Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 22-Apr-2024 03:13:23 PM 
Vendor Information
S No. Tin No. Vendor Name Vendor ID Bank Name IFSC Code Is Exempt GST No. Type of Vendor
1 UP/79/389/651483 New Adersh Building Materials Supplyers UP/79/389/651483_235977 Bank of Baroda BARB0TRDASA Material
2 AWX1449594 Rohit Kasana Building Material AWX1449594_249552 Bank of India BKID0007115 Material
3 LWR-3256195 MOHAN SINGH S/O PRAMOD KUMAR LWR-3256195_244397 Canara Bank CNRB0002191 Material
4 LWR6004220 Chaudhary Traders LWR6004220_237256 Canara Bank CNRB0002191 Material
5 ZMR1751288 Akash Traders ZMR1751288_237258 Canara Bank CNRB0002191 Material
6 UP/79/388/1203155 Sangam Traders UP/79/388/1203155_236734 hdfc HDFC0000573 Material
7 GKM8750721 Jai Ma Vashnav Builders GKM8750721_258356 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0021082 Material
8 FVX3878246 Sanjeev Kumar FVX3878246_258386 Punjab National Bank PUNB0067400 Material
9 ZMR-0747695 DEEPAK PHOTO STUDIO ZMR-0747695_244410 State Bank of India SBIN0002425 Material
10 09188826849 Vikash Brick Field 09188826849_257725 Bank of India BKID0007201 Material
11 09189203954 Mohd Umar Safik Brick Field 09189203954_254494 Bank of Baroda BARB0PILAKH Material
12 09388818033 Bharat Brick Field 09388818033_255954 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0000862 Material
13 09388825613 Desh Raj Udyog 09388825613_259029 Bank of India BKID0007119 Material
14 09488809848 Akash Brick Field 09488809848_254332 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0000862 Material
15 09489002869 Manu Brick Field 09489002869_261899 Punjab & Sind Bank PSIB0000862 Material
16 09691003084 Gulgar Brick Field 09691003084_254647 Punjab National Bank PUNB0601100 Material
17 09788805943 Mahalakshmi Brick Field 09788805943_249739 Punjab National Bank PUNB0407800 Material
18 09789003495 Dev Bricks Fields 09789003495_246861 ICICI Bank ICIC0006286 Material
19 09988812151 Diya Bhatta Company 09988812151_259028 UNION BANK OF INDIA UBIN0561215 Material
20 09AAACU1871A1ZN UPTRON POWERONICS LIMITED 09AAACU1871A1ZN_314250 hdfc HDFC0004805 09AAACU1871A1ZN Admin

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