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Bharat Nirman Rajeev Gandhi Sewa KendraBack 
Bharat Nirman Rajeev Gandhi Sewa Kendra
State:NAGALAND District:MONBlock:MON
Work Code:2307002004/SK/4 Work Name:Bharat Nirman Rajeev Gandhi Sewa Kendra,T/CHINGNYU
Location:  Panchayat -T/CHINGNYU    Village -T/CHINGNYU     Khata No.-      Plot No.-
Execution Level: Gram Panchayat Executing Agency: Gram Panchayat
Present Status: Not Existing Proposed Status : New Construction
Current Status: Approved Status Date : 01/04/2018
Sanction Detail
Technical Sanction Detail
Sanction No.: DRD/M/ENG- Sanction Date : 06/04/2018
Sanction Amount Rs.(In lakhs): 5.00025 Labour Rs.(In lakhs): 3.00015

Material (Skilled/Semiskilled + Material)Rs.(In lakhs) : (0+0 + 2.0001)   = 2.0001
Area fixed by STATE Govt. (sq.feet): 1425 Total Area to be Under taken for Construction (sq.feet): 3200
Wather construction work is being done within present premises?  :  Y
Whether construction work is being done according to MAP set by State Govt.?  :  Y
Financial Sanction Detail
Sanction No.: DRD/MN/NREGA-1/2018 Sanction Date : 09/04/2018
Sanction Amount Rs.(In lakhs):0
Financial Sanction Amount detail (In Lakhs)
HeadAmount(In Lakhs)
Expenditure Detail
Muster Roll Filled
Muster Roll Expenditure (In Rs.)0
Material Expenditure (In Rs.)0 
Progress Detail
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