State : MANIPURAs on 16-04-2024
Total No. of Districts16
Total No. of Blocks70
Total No. of GPs3,150
I Job Card
Total No. of JobCards issued[In Lakhs]6.09
Total No. of Workers[In Lakhs]9.3
Total No. of Active Job Cards[In Lakhs]5.83
Total No. of Active Workers[In Lakhs]6.63
(i)SC worker against active workers[%]2.61
(ii)ST worker against active workers[%]42.01
II ProgressFY 2024-2025FY 2023-2024FY 2022-2023FY 2021-2022FY 2020-2021 View Graph
Approved Labour Budget[In Lakhs] 250250250330335
Persondays of Central Liability so far[In Lakhs] 0.03154.474.62303.31330.52
% of Total LB0.0161.7629.8591.9198.66
% as per Proportionate LB 0.05     
SC persondays % as of total persondays02.232.032.752.7
ST persondays % as of total persondays1.5852.6368.5641.0541.48
Women Persondays out of Total (%) 69.7352.7550.8852.5852.03
Average days of employment provided per Household 5.6531.3820.7654.560.4
Average Wage rate per day per person(Rs.)259.48259.9250.94250.97237.87
Total No of HHs completed 100 Days of Wage Employment0281641,8594,365
Total Households Worked[In Lakhs]04.923.595.575.47
Total Individuals Worked[In Lakhs]05.23.785.946.04
Differently abled persons worked01910134321401986
III Works
Number of GPs with NIL exp2,734400394321308
Total No. of Works Takenup (New+Spill Over)[In Lakhs]0.220.310.230.280.28
Number of Ongoing Works[In Lakhs]
Number of Completed Works4719,4001,82610,00115,533
% of NRM Exp. in MWC BlocksNaNNaNNaNNaNNaN
% of Category B Works2.792.883.5456.17
% of Expenditure on Agriculture & Agriculture Allied WorksNaNNaNNaNNaNNaN
IV Financial Progress
Total center Release[In Lakhs]0075649.6233308.7473756.92 
Total Availability[In Lakhs]048636.61138145.5102811.6384539.82 
Percentage Utilization0136.5658.2389.95124.51
Total Exp(Rs. in Lakhs.)3,093.466,418.3180,445.992,479.121,05,264.03
Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)3.8625,829.6570,454.8563,354.4259,612.66
Material and skilled Wages(Rs. In Lakhs)3,082.1239,337.777,039.9626,466.5941,204.24
Total Adm Expenditure (Rs. in Lakhs.)7.421,250.892,951.082,658.114,447.13
Admin Exp(%)0.241.883.672.874.22
Average Cost Per Day Per Person(In Rs.)57,145.08582.91305.34290.46336
% of Total Expenditure through EFMS10099.9381.6570.2767.46
% payments gererated within 15 days10035.3316.571.439.88