09BOZPC5853B1ZN_337198 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021016 09BOZPC5853B1ZN Material
309 09BPCPJ1763H1ZW JS Traders 09BPCPJ1763H1ZW_330225 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BPCPJ1763H1ZW Material
310 09BQDPK6578F1ZH SHARMA CEMENT STORE 09659305565_243824 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BQDPK6578F1ZH Material
311 09BQIPC9774L1Z3 MS Ayaan Enterprises 09BQIPC9774L1Z3_308785 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09BQIPC9774L1Z3 Material
312 09BQJPK7306M1ZC MS Gama Cement Store 09BQJPK7306M1ZC_286789 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BQJPK7306M1ZC Material
313 09BQTPA7095K2Z1 AS Enterprises 09BQTPA7095K2Z1_316003 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0911828 09BQTPA7095K2Z1 Material
314 09BRCPS6254E2ZK SAXENA BOOK DEPORT TRADERS 09BRCPS6254E2ZK_323474 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282054 09BRCPS6254E2ZK Admin
315 09BRUPK8444A1ZF MS Om Interlocking Tile 09BRUPK8444A1ZF_287279 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BRUPK8444A1ZF Material
316 09BRUPK8444A2ZE MS Sachin Kumar 09BRUPK8444A2ZE_338842 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021504 09BRUPK8444A2ZE Material
317 09BSBPG7232E1Z0 DAYAL ENTERPRISES(BIJNAUR ROAD,AMROHA) 09459302384 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021504 09BSBPG7232E1Z0 Material
318 09BSFPP3373R1ZU S.A.N Brick Works 09BSFPP3373R1ZU_300392 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282054 09BSFPP3373R1ZU Material
319 09BSVPC4906P1ZY Sonit Enterprises 09BSVPC4906P1ZY_309384 Punjab National Bank PUNB0190800 09BSVPC4906P1ZY Material
320 09BTJPA5703P1ZD MS CHAPPNA BRICK WORKS 09959401725_244066 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09BTJPA5703P1ZD Material
321 09BTJPR8033B1ZK M/S AKASH TRADERS 09759405314_279383 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09BTJPR8033B1ZK Material
322 09BTLPA3483N1Z6 Munsaf Traders 09BTLPA3483N1Z6_327009 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09BTLPA3483N1Z6 Material
323 09BTLPG5510J1ZK Mahesh Tiles 09BTLPG5510J1ZK_293280 Canara Bank CNRB0004810 09BTLPG5510J1ZK Material
324 09BVCPR0092P2ZY Malik Interlocking tiles and traders 09BVCPR0092P2ZY_299637 09BVCPR0092P2ZY Material
325 09BWNPK4969E1ZY Sadbhawna nursary 09559403811_245973 09BWNPK4969E1ZY Material
326 09BWOPK2624R1ZQ MS Rahul Kumar Contarctor 09BWOPK2624R1ZQ_319371 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09BWOPK2624R1ZQ Material
327 09BWQPK5299G1ZQ MS Harshal Filling Station 09BWQPK5299G1ZQ_333152 hdfc HDFC0002839 09BWQPK5299G1ZQ Admin
328 09BWVPK3009H1Z7 M/S. SONU CEMENT STORE 09BWVPK3009H1Z7_290754 State Bank of India SBIN0012952 09BWVPK3009H1Z7 Material
329 09BZWPS2301A1ZD MS Sangwan Construction 09BZWPS2301A1ZD_286932 State Bank of India SBIN0002539 09BZWPS2301A1ZD Material
330 09CAJPK8361B1ZM MS Khan Builders 09CAJPK8361B1ZM_286423 State Bank of India SBIN0007691 09CAJPK8361B1ZM Material
331 09CAKPM8969E1ZZ M/S Aman Enterprises 09CAKPM8969E1ZZ_293620 State Bank of India SBIN0012952 09CAKPM8969E1ZZ Material
332 09CBYPS8581D1ZN AMAR CONSTRUCTIONS 09CBYPS8581D1ZN_290753 Punjab National Bank PUNB0597100 09CBYPS8581D1ZN Material
333 09CCMPK6859F1Z0 GREEN FIELD PLANTATION & NURSERY 09CCMPK6859F1Z0_297615 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021016 09CCMPK6859F1Z0 Material
334 09CDEPR9109L1ZX Yadav Cement Store 09CDEPR9109L1ZX_293006 09CDEPR9109L1ZX Material
335 09CDHPP3904Q1ZV MS T.R. Saini Iron Store 09CDHPP3904Q1ZV_287280 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09CDHPP3904Q1ZV Material
336 09CDNPR8163H1ZT MS Ratanpal Cement Store 09CDNPR8163H1ZT_285087 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CDNPR8163H1ZT Material
337 09CDPPA1924D1ZT MS Ashik Ali Welding Works 09CDPPA1924D1ZT_308864 Axis Bank UTIB0001157 09CDPPA1924D1ZT Material
338 09CDRPS7873M2Z5 Narendra Singh Contractor 09959306384_282209 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CDRPS7873M2Z5 Material
339 09CDWPS2582N1ZB M/S Saini Building Material 09CDWPS2582N1ZB_293194 09CDWPS2582N1ZB Material
340 09CEDPS0446F1ZI MS Saini Iron Store 09CEDPS0446F1ZI_301818 09CEDPS0446F1ZI Material
341 09CEKPK0173A1ZT Arya Traders 09CEKPK0173A1ZT_305274 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CEKPK0173A1ZT Material
342 09CELPD3938P1ZT Shri Hari Baba Shyam Enterprises 09CELPD3938P1ZT_326574 Axis Bank UTIB0004662 09CELPD3938P1ZT Material
343 09CFMPS2939M1ZI MS Sunder traders 09CFMPS2939M1ZI_299799 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09CFMPS2939M1ZI Material
344 09CFXPK4792P1Z2 MS Pal Khad Bhandar 09CFXPK4792P1Z2_291038 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09CFXPK4792P1Z2 Material
345 09CGUPC6779G1ZN Ankur Cement Interlocking 09CGUPC6779G1ZN_329623 Bank of India BKID0007843 09CGUPC6779G1ZN Material
346 09CHKPS7134N1ZH MS kissan Sales corporation kanth road 09460603975 State Bank of India SBIN0014800 09CHKPS7134N1ZH Material
347 09CHYPM4205J1ZR M/S MONU INT UDYOG 09CHYPM4205J1ZR_286338 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09CHYPM4205J1ZR Material
348 09CISPA9001M2ZV Mohd Suhail Contractor and Supplier 09CISPA9001M2ZV_325757 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CISPA9001M2ZV Material
349 09CJEPS4514G1Z3 MS Chauhan Traders 09CJEPS4514G1Z3_285085 09CJEPS4514G1Z3 Material
350 09CJFPA9386M1ZJ JS Enterprises 09CJFPA9386M1ZJ_290677 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09CJFPA9386M1ZJ Material
351 09CJSPD9736R1ZZ SADHBHAVNA KISAN SEVA KENDRA 09CJSPD9736R1ZZ_322573 Punjab National Bank PUNB0780700 09CJSPD9736R1ZZ Admin
352 09CKHPS4644B2ZO Satveer Singh 09759402556_283747 State Bank of India SBIN0002539 09CKHPS4644B2ZO Material
353 09CKOPS8652N1ZX MS Nonihal Singh Tiles and contractor 09CKOPS8652N1ZX_291036 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09CKOPS8652N1ZX Material
354 09CKRPS3218P1Z6 Deep Traders 09CKRPS3218P1Z6_329185 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CKRPS3218P1Z6 Material
355 09CLCPA3100Q1ZA MS JSR Enterprises 09CLCPA3100Q1ZA_326682 hdfc HDFC0002121 09CLCPA3100Q1ZA Material
356 09CLLPS1651M1ZF M/S SHRI BALAJI TRADERS 09CLLPS1651M1ZF_297619 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09CLLPS1651M1ZF Material
357 09CLVPS6995J1ZM MS Rakhi Photo Studio and General Store 09CLVPS6995J1ZM_287105 09CLVPS6995J1ZM Material
358 09CMBPD0137L1Z9 MS Lata Devi Builders 09CMBPD0137L1Z9_292557 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09CMBPD0137L1Z9 Material
359 09CMLPS4037C1ZW Chaudhary Traders 09CMLPS4037C1ZW_287104 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CMLPS4037C1ZW Material
360 09CMOPC6022Q1ZJ Universal Enterprises 09CMOPC6022Q1ZJ_329830 hdfc HDFC0003159 09CMOPC6022Q1ZJ Material
361 09CNIPP3787N1ZY AMAN BRICK WORKS 09CNIPP3787N1ZY_293292 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09CNIPP3787N1ZY Material
362 09CNQPS4702N1Z6 Modern Lokpriya Nursary 09CNQPS4702N1Z6_297688 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021016 09CNQPS4702N1Z6 Material
364 09COKPD0171H1Z3 MS Kisan Traders 09COKPD0171H1Z3_325764 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09COKPD0171H1Z3 Material
365 09COWPR8221L1ZX KAMLA TILES LAGHU UDYOG 09COWPR8221L1ZX_299658 09COWPR8221L1ZX Material
366 09CPVPK7087M1ZN M/S Harish Building Material Dhawarsi 09CPVPK7087M1ZN_293498 Punjab National Bank PUNB0780700 09CPVPK7087M1ZN Material
367 09CPYPA9437C1ZH Akshra Enterprises 09CPYPA9437C1ZH_319157 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CPYPA9437C1ZH Material
368 09CQOPB6600H1ZV BANGA ENTERPRISES 09CQOPB6600H1ZV_341534 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021016 09CQOPB6600H1ZV Material
369 09CQQPM6408L1Z3 Sanjog Enterprises 09CQQPM6408L1Z3_291333 09CQQPM6408L1Z3 Material
370 09CQXPD6283M1ZU SHISHODIYA TILES 09659308851_278110 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CQXPD6283M1ZU Material
371 09CQXPS1453E1ZA M/S SAINI CEMENT STORE ADAMPUR 09CQXPS1453E1ZA_292644 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09CQXPS1453E1ZA Material
372 09CRBPM9475P1ZR KISHAN BRICK WORKS 09CRBPM9475P1ZR_299880 09CRBPM9475P1ZR Material
373 09CRRRR1524G2ZE Aaradhya Trading Company 09CRRRR1524G2ZE_292768 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09CRRRR1524G2ZE Material
374 09CSAPR9816B1ZL Krishna Cement Store 09CSAPR9816B1ZL_335788 hdfc HDFC0003191 09CSAPR9816B1ZL Material
375 09CSGPK6729N1ZZ AGARWAL BUILDING MATERIAL STORE 09CSGPK6729N1ZZ_318350 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09CSGPK6729N1ZZ Material
376 09CSLPA6549K1Z8 Super Aone Tiles 09CSLPA6549K1Z8_341068 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09CSLPA6549K1Z8 Material
377 09CSSPK7712F1ZB Vishal Traders 09CSSPK7712F1ZB_290737 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09CSSPK7712F1ZB Material
378 09CSTPS1794Q1Z9 ABHAY CEMENT STORE 09CSTPS1794Q1Z9_298085 09CSTPS1794Q1Z9 Material
379 09CSUPR7121K1ZW Shiv Shakti Building Material 09CSUPR7121K1ZW_319344 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CSUPR7121K1ZW Material
380 09CWKPD9953P1ZI Chaudhary Enterprises 09CWKPD9953P1ZI_300641 09CWKPD9953P1ZI Material
381 09CWLPK9757P1Z8 Shree Hari Traders 09CWLPK9757P1Z8_291383 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09CWLPK9757P1Z8 Material
382 09CWSPA3714P1ZY ZIYA TRADERS 09CWSPA3714P1ZY_299159 Punjab National Bank PUNB0651100 09CWSPA3714P1ZY Material
383 09CXRPS4364R2Z2 SAXENA GENERAL ORDER SUPPLIERS 09CXRPS4364R2Z2_325303 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJAMRO 09CXRPS4364R2Z2 Admin
384 09CYYPK4828C1ZW MS Kissan Brick Field 09CYYPK4828C1ZW_287186 UCO Bank UCBA0003113 09CYYPK4828C1ZW Material
385 09CZLPS3924F1ZY MS Prince Enterprises 09CZLPS3924F1ZY_302812 Bank of India BKID0007270 09CZLPS3924F1ZY Material
386 09CZRPR7225L1ZE Ashirvad Rana Traders 09CZRPR7225L1ZE_327971 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09CZRPR7225L1ZE Material
387 09CZWPK6895E1ZD Chauhan Cement and Agriculture Store 09CZWPK6895E1ZD_287471 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09CZWPK6895E1ZD Material
388 09DAHPS8676C1Z3 Ideal Construction company 09DAHPS8676C1Z3_325394 hdfc HDFC0000809 09DAHPS8676C1Z3 Material
389 09DDTPS9049N1Z5 M/S INDIAN ELECTRICAL WORKS 09DDTPS9049N1Z5_303477 09DDTPS9049N1Z5 Material
390 09DDWPK4623P1ZK S K Traders 09DDWPK4623P1ZK_324734 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJAMRO 09DDWPK4623P1ZK Material
391 09DEEPS3575H1Z0 M/S RAJPOOT BUILDERS 09359405608_281392 hdfc HDFC0002839 09DEEPS3575H1Z0 Material
392 09DEVPK5983J1ZE Chanchal Ent Udyog 09DEVPK5983J1ZE_339170 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09DEVPK5983J1ZE Material
393 09DEZPS9668A1ZF Mukiya ji Traders 09DEZPS9668A1ZF_295205 09DEZPS9668A1ZF Material
394 09DFQPS8969A1ZK M/S SHIV 09459404019_281265 09DFQPS8969A1ZK Material
395 09DHEPS4189C1Z0 Om Sai Building Material 09DHEPS4189C1Z0_302760 Punjab National Bank PUNB0780700 09DHEPS4189C1Z0 Material
396 09DHWPB8599H1ZB Aahad Cement Store 09DHWPB8599H1ZB_302871 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09DHWPB8599H1ZB Material
397 09DIJPK4133G1Z8 M/S SHAGUN CEMENT STORE 09DIJPK4133G1Z8_292861 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09DIJPK4133G1Z8 Material
398 09DJUPS8973N1ZK Sachin Building Material 09DJUPS8973N1ZK_334599 State Bank of India SBIN0008350 09DJUPS8973N1ZK Material
399 09DMCPK4580A1Z8 MS PC Construction 09DMCPK4580A1Z8_302342 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09DMCPK4580A1Z8 Material
400 09DPJPK5814R1Z1 Sardar Singh Construction 09DPJPK5814R1Z1_331977 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021504 09DPJPK5814R1Z1 Material
401 09DPKPK4741C1ZV M/S NISKARSH BUILDING METERIAL 09DPKPK4741C1ZV_301135 Punjab National Bank PUNB0002100 09DPKPK4741C1ZV Material
402 09DPRPS4934E1Z9 MS Manpreet Traders 09DPRPS4934E1Z9_308005 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09DPRPS4934E1Z9 Material
403 09DQYPK3196J1TZ Wrong vendor 09DQYPK3196J1ZT_330041 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09DQYPK3196J1TZ Admin
404 09DQYPK3196J1ZT MS Rohit Traders 09DQYPK3196J1ZT_330214 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09DQYPK3196J1ZT Material
405 09DRJPS0623C1ZV M/S A S CONSTRUCTION 09DRJPS0623C1ZV_301973 09DRJPS0623C1ZV Material
406 09DUBPK8658E1ZA MS Ganga Ram Construction Company 09DUBPK8658E1ZA_286717 State Bank of India SBIN0018987 09DUBPK8658E1ZA Material
407 09DUHPR8496F1ZR Siddhu Enterprises 09DUHPR8496F1ZR_337197 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09DUHPR8496F1ZR Material
408 09DUQPR5641D1Z5 Jivika Enterprises 09DUQPR5641D1Z5_300379 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09DUQPR5641D1Z5 Material
409 09DUYPS9916Q1ZV Chaudhary Traders 09DUYPS9916Q1ZV_341308 hdfc HDFC0000809 09DUYPS9916Q1ZV Material
410 09DZBPP6618A1ZF Budh SHG 09DZBPP6618A1ZF_318753 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09DZBPP6618A1ZF Material
411 09DZQPK8354D1ZU KULDEEP CEMENT STORE 09559308116_281749 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09DZQPK8354D1ZU Material
412 09EABPS9678P1ZD MS Rajpoot Khad Bhandar 09EABPS9678P1ZD_300704 09EABPS9678P1ZD Material
413 09EARPS0248P1ZP Chaudhary Traders 09EARPS0248P1ZP_285064 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09EARPS0248P1ZP Material
414 09EAXPM5491N1ZE M/S. HANZLA PASHA CONTRACTOR 09EAXPM5491N1ZE_309790 Bank of Baroda BARB0JOYAJY 09EAXPM5491N1ZE Material
415 09EAYPS0757N1ZG Shiv and Rishabh Tiles Bricks 09EAYPS0757N1ZG_292765 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09EAYPS0757N1ZG Material
416 09EBFPD0443G1Z0 Prince Traders 09EBFPD0443G1Z0_327420 hdfc HDFC0002121 09EBFPD0443G1Z0 Material
417 09EBTPK3294J1ZT MS Ravindra Kumar Interlocking 09EBTPK3294J1ZT_326954 hdfc HDFC0003191 09EBTPK3294J1ZT Material
418 09ECRPS7444R1Z5 Fauji Traders 09ECRPS7444R1Z5_316004 State Bank of India SBIN0016760 09ECRPS7444R1Z5 Material
419 09EDCPS2172A1ZQ MS Malik Traders 09EDCPS2172A1ZQ_284379 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09EDCPS2172A1ZQ Material
420 09EFTPK4157Q1ZB M/S AWANA TRADERS 09EFTPK4157Q1ZB_298874 09EFTPK4157Q1ZB Material
421 09EGDPS4732L1ZU JAI SHIV CEMENT STORE 09159307901_279687 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09EGDPS4732L1ZU Material
422 09EGNPK1308E2ZG MS Saksham Enterprises 09EGNPK1308E2ZG_336157 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09EGNPK1308E2ZG Material
423 09EHGPP1569C2Z5 Shri Basu Tiles 09EHGPP1569C2Z5_333320 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09EHGPP1569C2Z5 Material
424 09EHTPB4342C1ZE Shree Shyam Enterprises 09EHTPB4342C1ZE_320133 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09EHTPB4342C1ZE Material
425 09EHZPD5605N1ZJ Rudra Cement 09EHZPD5605N1ZJ_298825 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09EHZPD5605N1ZJ Material
426 09EIAPS4808E1Z6 ABS Media 09EIAPS4808E1Z6_335526 State Bank of India SBIN0011825 09EIAPS4808E1Z6 Material
427 09EJFPS9075D1ZO Ganga Enterprises 09EJFPS9075D1ZO_339353 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09EJFPS9075D1ZO Material
428 09EJKPS9644P1ZV M/s Pratap Traders 09359403388_240828 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09EJKPS9644P1ZV Material
429 09EJVPK9382M1ZV Abhishek Ent Udhyog 09EJVPK9382M1ZV_309352 Canara Bank CNRB0018618 09EJVPK9382M1ZV Material
430 09EKJPS9978E1Z4 M/S BHARAT ENTERPRISES 09EKJPS9978E1Z4_301124 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09EKJPS9978E1Z4 Material
431 09EKKPS2526H1ZR M/S PAPPY CEMENT STORE 09859403404_258891 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09EKKPS2526H1ZR Material
432 09ELDPS1384D1ZY Sharma Cement & Iron Store Shivala kalan 09862603603_256308 Punjab National Bank PUNB0745700 09ELDPS1384D1ZY Material
433 09ELMPS3827L1Z8 WS Plant Word 09ELMPS3827L1Z8_301262 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09ELMPS3827L1Z8 Material
434 09ELOPP2592F1ZI A.K.TRAVELS 09ELOPP2592F1ZI_324743 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09ELOPP2592F1ZI Admin
435 09ELUPS4809C1ZJ M/S DR. KHEMPAL SINGH CEMENT STORE ADAMPUR 09359403421_261700 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09ELUPS4809C1ZJ Material
436 09EMFPS3406H1ZV JEETU CEMENT STORE 09EMFPS3406H1ZV_309792 09EMFPS3406H1ZV Material
437 09EOCPS1222G1Z2 MS Shakil 09EOCPS1222G1Z2_292560 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0559083 09EOCPS1222G1Z2 Material
438 09EOMPS9313N1ZX MAHA LAXMI TRADERS 09EOMPS9313N1ZX_298086 Axis Bank UTIB0001470 09EOMPS9313N1ZX Material
439 09EPJPK4227R1Z3 Rakesh Cement Store 09EPJPK4227R1Z3_319370 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09EPJPK4227R1Z3 Material
440 09EQWPK6369E1Z0 MS Kumar Traders 09EQWPK6369E1Z0_319122 Indian Overseas Bank IOBA0002980 09EQWPK6369E1Z0 Material
441 09ESNPR5283K1ZQ MS R S Tiles 09ESNPR5283K1ZQ_339169 hdfc HDFC0003191 09ESNPR5283K1ZQ Material
442 09EUDPS9816M1ZO R.K FILLING STATION 09EUDPS9816M1ZO_328725 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09EUDPS9816M1ZO Admin
443 09EVEPS7961B1Z6 M/S. GAJENDRA TRADERS 09EVEPS7961B1Z6_287181 Bank of Baroda BARB0JOYAJY 09EVEPS7961B1Z6 Material
444 09EXEPK9601Q1ZQ MS Bhavya Enterprises 09EXEPK9601Q1ZQ_338706 Canara Bank CNRB0018826 09EXEPK9601Q1ZQ Material
445 09EYLPS3481Q1Z7 MS Manveer Traders 09EYLPS3481Q1Z7_284457 Canara Bank CNRB0018666 09EYLPS3481Q1Z7 Material
446 09EZRPD2973K1ZL Pawan Devi Enterprises 09EZRPD2973K1ZL_299078 09EZRPD2973K1ZL Material
447 09FABPK2175Q1Z4 A.K. Traders 09FABPK2175Q1Z4_298742 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09FABPK2175Q1Z4 Material
448 09FAIPS7853G1ZZ Tyagi Cement Store 09FAIPS7853G1ZZ_292632 09FAIPS7853G1ZZ Material
449 09FAMPS3925K1ZX MS Pritam Singh Travelling Agency and Contractor 09FAMPS3925K1ZX_333058 Canara Bank CNRB0018589 09FAMPS3925K1ZX Admin
450 09FAVPD3864B1ZG Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar SHG 09FAVPD3864B1ZG_325058 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09FAVPD3864B1ZG Material
451 09FBRPS4810K1ZW MS Green Valley Associates 09FBRPS4810K1ZW_320129 Canara Bank CNRB0003443 09FBRPS4810K1ZW Material
452 09FCAPD4734B1Z2 Ms Maa Vaishno Enterprises 09FCAPD4734B1Z2_309349 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021016 09FCAPD4734B1Z2 Material
453 09FGJPK9222A1ZF Shri Ram Traders 09FGJPK9222A1ZF_299638 State Bank of India SBIN0018987 09FGJPK9222A1ZF Material
454 09FHUPS8368RIZI Vikrant Construction 09FHUPS8668RiZ1_315411 Indian Bank IDIB000G515 09FHUPS8368RIZI Material
455 09FPIPK5074N1Z4 VINESH KHATANA 09FPIPK5074N1Z4_299654 09FPIPK5074N1Z4 Material
456 09FQXPK4795J1ZL MS Harsh Enterprises 09FQXPK4795J1ZL_310134 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09FQXPK4795J1ZL Material
457 09FREPS2605R1Z1 M/S DEVRAJ BUILDNG MATERIAL STORE 09FREPS2605R1Z1_293388 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09FREPS2605R1Z1 Material
458 09FRNPS4653G1Z3 CHAUDHARY INT UDHYOG 09259400296_260787 09FRNPS4653G1Z3 Material
459 09FSWPS0642K1ZU MS Umesh Cement and Iron Store 09FSWPS0642K1ZU_327620 Canara Bank CNRB0019431 09FSWPS0642K1ZU Material
460 09FTUPP2035J1Z0 Bhole Baba SHG 09FTUPP2035J1Z0_326326 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09FTUPP2035J1Z0 Material
461 09FTVPK0837G1Z5 Naresh Cement Store 09FTVPK0837G1Z5_326936 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09FTVPK0837G1Z5 Material
462 09FWNPS3889F1ZJ MS Amroha Electric Works 09FWNPS3889F1ZJ_338371 Central Bank Of India CBIN0282054 09FWNPS3889F1ZJ Admin
463 09FXNPS7041L1ZK Raj Cement and Tiles Udhyog 09FXNPS7041L1ZK_292693 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09FXNPS7041L1ZK Material
464 09FXNPS9339M2Z4 MS Shree durga Traders 09FXNPS9339M2Z4_318802 State Bank of India SBIN0061188 09FXNPS9339M2Z4 Material
465 09FYIPK1598G1ZW Chaudhary Cement Store 09FYIPK1598G1ZW_329310 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09FYIPK1598G1ZW Material
466 09FZKPK3351Q1ZK Garden Art Farm and Nursary 09FZKPK3351Q1Zk_295723 09FZKPK3351Q1ZK Material
467 09FZMPK7727J1ZK Pitamber Brick Works 09FZMPK7727J1ZK_302901 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09FZMPK7727J1ZK Material
468 09FZXPS3037L1ZA KUSUM TILES LAGHU UDYOG 09FZXPS3037L1ZA_299565 09FZXPS3037L1ZA Material
469 09FZXPS5234P1ZZ M/S RAJ ENTERPRISES 09459404420_265826 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09FZXPS5234P1ZZ Material
470 09GACPS2430A1Z1 Shri Ram Traders 09GACPS2430A1Z1_287100 hdfc HDFC0002839 09GACPS2430A1Z1 Material
471 09GCRPS3777M1Z9 M/S SAINI ENTERPRISES 09GCRPS3777M1Z9_298739 Punjab National Bank PUNB0002100 09GCRPS3777M1Z9 Material
472 09GDYPS0892F1ZL V K TRADERS 09GDYPS0892F1ZL_299445 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09GDYPS0892F1ZL Material
473 09GFMPS0428R1ZG Dhariwal Traders 09GFMPS0428R1ZG_330053 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021504 09GFMPS0428R1ZG Material
474 09GGYPK2663F1ZQ Malik Contractors and Suppliers 09GGYPK2663F1ZQ_337663 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177500 09GGYPK2663F1ZQ Material
475 09GINPK9023A1Z6 Mohar Singh Cement Store 09GINPK9023A1Z6_330890 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09GINPK9023A1Z6 Material
476 09GJXPS7584H1ZU Mahendra Traders 09GJXPS7584H1ZU_336735 Axis Bank UTIB0001804 09GJXPS7584H1ZU Material
477 09GMAPS9470J1Z9 MS Saini Cement Store 09GMAPS9470J1Z9_286720 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09GMAPS9470J1Z9 Material
478 09GMFPK6971P1Z0 MS Anuj Traders 09GMFPK6971P1Z0_296244 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09GMFPK6971P1Z0 Material
479 09GMQPS9512B1ZJ Pradhan Cement Store 09GMQPS9512B1ZJ_299563 09GMQPS9512B1ZJ Material
480 09GOCPS2417R2Z5 Thakur Enterprises 09GOCPS2417R2Z5_327622 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021016 09GOCPS2417R2Z5 Material
481 09GQSPS0316B1ZP MS Saini Cement Store 09GQSPS0316B1ZP_330613 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09GQSPS0316B1ZP Material
482 09GRIPK1099A1ZP Saini Cement Agency 09GRIPK1099A1ZP_325032 Canara Bank CNRB0018959 09GRIPK1099A1ZP Material
483 09GSPPS6034B1ZD MS Kharak Singh Agriculture and cement 09GSPPS6034B1ZD_301553 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09GSPPS6034B1ZD Material
484 09GXGPK6123P1ZT MS Moni Traders 09GXGPK6123P1ZT_328925 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09GXGPK6123P1ZT Material
485 09GYBPS3946A1ZA Sudhir Kumar Rana Cement Store 09GYBPS3946A1ZA_291154 09GYBPS3946A1ZA Material
486 09HAYPS1255J1ZQ Chaudhary Enterprises 09HAYPS1255J1ZQ_315798 hdfc HDFC0003164 09HAYPS1255J1ZQ Material
487 09HCKPS5014K1Z1 MS Mangat Traders 09HCKPS5014K1Z1_327007 IDBI Bank IBKL0001002 09HCKPS5014K1Z1 Material
488 09HCMPD8997Q1Z4 Global Enterprises 09HCMPD8997Q1Z4_325647 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09HCMPD8997Q1Z4 Material
489 09HHDPS9582L1Z7 Pappu Builders 09HHDPS9582L1Z7_285171 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681400 09HHDPS9582L1Z7 Material
490 09HIQPS7514L1Z7 SHIV NURSERY 09HIQPS7514L1Z7_297620 09HIQPS7514L1Z7 Material
491 09HKRPS6633H1Z9 Janta Traders 09HKRPS6633H1Z9_339871 State Bank of India SBIN0061188 09HKRPS6633H1Z9 Material
492 09HKVPK4895P1ZK Kumar Developers 09HKVPK4895P1ZK_330463 hdfc HDFC0002121 09HKVPK4895P1ZK Material
493 09HKZPS3087R1ZE Chaudhary Trading Company 09HKZPS3087R1ZE_291051 Indian Bank IDIB000A620 09HKZPS3087R1ZE Material
494 09HOVPS4464E1Z2 Sanjog Enterprises 09HOVPS4464E1Z2_298738 Bank of Baroda BARB0VJAMRO 09HOVPS4464E1Z2 Material
495 09HQCPS8918A1ZI Indian Traders 09HQCPS8918A1ZI_292980 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09HQCPS8918A1ZI Material
496 09HQZPK9241K1ZO Shiv Enterprises 09HQZPK9241K1ZO_326631 State Bank of India SBIN0010876 09HQZPK9241K1ZO Material
497 09HTXPS2685N1Z4 Saraswat Enterprises 09HTXPS2685N1Z4_325395 hdfc HDFC0003164 09HTXPS2685N1Z4 Material
498 09HWLPS3928B1Z3 M/S Neha 09HWLPS3928B1Z3_300661 Canara Bank CNRB0002172 09HWLPS3928B1Z3 Material
499 09HXMPS1316H1Z2 MS New Gangwar Paudhshala 09HXMPS1316H1Z2_299834 State Bank of India SBIN0003202 09HXMPS1316H1Z2 Material
500 09HZCPS1308K1Z1 MS Manu Traders 09HZCPS1308K1Z1_330054 Punjab National Bank PUNB0681500 09HZCPS1308K1Z1 Material
501 09IABPS6529H1Z6 Dev Enterprises 09IABPS6529H1Z6_328926 Punjab National Bank PUNB0662500 09IABPS6529H1Z6 Material
502 09IEOPS8153G1ZN Mulchand Singh Contractor 09IEOPS8153G1ZN_333045 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09IEOPS8153G1ZN Material
503 09ILVPS7379G1ZR M/S SAI INT UDYOG 09ILVPS7379G1ZR_293294 09ILVPS7379G1ZR Material
504 09IMUPS8114K1ZY MS Harjendra Cement Store 09IMUPS8114K1ZY_292535 09IMUPS8114K1ZY Material
505 09IWLPS0779F1ZR Sheetal Building Material 09IWLPS0779F1ZR_296452 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0557587 09IWLPS0779F1ZR Material
506 09IZNPS0420J1ZW BHARAT WORKS 09IZNPS0420J1ZW_290762 State Bank of India SBIN0007413 09IZNPS0420J1ZW Material
507 09JESPS8623N1Z4 Jay Mata Enterprises 09JESPS8623N1Z4_340060 Punjab National Bank PUNB0662500 09JESPS8623N1Z4 Material
508 09JNGPK8799N1ZK B N Construction 09JNGPK8799N1ZK_330651 Punjab National Bank PUNB0177500 09JNGPK8799N1ZK Material
509 09JNGPK8799ZKN1 Wrong vendor 09JNGPK8799N1ZK_330649 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09JNGPK8799ZKN1 Admin
510 09KMUPS7440Q1ZH Tirupati Traders 09KMUPS7440Q1ZH_329912 Axis Bank UTIB0001157 09KMUPS7440Q1ZH Admin
511 09KNAPK4261G1ZV Sanjay Cement Store 09KNAPK4261G1ZV_327660 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09KNAPK4261G1ZV Material
512 09KSPPS2940E1Z4 Chahal Traders 09KSPPS2940E1Z4_330624 hdfc HDFC0003159 09KSPPS2940E1Z4 Material
513 09LHPPK9149D1ZL Nitin Traders 09LHPPK9149D1ZL_329903 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09LHPPK9149D1ZL Material
514 09LLDPS9475A1ZH Akansha Traders 09LLDPS9475A1ZH_335461 Canara Bank CNRB0018582 09LLDPS9475A1ZH Material
515 09LTDPS6958J1ZK MS Chahal Enterprises 09LTDPS6958J1ZK_331404 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0567051 09LTDPS6958J1ZK Material
516 09LZUPS7263K2ZW Baba Contractor 09LZUPS7263K2ZW_340456 Axis Bank UTIB0004662 09LZUPS7263K2ZW Material
517 09MPJPS6894A1Z1 Laxmi Enterprises 09MPJPS6894A1Z1_336617 Canara Bank CNRB0018584 09MPJPS6894A1Z1 Material
518 09NIKPS7900A1ZW Shree Balaji Trading Company 09NIKPS7900A1ZW_320564 Prathama UP Gramin Bank PUNB0SUPGB5 09NIKPS7900A1ZW Material
519 09NPDPS1922E1ZN Mahatma Gandhi SHG 09NPDPS1922E1ZN_328518 Canara Bank CNRB0018600 09NPDPS1922E1ZN Material
520 09OBFPS7470N1ZF Kirat Construction 09OBFPS7470N1ZF_338849 Canara Bank CNRB0018666 09OBFPS7470N1ZF Material

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