Govt. of India
Ministry of Rural Development
Department of Rural Development
The Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act 13-Jul-2024 06:22:00 AM 
R6.24 Monitoring Report for Asset Id (Part-B)

Block : KASTIGARH Panchayat : Kuddhar

S No. Primary Assets Secondary Assets
Asset Id Asset Name Shared with NRSC Work Code Work Name Work Type Shared with NRSC
1 14000017030 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/156707 Constt. of P/path lower Malwa to Upper Malwa Cement Concrete Y
2 14000017038 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/91593 Constt. of P/work Masjid Ground Dhar Mohalla Desilting Y
3 14000017041 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123911 Constt. of P/Path Jangra Upper Lower Cement Concrete Y
4 14000017042 Pond at Phat Y 1409005007/WC/32536 Constt. of Pond at Phat Mohalla Farm Pond Y
5 14000017049 Eidgah ground Y 1409005007/FP/99211 Constt. of Eidgah Kushar Desilting Y
6 14000017054 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123902 Constt. of P/Path NHO Hushyar Singh to Angrez Singh Cement Concrete Y
7 14000017060 Parak Kali Mata Y 1409005007/FP/99219 Constt. of Parak Kali Mata Mandir at Gothla Desilting Y
8 14000017068 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/91561 Constt. of P/work at PS Dhana Desilting Y
9 14000017074 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/116860 Constt. of P/Work Graveyard Upper manwas Desilting Y
10 14000033130 Development of Ground Y 1409005007/LD/44701 Constt. of School Ground Shaleen Development of Waste Land Y
11 14000033134 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123908 Constt. of P/Path Kothi to Pani Cement Concrete Y
12 14000033136 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/144362 Constt. of P/Path Bhata Nalla to Barwa Cement Concrete Y
13 14000033140 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123903 Constt. of P/Path Road to Ram Mandir via Shanker Singh House Cement Concrete Y
14 14000033148 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/156714 Constt. of P/path Main road to Shaleen Cement Concrete Y
15 14000033266 WC Drain rangeela Y 1409005007/WC/26760 Constt. of WC Drain NHO Rangeela Ram to Keel Singh Farm Pond Y
16 14000033269 WC Drain ghal Y 1409005007/WC/26768 Constt. of WC Drain Ghal to Sheikh Mohalla Earthen Gully Plug Y
17 14000033273 water C Drain Y 1409005007/WC/32535 Constt. of WC Drain Jooru Panyal to Budhi Singh House Farm Pond Y
18 14000033275 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123888 Constt. of p/Path Malwa to Middle School Malwa Cement Concrete Y
19 14000033277 WC Drain Phulail Y 1409005007/WC/26764 Constt. of WC Drain Phulail Chand House to Nallah Earthen Gully Plug Y
20 14000033278 irrigation khuls Y 1409005007/IC/34997 Constt. of Khul Mansu Nalla to Manwas Lift Irrigation Y
21 14000033281 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/143334 Constt. of P/Path at Toker NHO Mohd Iqbal Khanji Cement Concrete Y
22 14000033284 Water C Drain Y 1409005007/WC/27058 Constt. of WC Drain NLO Manzoor Ahmed to Ghal Earthen Gully Plug Y
23 14000043781 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123907 Constt. of P/Path Farooq Ahmed to Som Nath Cement Concrete Y
24 14000043784 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123905 Constt. of P/path Barwa to HS Kudhar Cement Concrete Y
25 14000043787 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123913 Constt. of P/path Road to SC Mohalla Shaleen Cement Concrete Y
26 14000043795 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/FP/118049 Constt. of P/Work Baneel Desilting Y
27 14000043801 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123879 Constt. of P/Path Masjid Mohalla to Upper Baneel Cement Concrete Y
28 14000043802 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123910 Constt. of Pacca Path Dhandri to Kolwal Dig Cement Concrete Y
29 14000043804 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/156716 Constt. of P/path Upper Baneel Cement Concrete Y
30 14000043808 Protection work Y 1409005019/FP/116371 Constt. of P/Work L/Leveling at Lower Manwas NLO Khurshid Ahmed and Others Desilting Y
31 14000043812 Protection work Y 1409005019/FP/116375 Constt. of P/Work at Thaneel NLO Bashir Ahmed Mohd Akbar Desilting Y
32 14000151378 Khul Y 1409005007/IC/45913 Constt. of Khul Nair Kot Lift Irrigation Y
33 14000151380 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/91528 Constt. of P/Work at malwa NLO Piyar Chand Desilting Y
34 14000151381 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/116861 Constt. of P/Work kadlal NLO Davinder Kumar Bashir Ahmed Deepening and Repair of Flood Channels Y
35 14000151382 Community Path Y 1409005007/RC/156717 Constt. of C/Path Uttam Chand to Nehair Earthern road Y
36 14000151383 Community Path Y 1409005007/RC/157071 Constt. of C/Path Ghulama House to masjid Earthern road Y
37 14000151384 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/59454 Construction of Protection work Chatter Singh Dug Drainage in Water Logged Areas Y
38 14000151386 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/116690 Constt. of P/Work at Charshal Mohalla NLO Lelhar Singh Desilting Y
39 14000151387 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/116863 Constt. of P/Work land Leveling Matila NLO Ami Chand Pradu Singh Desilting Y
40 14000151388 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/116692 Constt. of P/Work at Kumar Mohalla NHO Mohd Amin Saidullah Desilting Y
41 14000151389 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/118050 Constt. of P/Work Nagniyal Mohalla NLO Romesh Singh Pradeep others Desilting Y
42 14000151391 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123891 Constt. of P/Path Gothla to Kako Ram House Cement Concrete Y
43 14000151392 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123887 Constt. of P/Path Upper Malwa Shadi Lal to Kunj Lal Cement Concrete Y
44 14000151393 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/156705 Constt. of P/path NHO Chet Ram to NHO Ashok Kumar Cement Concrete Y
45 14000151395 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/125878 Constt. of P/Path at Banzal NHO Sunaullah to Bashir Ahmed Cement Concrete Y
46 14000151398 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/156715 Constt. of P/path Jaiypura Mohalla Cement Concrete Y
47 14000154861 Pond Y 1409005007/WC/33893 Constt. of Pond at NLO Mohd Shaban Farm Pond Y
48 14000154866 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/116862 Constt. of P/Work Land Leveling NLO Baldev Singh, Manji Ram and Others Desilting Y
49 14000154872 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/118052 Constt. of P/Work NLO Ved Parkash Mulk Raj Sant Ram Fulail Singh Desilting Y
50 14000154880 Compound wall Y 1409005007/FP/95040 Constt. of Compound wall Graveyard at Dugga Laloor Desilting Y
51 14000154888 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123880 Constt. of P/Path Bewlial to Brandwal Cement Concrete Y
52 14000154890 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123881 Constt. of P/Path Mansoo Lower Cement Concrete Y
53 14000154894 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123883 Constt. of P/Path Kumar Mohalla Cement Concrete Y
54 14000154895 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123884 Constt. of P/Path Bashir House to Jamia Masjid Cement Concrete Y
55 14000154900 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123894 Constt. of P/Path Masjid to Mohd Ayoob Cement Concrete Y
56 14000154908 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123904 Constt. of P/Path Barchin School to Mohalla Barchin Cement Concrete Y
57 14000154911 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123909 Constt. of P/Path Ghoral to Pandit Mohalla Cement Concrete Y
58 14000154915 Pond Y 1409005007/WC/33894 Constt. of Pond at NLO Punjab Singh Farm Pond Y
59 14000159065 Protection work Y 1409005019/FP/116373 Constt. of P/Work at Lower Nagal NLO Abdul latief Ab Rashid Desilting Y
60 14000159066 WC Drain Y 1409005007/WC/35504 Constt. of WC Drain Banjer Goth Gujjar Basti Farm Pond Y
61 14000159067 WC Drain Y 1409005007/WC/33014 Constt. of WC Drain Bhata Nallah to Batnali Farm Pond Y
62 14000159068 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123896 Constt. of P/Path Masjid to Ghulam House Cement Concrete Y
63 14000159069 C path Y 1409005007/RC/123916 Constt. of C/Path Hill to laloor Panchayat Earthern road Y
64 14000159070 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/123917 Constt. of P/Path Mansoo Mohalla Upper Cement Concrete Y
65 14000159071 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/143335 Constt. of P/Path Khanji Mohalla Nerkot Cement Concrete Y
66 14000159072 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/143336 Constt. of P/Path Upper Gothla Shadi Lal to Shisham Lal Cement Concrete Y
67 14000159073 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/143337 Constt. of P/Path Kadlal to Gh Rasool House Cement Concrete Y
68 14000253285 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/124695 Constt. of P/Work HS Kudhar Desilting Y
69 14000253286 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/134170 Constt. of P/Work NLO Adil Ahmed Desilting Y
70 14000253287 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133283 Constt. of Protection work laloor Desilting Y
71 14000253822 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/190320 Constt. of Pacca Path Banjer Ghoat to Noor Din Hajjam Cement Concrete Y
72 14000253828 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/188387 Constt. of Pacca Path Yaseen More to Yaseen House Cement Concrete Y
73 14000253839 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/189220 Constt. of Pacca Path malwa Nala to manzwa Cement Concrete Y
74 14000253840 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/173858 Constt. of P/path Culvert Tantwan Cement Concrete Y
75 14000253842 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/189897 Constt. of Pacca Path NHO Gh Rasool House to Abdul latief Cement Concrete Y
76 14000253845 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/173860 Constt. of P.Path Bhata Nallah to Road Cement Concrete Y
77 14000253846 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/172584 Constt. of P/Path Sheikh Mohalla to Lohar Mohalla Cement Concrete Y
78 14000254427 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/189419 Constt. of Paccca Path NHO Kuldeep Singh to Manhori Lal Zara Cement Concrete Y
79 14000254428 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132302 Constt. of P Work NLO Farooq Ahmed to Fareed Ahmed Desilting Y
80 14000254429 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/125349 Constt. of P/Work Near Shive mandir Laloor Desilting Y
81 14000254431 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/FP/132324 Constt. of Pacca path Toker NLO Mohd Iqbal Khanji Part-B Desilting Y
82 14000254433 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132322 Constt. of P.Work NLO Mipap Chand Dakra Desilting Y
83 14000254434 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132327 Constt. of Protecion work Drumri Kemlyal NLO mushtaq Ahmed Desilting Y
84 14000254436 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132376 Constt. of P. Work Gothla NLO Hari Ram Behari Lal Desilting Y
85 14000254438 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132326 Constt. of Protecion work at Lower Nagal NLO Kuldeep Singh Desilting Y
86 14000254440 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132380 Constt. of P. Work Kadlal NLO Gh Rusal and Mohd Mohd Shaffi Desilting Y
87 14000254442 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132869 Constt. of P Work NLO Shanker Singh Kudhar Desilting Y
88 14000254444 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133115 Constt. of P Work Sunthni Nala NLO Houshyar SIngh Desilting Y
89 14000254446 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133279 Constt. of Protection work at Kundal laloor Desilting Y
90 14000254451 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132795 Constt. of P Work Eidgah Kudhar Desilting Y
91 14000254452 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132492 Constt. of P.Work Land Leveling Nagal Laloor NLO Kabal Singh Desilting Y
92 14000265870 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132491 Constt. of P. Work Trila Laloor Desilting Y
93 14000265871 Parak Y 1409005007/FP/132379 Constt. of Parak at Shive mander Manwas Desilting Y
94 14000265872 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132796 Constt. of P work NLO Tariq Ahmed & Others Desilting Y
95 14000265873 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132870 Constt. of P Work Goria Mohalla NLO Shanker Singh ward No.02 Desilting Y
96 14000265874 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133281 Constt. of Protection work masjid Sharief Usman laloor Desilting Y
97 14000265875 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133278 Constt. of Protection work NLO Gh Hussan Gujjar Laloor Desilting Y
98 14000265876 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133113 Constt. of P Work Near Chinar Kudhar Desilting Y
99 14000265877 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133114 Constt. of P Work Kadlal NLO Koshal Dutt Desilting Y
100 14000265878 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/133514 Constt. of P Work Nlo Ram Krishan Baneel Desilting Y
101 14000265879 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/132319 Constt. of Protection work at Darmari NLO Mohd Shaban Desilting Y
102 14000273106 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/118051 Constt. of P/Work Barwa NLO Prem Nath Fulail Singh Desilting Y
103 14000274314 Protection work Y 1409005007/FP/118802 Constt. of P/Work Charshal NLO Sudershan Lal Desilting Y
104 14000304081 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/101392 Construction of Pcca Path Kandi Dhar to Shafrullah Cement concrete Y
105 14000304116 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/103543 Construction of Pacca Path Zahoor Din House to Mohd Farooq Cement concrete Y
106 14000327721 Work Gujjar Basti Lassi Passy Laloor-I Y 1409005007/FP/132381 Constt. of P. Work Gujjar Basti Lassi Passy Laloor-I Desilting Y
107 14000327722 Work NLO Javeed Ahmed Manwa Y 1409005007/FP/132693 Constt. of P Work NLO Javeed Ahmed Manwas Desilting Y
108 14000327723 Work Droomri NLO Nazir Ahmed Nazim Din others Y 1409005007/FP/132301 Constt. of P. Work Droomri NLO Nazir Ahmed Nazim Din others Desilting Y
109 14000327724 P Work R. Wall MS malwa Y 1409005007/FP/132378 Constt. of P Work R. Wall MS malwa Desilting Y
110 14000327725 Work Upper Baneel NLO Kabal Singh Y 1409005007/FP/132438 Constt. of P/Work Upper Baneel NLO Kabal Singh Desilting Y
111 14000327728 Work Briyali Mohalla Laloor Y 1409005007/FP/132384 Constt. of P. Work Briyali Mohalla Laloor Desilting Y
112 14000327729 Work Jhangra Rahi Mohalla Y 1409005007/FP/133109 Constt. of P Work Jhangra Rahi Mohalla Desilting Y
113 14000327730 Protection work Bhata Mohalla Laloor Y 1409005007/FP/133280 Constt. of Protection work Bhata Mohalla Laloor Desilting Y
114 14000327731 of P Work Nagal Y 1409005007/FP/132303 Constt. of P Work Nagal Desilting Y
115 14000327732 B/Path Thaneel to Dar Mohalla Y 1409005007/RC/172941 Constt. of B/Path Thaneel to Dar Mohalla Cement Concrete Y
116 14000327733 C/Path Brandwal to Gorhal Y 1409005007/RC/172939 Constt. of C/Path Brandwal to Gorhal Cross Drainage Y
117 14000327734 of L. Drain Prail to PP Pos Y 1409005007/RC/173859 Constt. of L. Drain Prail to PP Post Cement Concrete Y
118 14000327735 P.Path Chapra to Shive Mandir Y 1409005007/RC/174619 Constt. of P.Path Chapra to Shive Mandir Cement Concrete Y
119 14000327736 Pacca Path Ab Rashid to Nazir Ahmed Y 1409005007/RC/188320 Constt. of Pacca Path Ab Rashid to Nazir Ahmed Cement Concrete Y
120 14000327737 P. Path Sanullah HO to masjid Sharief Y 1409005007/RC/188385 Constt. of P. Path Sanullah HO to masjid Sharief Cement Concrete Y
121 14000327738 Pacca Path Ab Qayoom to Dakh Y 1409005007/RC/189898 Constt. of Pacca Path Ab Qayoom to Dakh Cement Concrete Y
122 14000327739 Community Path Guthal to kadhlal Y 1409005007/RC/188525 Constt. of Community Path Guthal to kadhlal Cement Concrete Y
123 14000327740 Pacca Path Barwa to HS Kudhar Y 1409005007/RC/190322 Constt. of Pacca Path Barwa to HS Kudhar Cement Concrete Y
124 14000327741 of Pacca Path Som Nath to Road Y 1409005007/RC/190051 Constt. of Pacca Path Som Nath to Road Cement Concrete Y
125 14000327742 Pacca Path malik Pura Upper to main road Y 1409005007/RC/190042 Constt. of Pacca Path malik Pura Upper to main road Cement Concrete Y
126 14000327743 Pacca Path Dal to Dak Y 1409005007/RC/188386 Constt. of Pacca Path Dal to Dak Cement Concrete Y
127 14000327745 Drain at Gothla NLO Hari Ram Y 1409005007/WC/33891 Constt. of WC Drain at Gothla NLO Hari Ram Farm Pond Y
128 14000327748 Passenger Shed at Ram Mandir Y 1409005007/OP/8808478841 Constt. of Passenger Shed at Ram Mandir Maintenance of rural public assets Y
129 14000327750 Passenger Shed at Malwa Y 1409005007/OP/8808478699 Constt. of Passenger Shed at Malwa Infrastructure for Vermi composting Y
130 14000422820 drain Y 1409005007/WC/26761 Constt. of WC Drain Banjer to Bhenk Earthen Gully Plug Y
131 14000422846 drain Y 1409005007/WC/26762 Constt. of WC Drain Lessi to Gramma Earthen Gully Plug Y
132 14000422860 drain Y 1409005007/WC/29340 Constt of WC Drain at Harilag Farm Pond Y
133 14000422872 drain Y 1409005007/WC/32537 Constt. of WC Drain at Krandidhar Farm Pond Y
134 14000422881 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/156713 Constt. of P/path Goral Mohalla Cement Concrete Y
135 14000422888 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/164848 Constt. of P/path from Ram Mandir to Gowali Cement Concrete Y
136 14000422900 school ground Y 1409005007/LD/52879 Constt. of School Ground /P/Work UPS Mateela Development of Waste Land Y
137 14000422906 school ground Y 1409005007/LD/54277 Constt. of School Ground MS laloor Development of Waste Land Y
138 14000422911 park Y 1409005007/LD/56458 Constt. of Parak NHO Som Nath Development of Waste Land Y
139 14000422920 land leveling Y 1409005007/LD/57247 Constt. of Land Leveling at Malik Mohalla NLO Sonaullah Gh Nabi Development of Waste Land Y
140 14000422928 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/57248 Constt. of P/Work Land Leveling at Barchin Mohalla NLO Prabdiyal Development of Waste Land Y
141 14000422930 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/57249 Constt. of Land Leveling at ward No.05 NLO Mohinder Prabdiyal etc. Development of Waste Land Y
142 14000422936 land development Y 1409005007/LD/57250 Constt. of Land Leveling at Kumarala and Bass Mohalla Development of Waste Land Y
143 14000422939 pit Y 1409005007/DP/8979 Constt. of Pit Digging at Jangara NLO Hari Lal S/o Panchi Ram Plantation Y
144 14000422945 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/118206 Constt. of P/Work NLO Tariq Ahmed Desilting Y
145 14000422958 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/118865 Constt. of P/Work Mansoo NLo Satish Singh Wakeel Singh Desilting Y
146 14000422962 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/118866 Constt. of P/Work NHo Biljam Angrez Singh Prem Singh Desilting Y
147 14000422968 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/119960 Constt. of P/Work Land Leveling NLO Rumal Singh Dug Desilting Y
148 14000422977 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/120336 Constt. of P/Work Kushali NLO Alaf Din Gujjar ward No.07 Desilting Y
149 14000423112 khul Y 1409005007/IC/45914 Constt. of Khul Mansoo Nallah to Gorwhal Lift Irrigation Y
150 14000423120 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/121359 Constt. of P/Work Mandir at Laloor Desilting Y
151 14000423125 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/121360 Constt. of P/Work Land Leveling Graveyard Dhankh Desilting Y
152 14000423133 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/91536 Constt. of P/Work L/Leveling Butt Mohalla & Sheikh Mohalla Desilting Y
153 14000423143 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/4310 Constt.of Land Leveling at Dhana Land Leveling Y
154 14000423150 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/4311 Constt. of Land Leveling at Laloor Upper Land Leveling Y
155 14000423157 p/work Y 1409005007/RC/25090 Constt. of B/Path Bramdhar to Laloor Bitumen Top Y
156 14000423160 drain Y 1409005007/WC/4577 Constt. of W/C Drain Nerkot Diversion Drain Y
157 14000423165 land development Y 1409005007/LD/6854 Constt. of L/Leveling Manwas Land Leveling Y
158 14000423174 land development Y 1409005007/LD/6860 Constt. of L.Leveling at Gohral Land Leveling Y
159 14000423182 land development Y 1409005007/LD/7226 Constt. of Individual L/Leveling at Kurdhar Land Leveling Y
160 14000423193 drain Y 1409005007/WC/5293 Constt. of W/C Drain Khulal Sashi Diversion Drain Y
161 14000423199 drain Y 1409005007/WC/5305 Constt. of W.C.Drain Balyal to Dhlal Feeder Channel Y
162 14000423223 p/work Y 1409005007/WC/5439 Constt. of Pond at Kumhar Mohalla Farm Pond Y
163 14000423286 pond Y 1409005007/WC/5440 Constt. of Pond Bural Hill Farm Pond Y
164 14000423292 pond Y 1409005007/WC/5441 Constt. of Pond at Barchan Farm Pond Y
165 14000423301 pond Y 1409005007/WC/6070 Constt. of Pond at Marwall Farm Pond Y
166 14000423312 khul Y 1409005007/WC/6077 Constt. of Khul Mansoo Nalla to Mutlia Earthen Bunding Y
167 14000423316 pond Y 1409005007/WC/6614 Constt. of Pond at Goral Farm Pond Y
168 14000423323 drain Y 1409005007/WC/6618 Constt. of WCD Kumar Mohalla Diversion Drain Y
169 14000423333 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/25439 Constt. of B/Path Narkot to Baneel Earthern road Y
170 14000423345 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/25440 Constt. of B/path nagall to Malwa Earthern road Y
171 14000423350 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/25441 Constt. of B/Path Soma to Khool Earthern road Y
172 14000423354 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/25492 Constt. of Foot Path Dar Mohalla to Kumar Mohalla Sand Moram Y
173 14000423357 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/25494 Constt. of B/Path Lohar Mohalla to Masjid jamia Earthern road Y
174 14000423368 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/25497 Constt. of C/Path Bridge Malwa to Kadlal Metal First coat Y
175 14000423373 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/25498 Constt. of B/Path Dar Mohalla to Suma Banal Earthern road Y
176 14000423380 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/25877 Constt. of C/Path Kurddhar to Jhangra Earthern road Y
177 14000423395 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/25884 C/Path Malik Mohalla to Kurddhar Earthern road Y
178 14000423402 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/25886 Constt. of B/path Samasghat to Laloor Metal Second coat Y
179 14000423409 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/25892 Constt. of B/Path Manwas to Jangra Way Thaneel Earthern road Y
180 14000423411 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/25913 Constt. of C/Path Krandi Dhar to Laloor Earthern road Y
181 14000423416 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/27968 Constt. of B/Path Gantal to Tali Cement concrete Y
182 14000423422 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/27975 Constt. of B/Path Goral to Bhrehan Metal Second coat Y
183 14000423426 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/28045 Constt. of B/Path Marwal to Dhana Metal Second coat Y
184 14000423431 land development Y 1409005007/LD/4426 Constt. of Dev. of Land Leveling Laloor Land Leveling Y
185 14000423435 development ground Y 1409005007/LD/4434 Constt. of Develpoment Ground Dragri Benriyal Stone Terracing Y
186 14000423441 khul Y 1409005007/FP/14923 Constt. of Khul Gagla to Kadlal Strengthening of Embankment Y
187 14000423449 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/14892 Constt. of Nallah Bunding at Dhana Cross Bund Y
188 14000423452 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/15539 Constt. of P/Work Childreen Graveyard Strengthening of Embankment Y
189 14000423459 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/16269 Constt. of Khool Samthi Nallah to Chaba Strengthening of Embankment Y
190 14000423466 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/13664 Constt. of Khool Mansoo Nalla to Gorahal Strengthening of Embankment Y
191 14000423474 development ground Y 1409005007/FP/13681 Constt. of Development of Ramleela Ground Charchal Strengthening of Embankment Y
192 14000423478 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/13682 Constt. of W.C.D at Thanail to Manwas Strengthening of Embankment Y
193 14000423490 khul Y 1409005007/IC/1443 Constt. of Khul Mansoo Nalla to Mithila Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
194 14000423494 Khul Y 1409005007/IC/1504 Constt. of Khul Sunthni to Chabla Dar Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
195 14000423498 Khul Y 1409005007/IC/1507 Constt. of Khul Sunthni Nallah to Chabdar Lift Irrigation Y
196 14000423507 P/Work Y 1409005007/LD/10552 Constt. of P/Work Shiv Mandir Laloor Land Leveling Y
197 14000423513 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/10586 Constt. of P/Work Masjid Sharief Laloor Stone Bund Y
198 14000423520 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/11883 Constt. of P/Work Graveyard Nerkot Earthen Gully Plugging
199 14000423530 ground Y 1409005007/LD/13437 Constt. of Ground Near Mandir Shaleen Land Leveling Y
200 14000423538 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/14127 Constt. of P/Work L/No. of Benificries ward No.7. Earthen Gully Plugging
201 14000423547 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/14440 Constt. of P/Work 4 No. Beneficries ward No.6 Earthen Bunding Y
202 14000423551 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/14441 Constt. of P/Work 4 No. Beneficries Ward No.8 Earthen Bunding Y
203 14000423783 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/14720 Constt. of P/Work No. Beneficries Ward No.1 Stone Bund Y
204 14000423785 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/14721 Constt. of P/Work Harilag to NHO Amar Chand Land Leveling Y
205 14000423788 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/14728 Constt. of P/Work 4 No. of Beneficries Ward No.3 Boulder removal Y
206 14000423791 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/15507 Constt. of P/Work 5 No. Beneficries ward No.2 Earthen Gully Plugging
207 14000423793 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/15536 Constt. of P/Work Graveyard Dhana ward No.7 Earthen Bunding Y
208 14000423800 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/15650 Constt. of P/Work 4 No. of Beneficries ward No.5 Earthen Gully Plugging
209 14000423803 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/19004 Constt. of W/C Drain Dug Mohalla Ward No.4 Diversion weir Y
210 14000423805 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/25501 Constt. of P/Work kudhar ward No. 4 Desilting Y
211 14000423807 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/25506 Constt. of P/Work at Foundyal Desilting Y
212 14000423809 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/26462 Constt. of P/Work Graveyard Karandidar Shafrila Desilting Y
213 14000423810 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/26466 Constt. of P/Work 4 No. Benificries ward No.4 Strengthening of Embankment Y
214 14000423812 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/30514 Constt. of P/Work Graveyard Baneel Ward No.1 Desilting Y
215 14000423814 school ground Y 1409005007/LD/8868 Constt. of School Ground Mathyala Land Leveling Y
216 14000423816 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/8889 Constt. of L/levling sadra Bag Earthen Gully Plugging
217 14000423818 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/9087 Constt.of P/Work Kadlal Banzel Gothla Earthen Bunding Y
218 14000423820 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/9299 Constt. of P/Work Charshal Dhadla Land Leveling Y
219 14000423823 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/36349 Constt. Of B/Path M/School Malwa to Manwas Earthern road Y
220 14000423826 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/36350 Constt. of Foot Path Jama Masjid to Zahoor Din House Ward No. 3 Earthern road Y
221 14000423829 p/work Y 1409005007/RC/36351 Constt. of P/Path Papoey to Jamma Masjid Ward No. Cement concrete Y
222 14000423831 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/36353 Constt. of B/Path Bharchin to Mollan Earthern road Y
223 14000423834 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/36354 Constt. of Foot Path Pull to Drasgah Earthern road Y
224 14000423837 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/36355 Constt. of B/Path Goral to Mansu Nallah Earthern road Y
225 14000423841 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/36356 Constt. of P/Path Riyaz Ahmed to Jama Masjid w.4 Earthern road Y
226 14000423844 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/36449 Constt. of B/Path Gothla to Pandit Mohalla Earthern road Y
227 14000423847 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/36452 Constt. of B/Path Jangra to Upper Jangra W. No. 4 Earthern road Y
228 14000423851 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/37861 Constt. of P/Path Nerkot Baneel Cement concrete Y
229 14000423854 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/41451 Constt. of P/Path at Laloor Cement concrete Y
230 14000423857 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/41480 Constt. of B/Path Shakri Dhana to Kuta Earthern road Y
231 14000423860 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/43905 Constt. of B/Path Bhupapul to Nerkot Earthern road Y
232 14000423862 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/44792 Constt. of P/Path Nalla to Moswa Earthern road Y
233 14000423866 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/47046 Constt. of B/Path Brandwal to Kurdhar Earthern road Y
234 14000423869 c/path Y 1409005007/RC/48053 Constt. of B/Path Bavilyal to Malwas Earthern road Y
235 14000430044 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/172583 Constt. of P/Path Pul to masjid Mohalla Manwas Nagal Cement Concrete Y
236 14000430045 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/44689 Constt. of School Ground PS Nagal Development of Waste Land Y
237 14000430046 p/work Y 1409005007/LD/58675 Constt. of Dev. of Ground Eidgah Laloor Reclamation of Land Y
238 14000430047 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/118461 Constt. of P/Work at Fatt Mohalla NLo Daleep Singh Basant Singh Desilting Y
239 14000430048 drain Y 1409005007/WC/26759 Constt. of WC Drain Bhatta Nallah to NLO Budi Singh Feeder Channel Y
240 14000430049 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/48585 Constt. of P/Path Malwal to Manwas Cement concrete Y
241 14000430050 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/48635 Constt. of b/Path Goral to Borcchin Earthern road Y
242 14000430051 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/48639 Constt. of B/Path Shamshan Ghat to Laloor Earthern road Y
243 14000430052 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/49237 Constt. of B/Path Shamshan Ghat to Goral Earthern road Y
244 14000430053 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/51250 Constt. of B/Path Bramri to Matila ward No.3 Earthern road Y
245 14000430054 POND Y 1409005007/WC/10355 Constt. of Pond at Nerkot Sunken Pond Y
246 14000430055 POND Y 1409005007/WC/10457 Constt. of WC Drain at Fundolyal Diversion Drain Y
247 14000430056 POND Y 1409005007/WC/10941 Constt. of WC Drain Narkori to Chunu Diversion Drain Y
248 14000430057 POND Y 1409005007/IC/13099 Constt. of Khul thaneel to Manwas Lift Irrigation Y
249 14000430058 POND Y 1409005007/IC/17333 Constt. of Khul at thaneel to Manwas Part-II Lift Irrigation Y
250 14000430059 khul Y 1409005007/WH/7027 Constt. of Khul at Mansu Nalla to Goral Phat Strengthening of Embankment Y
251 14000430060 POND Y 1409005007/WC/12890 Constt. of Pond at Nagla NLO Piyar Chand Farm Pond Y
252 14000430061 POND Y 1409005007/WC/13239 Constt. of Pond at Manwas Sunken Pond Y
253 14000430062 POND Y 1409005007/WC/13240 Constt. of Pond at harilag Stone Bund Y
254 14000430063 drain Y 1409005007/WC/13361 Constt. of WC Drain Manveli Pathri to Masjid Mini Percolation tank Y
255 14000430064 drain Y 1409005007/WC/13554 Constt. of WC Drain Dug Mahalla Part-II Farm Pond Y
256 14000430065 p/path Y 1409005007/WC/14542 Constt. of Pond at Nerkot Farm Pond Y
257 14000430066 drain Y 1409005007/WC/14709 Constt. of WC Drain at Mundiyal Part -II Earthen Dam Y
258 14000430067 POND Y 1409005007/WC/15060 Constt. of Catal Taraf at Laloor Water Absorption Trench Y
259 14000430068 POND Y 1409005007/WC/15218 Constt. of WC Drain Washi Nallah to Sarp Niyal Earthen Dam Y
260 14000430069 POND Y 1409005007/WC/15219 Constt. of Pond at Lalhoor Farm Pond Y
261 14000430071 khul Y 1409005007/IC/17524 Constt. of Khul at Sunthi nallah to L/Shalin Lift Irrigation Y
262 14000430073 khul Y 1409005007/IC/19615 Constt. of Kul Nagla to Upper Gothla Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
263 14000430075 khul Y 1409005007/IC/19626 Constt. of Khul at Nairkot to NLO Rakesh Kumar Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
264 14000430077 khul Y 1409005007/IC/19768 Constt. of Khul at Sunthli Mansu Nalla to Kudhar Z Lift Irrigation Y
265 14000430079 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/55631 Constt. of P/Path KadlalNHO Total Ram Cement concrete Y
266 14000430081 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/55633 Constt. of P/Path Harilag NHO Bansi Lal Cement concrete Y
267 14000430083 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/55637 Constt. of P/Path Gothla NHO Bagat Singh Cement concrete Y
268 14000430085 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/55642 Constt. of P/Path Malwa to L/Malwa Cement concrete Y
269 14000430087 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/55649 Constt. of P/Path Jangra to Upper Jangra Cement concrete Y
270 14000430088 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/55652 Constt. of P/Path Bhat Moh. NHO Fardoos Cement concrete Y
271 14000430091 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/55791 Constt. of P/Path Road to Ram Mandir Cement concrete Y
272 14000430092 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/57810 Constt. of P/Path Mansoo to Bagi Cement concrete Y
273 14000430094 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/57862 Constt. of p/Path Kulyan to Chanker Cement concrete Y
274 14000430097 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/58642 Constt. of P/Path NHO Angrez Singh Barchain Cement concrete Y
275 14000430099 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/58844 Constt. of P/Path Dar Mohalla Proper Cement concrete Y
276 14000430102 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/58845 Constt. of P/Path Ram Mandir to Lati Nag Cement concrete Y
277 14000430104 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/58847 Constt. of P/Path Barwa to NHO Piyari Lal Cement concrete Y
278 14000430106 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/58848 Constt. of P/Path Manwal to Treela Cement concrete Y
279 14000430111 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/58865 Constt. of P/Path Ram Mandir to Torla Cement concrete Y
280 14000430116 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/60009 Constt. of P/Path PP Post Grama Cement concrete Y
281 14000430137 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/60010 Constt. of P/path Malati NHO Suneet Ram Cement concrete Y
282 14000430139 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/60011 Constt. of P/Path Barmeri NHO Fulail Chand Cement concrete Y
283 14000430143 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/60012 Constt. of P/Path at Proper Nagal Cement concrete Y
284 14000430146 p/path Y 1409005007/RC/62108 Constt. of P/Path Gorya Mohala to Jaipuri Cement concrete Y
285 14000430155 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/59455 Construction of Protection work NHO Shanker Singh Desilting Y
286 14000430159 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/59456 Construction of Protection work Banjer NLO Vijay Kumar Desilting Y
287 14000430161 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/59668 Construction of Protection work at Chanker Nallah Drainage in Water Logged Areas Y
288 14000430163 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/60417 Construction of Protection work NLO Javed Ahmed Desilting Y
289 14000430165 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/61128 Construction of Protection work Mohd Farooq to Nalla Deepening and Repair of Flood Channels Y
290 14000430168 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/61168 Construction of Protection work Mansoo All Diversion weir Y
291 14000430170 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/61532 Construction of Protection work at Malwa Diversion weir Y
292 14000430173 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/62427 Construction of Protection work at Mettla Desilting Y
293 14000430175 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/62428 Construction of Protection work at Shive Mandir Desilting Y
294 14000430179 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/62430 Construction of Protection work at Gram to Chaka Desilting Y
295 14000430180 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/63556 Construction of Fancing of Chashma Drali Moh. Deepening and Repair of Flood Channels Y
296 14000430184 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/66932 Construction of Protection work All Jangra Desilting Y
297 14000430187 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/66933 Construction of Protection work at Malwa Diversion Channel Y
298 14000430189 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/66934 Construction of Protection work Malik Mohalla to Koka Mohalla Desilting Y
299 14000430190 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/66935 Construction of Protection Work Land Leveling at Gotha Desilting Y
300 14000430192 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/66936 Construction of Protection work at Banzale Strengthening of Embankment Y
301 14000430194 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/66937 Construction of Protection work Land Leveling at Kadlal Diversion weir Y
302 14000430195 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/67836 Construction of Protection work L. Leve. at Goria Mohalla Desilting Y
303 14000430197 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/68058 Construction of Protection work Jagdish ward No.4 Desilting Y
304 14000430199 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/69714 Construction of Protection work at Kumar Mohalla Diversion weir Y
305 14000430201 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/69715 Construction of Protection work Kolwal to Dug Desilting Y
306 14000430204 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/69717 Construction of Fancing of Graveyard Banzal Peripheral Bunding Y
307 14000430208 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/70749 Construction of Protection Work Manzoor Lohar Construction of Intermediate and Link Drains Y
308 14000430210 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/71577 Construction of Protection work NLO Gh. Mohd/ Mohd Shaffi/ Mohd Yousaf/ Tariq Hussain Cross Bund Y
309 14000430216 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/71578 Construction of Protection work NLO Gh. Mohi ud din Batt Desilting Y
310 14000430220 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/72313 Construction of Protection work Land Leveling Ghansham /Prem Nath/ Khant Diversion Channel Y
311 14000430224 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/72314 Construction of Protection work land leveling NHO Shanker Singh Chaur Renovation Y
312 14000430229 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/72730 Construction of Land Leveling NHO Bansi Lal at Laloor ( Lissi) Diversion weir Y
313 14000430232 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/72890 Construction of WC Drain Talib NHO Talab Gotha NHO Noor Din Desilting Y
314 14000430239 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/73194 Construction of Protection work land leveling Hill Desilting Y
315 14000430241 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/73221 Construction of Protection work NLO Sushel Singh Chib Deepening and Repair of Flood Channels Y
316 14000430245 p/work Y 1409005007/FP/73306 Construction of Protection work Graveyard Dhana U Desilting Y
317 14000430809 Pond Y 1409005007/WH/8336 Construction of Catle Pond at Bhata Mohala Desilting Y
318 14000430812 pond Y 1409005007/WC/19182 Constt. of Pond at Gothla NHo Bhagat Ram Earthen Dam Y
319 14000430814 drain Y 1409005007/WC/19373 Construction of WC Drain NHO Gh. Hussan Khanji Nerkot Water Absorption Trench Y
320 14000430817 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/19631 Construction of WC Drain at Batt Mohalla Artificial Recharge of Well Through Sand Filter Y
321 14000430822 Pond Y 1409005007/WC/20141 Construction of Pond /WHT at NLO Rakesh Kumar Farm Pond Y
322 14000430823 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/20318 Construction of WC Drain NHO Iqbal Khanji Farm Pond Y
323 14000430826 Pond Y 1409005007/WC/20438 Construction of Pond.WHT at NLO Rakesh Kumar Farm Pond Y
324 14000430829 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/20758 Construction of WC Drain NHO Mir Moh. Pani to Gh. Hussain Pani Farm Pond Y
325 14000430832 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/20759 Construction of WC Drain Nalla to Hill Farm Pond Y
326 14000430835 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/21172 Construction of WC Drain PP Post to Marwal Feeder Channel Y
327 14000430838 Pond Y 1409005007/WC/21290 Construction of Cattle Pond at Chalandri Farm Pond Y
328 14000430841 Pond Y 1409005007/WC/21291 Construction of Pond.WHT at Shanti Nallah Sunken Pond Y
329 14000430843 pond Y 1409005007/WC/21605 Construction of Pond at Mundalyal Farm Pond Y
330 14000430845 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/22633 Construction of WC Drain Mansoo Nalla to Malwa Earthen Gully Plug Y
331 14000430847 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/22646 Construction of wc drain barwa to bhata nalla Farm Pond Y
332 14000430849 Drain Y 1409005007/WC/22766 Construction of WC Drain Barwa to Bhatta Nalla Farm Pond Y
333 14000430851 Dra Y 1409005007/WC/22767 Construction of WC Drain at Koti Mohalla Continuous Contour Trench Y
334 14000430857 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/100850 Construction of B.Path kadlal to shamshan ghat Cement concrete Y
335 14000430860 C/path Y 1409005007/RC/101393 Construction of C.Path Komarali to Harilag NHO Gian Singh Cement concrete Y
336 14000430864 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/102945 Construction of Pacca Path NHO Dharam Singh to Mohidin Butt Cement concrete Y
337 14000430867 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/RC/105141 Construction of Pacca Path Jagira to NHO Som Nath Cement concrete Y
338 14000430872 B/Path Y 1409005007/RC/105142 Construction of B.Path Dandi to Suma Mohalla Cement concrete Y
339 14000430877 B/Path Y 1409005007/RC/105143 Construction of B.Path Sheikh Mohalla to PS Cement concrete Y
340 14000430879 b/path Y 1409005007/RC/106870 Construction of B.Path NHO Balwant Singh Cement concrete Y
341 14000430919 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/34177 Constt. of P/WorkMasjid Sharief Ward No.4 Strengthening of Embankment Y
342 14000430920 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/38058 Constt. of P/Work R/Wall Pyt. Ghar Kudhar Desilting Y
343 14000430921 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/34180 Constt. of P/Work Graveyard Ward No.8 Strengthening of Embankment Y
344 14000430922 PARK Y 1409005007/FP/39744 Constt. of Dev. of Park at Chandi Mata Mandir Strengthening of Embankment Y
345 14000430923 KHUL Y 1409005007/FP/39992 Constt. of Khul at Mansu Nalla to L.. Malwa Cross Bund Y
346 14000430924 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/40404 Constt. of Beneficries Ward No. 3 Drainage in Water Logged Areas Y
347 14000430925 Pacca Path Y 1409005007/FP/40562 Constt. of P.Path Jamia Masjid to Khurshid Ahmed Drainage in Water Logged Areas Y
348 14000430926 CATTLE Y 1409005007/FP/40672 Constt. of Cattle Truff at Krandi Dhar Desilting Y
349 14000430927 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/40821 Constt. of P.Work L.Leveling w No. 4 $ No. Benefic Construction of Storm Water Drains Y
350 14000430931 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/40928 Constt. of P.Work NHO Hafiz Desilting Y
351 14000430933 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/42200 Constt. of P.Work L.Leveling at Ward No.5 @ Two No. Beneficries Strengthening of Embankment Y
352 14000430936 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/44418 Constt. of P.Work L.Leveling at Ward No. 8 Two No. beneficries Desilting Y
353 14000430938 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/54719 Constt. of P/Work Hari Lag NHO Ramesh Kumar Ward No.5 Desilting Y
354 14000430939 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/54721 Constt. of P/Work Nagnayal Ward No. 5 Strengthening of Embankment Y
355 14000430941 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/56105 Constt. of P.Work at Lower Shallian Strengthening of Embankment Y
356 14000430943 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/56108 Construction of P.Work at Nerkot Chaur Renovation Y
357 14000430944 P Y 1409005007/FP/56399 Construction of P.Work NLO Nazam Din Drainage in Water Logged Areas Y
358 14000430946 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/58588 Construction of Protection Work Munwali Pathri Desilting Y
359 14000430948 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/59453 Construction of Protection work Baneel Desilting Y
360 14000430950 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73307 Construction of Protection work Land leveling near masjid Desilting Y
361 14000430952 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73310 Construction of Protection work land leveling gotha mohalla Desilting Y
362 14000430954 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73311 Construction of protection work kuthyra mohalla Desilting Y
363 14000430956 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73419 Construction of Protection work Masjid Sharief Desilting Y
364 14000430958 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73549 Construction of Protection work NLO Gh. Mohd Lohar Cross Bund Y
365 14000430963 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73651 Construction of Protection Dug Mohalla Desilting Y
366 14000430966 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73972 Construction of Protection work Goria Mohalla NHO Baldev Singh Desilting Y
367 14000430970 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73973 Construction of Protection Protection work Phat Mohd. NHO Bhlan Singh Desilting Y
368 14000430974 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/73974 Construction of Protection work Broor Moh. NHO Prabidiyal Desilting Y
369 14000430978 land leveling Y 1409005007/FP/75874 Construction of Land leveling tarala mohala Desilting Y
370 14000430981 protection work Y 1409005007/FP/74760 Construction of Protection work Land Leveling ward No. 05 Chaur Renovation Y
371 14000430984 KHUL Y 1409005007/IC/24687 Constt. of Khul at Bonde to kadlal Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
372 14000430987 KHUL Y 1409005007/IC/24917 Constt. of KholManso To Upper Malwa Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
373 14000430990 KHUL Y 1409005007/IC/25109 Construction of Khool lower Shaleen Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
374 14000430993 KHUL Y 1409005007/IC/26958 Construction of Khul Shafi Nalla to Banzal Lift Irrigation Y
375 14000430998 KHUL Y 1409005007/IC/28543 Construction of khul Nagal to Gothla Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
376 14000431000 KHUL Y 1409005007/IC/29561 Construction of Khul at Sanlin Nalla to Sadra Bag Construction of Canal, Distributary and Minor Y
377 14000431004 PARK Y 1409005007/LD/17696 Constt. of Park at Chandi Mata Ward No.3 Land Leveling Y
378 14000431007 PARK Y 1409005007/LD/17699 Constt. of Park at Rasu nag Land Leveling Y
379 14000431010 PARK Y 1409005007/LD/17710